Parts One, Two, and Three

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Study Guide
1. Where and when does King Arthur’s court convene? (Line 37)
2. Characterize Arthur. (85-89)
3. What vow has Arthur Taken? (90-98)
4. What name is given to Gawain? (108-09)
5. What is Gawain’s relationship to Arthur? (111)
6. Quote six descriptions of the “ghastly knight.” (135-202)
7. What does the knight carry in both his hands? (206-20)
8. Why is the knight in Arthur’s court? (257-64)
9. What does the “branch” indicate? (265-66)
10. What is the Christmas sport the knight wants to play? (284-300)
11. What happens when the knight asks for a challenger to play his game? (299-310)
12. What is the knight’s reaction to the answer he receives from Arthur’s court? (311-22)
13. How does Arthur react to the knight’s taunts? (326-27)
14. What does Gawain do when he sees Arthur’s plan?(339-61)
15. Describes what happens to the “green man” when the axe strikes him. (323-43)
16. What order does he give Gawain? (451-55)
17. Why are Arthur and Gawain grinning after the encounter? (463-66)
18. What is the name of Gawain’s horse? (598)
19. Describe Gawain’s shield.(620-65)
20. What is the pentangle called in England? (630)
21. What five meanings are provided for the five stars on the pentangle? (640-65)
22. What enemies does Gawain face on his journey? (716-26)
23. What other challenges does Gawain face? (726-50)
24. Describe Gawain’s “gracious host.” (842-49)
25. Describe the “lord’s lady.” (943-45)
26. Describe the lady’s attendant. (950-65)
27. What deal does the lord make with Gawain regarding Gawain’s stay in his castle? (1105-20)
28. How does the lady tempt Gawain on the first night? (1186-1217)
29. How does Gawain react? (1217-20)
30. How does the lady attempt to further tempt Gawain? (1227-40)
31. How does Gawain defend his honor? (1241-44)
32. What compromise does the lady make regarding what she wants? (1297-1306)
33. What does the knight capture on his first hunt?
34. What does Gawain exchange with the knight for his meal? (1387-89)
35. The same pattern of temptation and refusal happens with the boar hunt and then the fox hunt,
but on that third night, Gawain accepts a gift other than a kiss from the lady. What does she
first offer him? (1818)
36. What is the second gift she offers him? (1828-35)
37. How does she tempt him to take it? (1851-55)
38. What does Gawain replay the lord with after the fox hunt? (1937)