PowerPoint Presentation - cohick

Mass vs. Weight
All matter has _______.
It is the amount of ________ an object is made of.
Look at this figure. The
mass of the bowling ball
does not change, but the
mass of the puppy does.
How? Where does the
matter come from?
Can the mass of the
bowling ball ever change?
Human Growth Chart
Matter can not be created or destroyed but can
only change form!
Weight is different from mass. Weight is due to
__________, which is the FORCE of ____________
between objects with ____________.
Because all matter has ___________, all matter
experiences ____________.
The amount of attraction between objects
depends on two things:
1. The _______ of the objects
2. The ___________between them.
Tennis ball
House fly
Place these 5 items in the order they would be the
most attracted to the Earth due to gravity. Explain
why you picked your order.
Bowling ball
The measure of the gravitational FORCE exerted on
an object is called __________ and it is measured
in units of force called a _________(s).
A _______ on Earth equals about ________grams
of mass. So, if you know an objects mass, you
could calculate it’s weight on Earth.
Complete the worksheet about weights
on other planets 