Core Assignment

Psychology Final Assignment – 40 Studies That Changed Psychology 100-ish points
This is your final assignment for Psychology and it is worth 20 % of your final grade. This assignment replaces a
Final Exam, but should be a culmination of your learning in this class, in which the final product will be a high-level
academic informative presentation of your research findings. You will be working with a partner, exploring a
famous psychological case study, and presenting your findings to the class.
Include the following information:
An explanation of the case study, including the who, where, why and how, AND the Theoretical
Propositions of the study
2. The method used in the experiment including an in-depth look at the subjects, materials, surveys, and/or
other means to conduct the research/experiment
3. An explanation of WHY this study is important to the field of Psychology and HOW it has changed the field
4. The results of the study, and why they are important to us as individuals
5. Analysis of the results, including their significance and criticisms
6. Other interesting facts of the study, including any possible ethical dilemmas
7. OTHER studies that were similar to this study and their findings
8. Further Questions that may lead psychologists to further studies
9. Your overall impressions, reactions and opinions of the study
10. A question and answer session in which you will respond to questions from the class; you are the expert!
Presentation Requirements
12-15 minute presentation that addresses ALL of the criteria outlined above
Powerpoint (or OTHER visual medium) for enhancing your main ideas
BOTH people with EQUAL speaking roles and participation
Video that helps audience to understand your case study (3-5 minutes of your total presentation time)
A SKIT that represents AN IMPORTANT part of the study, including possibly recreating the study (extra
credit for using audience members!)
Question and answer session
Professional attire
You will submit a properly formatted BIBLIOGRAPHY that has minimum of FIVE sources (10 points)
MUST be valid and reputable sources!!!
Psychology Studies
“One brain or two?” STUDY # 1
“Are you a natural?” STUDY # 3
“What you see is what you’ve learned”
“Unromancing the Dream” STUDY # 7
“Acting as if you’re hypnotized” STUDY # 8
“See Aggression…Do Aggression” STUDY # 12
“Just HOW are you intelligent?” STUDY # 14
“Thanks for the memories” STUDY # 16
9. “Discovering Love” STUDY # 17
10. “I can see it all over your face” STUDY # 21
11. “The one; The many…” STUDY # 26
12. “Crowding into the behavioral sink” STUDY # 30
13. “Projections of who you are”’ STUDY # 33
14. “NOT practicing what you preach” STUDY # 35
15. “The power of conformity” STUDY # 36
16. “To help or not to help” STUDY # 37
17. “Obey at any cost?” STUDY # 3
Using the link on Tracy Schoolwires, read the summaries of each study and decide which study you and your partner would like to
address. If you would like to choose one of the OTHER studies in the packet, you must get my permission.