Carbon Cycle Map.2013

The Carbon Cycle
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PART 1: Use pages 76-77 in our textbook to answer the following questions:
1. Read the first paragraph of the section about the Carbon Cycle. List 4 areas (or reservoirs) where carbon is stored:
2. Use the reading to fill the out the chart below showing which processes move carbon throughout the cycle.
Type of process in the
carbon cycle:
Biological Processes
List examples of the type of
What do these processes do with carbon?
Geochemical Processes
Mixed Biogeochemical
Human Activities
3. Flip this sheet over. Follow the directions to label the carbon reservoirs on the diagram.
Part 2: Complete this part after the class discussion
4. Name of Reservoir
Form of Carbon
5. In your journal: Use the carbon cycle to draw flow charts showing
how carbon moved from its starting location to its final location. The
locations should be connected by arrows labeled with process names.
a) Oil  Ocean CO2
b) Atmosphere CO2  Soil
c) 2 different ways for = Carbon in grass molecules  Ocean CO2
Map of the Carbon Cycle
Read “The Carbon Cycle” on pages 76-77
Look at description for “figure 3-13”
Label the 5 carbon reservoirs below