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School Policy: Promoting
Healthy Relationships at School
Teen Dating Violence Prevention: Why Middle
School Matters
July 20, 2010
Barri Rosenbluth, SafePlace, Austin
“SafePlace is committed to providing a workplace free of
harassment…Report any incident of harassment
immediately to the Human Resource Director. The
Human Resource Director must report any and all
claims of harassment to the Executive Director, who
will investigate all such claims and take corrective action
as necessary...”
(SafePlace Employee Manual, 2010)
Making a Case for School Policy
Inform students and parents of their
rights and responsibilities.
Make it easier for students to report
harassment or abuse.
Provide a protocol for administrators.
Increase safety for targeted students.
Prevent further perpetration.
Promote healthy relationships through
educational programs for students,
parents, and school personnel.
Improve school climate.
Local Policy Development
1989-SafePlace begins providing services in AISD.
1997-Primary prevention initiative funded by CDC
includes policy development in local schools.
2002-AISD convenes task force to develop districtwide bullying policy following serious incident.
2003-Ortralla Mosley killed at local high school by exboyfriend-Title IX lawsuit.
2004-AISD policy expanded to address dating violence,
sexual harassment and bullying.
2007-TX passes law requiring schools to address TDV
becoming 1st of 10 states.
Austin ISD Policy Concerning Dating
Violence, Sexual Harassment and Bullying
Notice of parent and student rights
Student complaint form
Student-on-student altercation response chart
Stay away agreement
Embedded into existing policy and student
code of conduct
Notice of Parent and Student Rights
“AISD is committed to providing a positive
learning environment for all students that
enhances personal safety and promotes respect,
dignity and equality among students. High
standards are expected for both academic
achievement and for behavior…AISD strives to
ensure that all of its students and employees are
free from bullying and harassment including
violence in students’ relationships.”
Expect Respect
School-based support
Youth leadership
School-wide policy,
training, prevention
Strong Austin!
Texas Teen Dating Violence Law
TEC 37.0831 (2007)
School policy must address:
 Definition of dating
 Safety planning
 Enforcement of
protective orders
 School-based alternatives
to protective orders
 Training for teachers and
 Counseling for affected
 Awareness education for
students and parents.
Start Strong National Model
School Policy Objectives
To provide a model policy for middle schools
that emphasizes primary prevention of teen
dating abuse
To integrate dating abuse prevention strategies
into positive school environment initiatives
To engage students, parents, and educators in
modeling, teaching, and promoting healthy
National Model School Policy
Essential Elements
Prevention Coordinator
Curriculum on healthy relationships
Training for school personnel
Parent engagement
Youth leadership
Intervention strategies
Policy: Part of Social Change
Thank You!
Barri Rosenbluth
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