Chapter 2.2 Quiz Review

Chapter 2.2 Quiz Review
• Segmenting a market by ethnic background
• Demographics
• Segmenting a market based on what people
like to do (interests, hobbies, lifestyle)
• Psychographics
• Segmenting a market based on where people
• Geographics
• Segmenting a market based on productrelated behavior such as benefits desired,
shopping patterns and usage rates
• Behavioral
• Using a combination of geographic,
demographic, psychographic and behavioral
data about a group of people marketers can
create a
• Customer profile
• 4 Basic Marketing Decisions
• Product, price, place, promotion
• Separating a large group into smaller groups
based on similar characteristics
• Market segmentation
• The group that has been identified as those
most likely to become customers
• Target market
• The image a product projects. How you want
your customers’ to perceive your product
• Product positioning
• Information about the values and attitudes
that shape a customer’s lifestyle and
• Psychographics
• Using a single marketing strategy to reach all
• Mass marketing
• Common strategies include by price and
quality, by feature and benefits and in relation
to the competition
• Product positioning
• Segmenting a market based on age or income
or occupation or marital status
• Demographics