ELA Regents – Part 4 Critical Lens Essay Pre


ELA Regents – Part 4 Critical Lens Essay Pre-Writing/Review

Critical Lens_________________________________________________________________________

Steps to Writing a Critical Lens Essay:


Read the quote a.

Select keywords from the quote b.


Define the keywords you chose Replace the words if needed for better understanding d.


Write what you think the quote means Look for themes f.

Analyze the quote and think about what it says about the purpose or ideas of the literature we read, or what it demonstrates about humanity. g.

Think of books that best fit your interpretation. 2. Agree or disagree with the quote. (It’s easier to agree.) 3. Write two works of literature that support your position. 4. Try and incorporate at least TWO literary elements into your argument, but don't go into so much detail. Save that for your first body paragraph. 5. Your first paragraph should focus on one of the books and how the book supports your interpretation of the quote. Provide a brief BRIEF summary of the book – no more than one to two sentences. Your sole purpose is to PROVE how this work of literature SUPPORTS the Critical Lens/Interpretation. THEN use the literary elements to discuss how a key character or event supports the critical lens interpretation. End this paragraph with a statement about how these details support your interpretation. 6. Your second paragraph should follow the same order, except writing about the second book. 7. Your conclusion should sum up what you've written and end with some profound message that each of these books has demonstrated as it relates to the critical lens. 8. INCORPORATE TRANSITIONS, VARIED SENTENCE STRUCTURE, and HIGHER LEVEL VOCABULARY – check your PUNCTUATION!!!!!

Introductory Paragraph

1. (Rewrite Critical Lens) According to (author), “____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________.” 2. This quotation means (provide your THOUGHTFUL interpretation here)_________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________(now stretch it – go beyond the basic meaning)_____________________________________________________________________________. 3. This statement is valid/not valid(CIRCLE ONE) and two works of literature that support this interpretation are (TANG 1)_________________________________ and (TANG 2) __________________________________________. 4. Through the literary elements of ____________________ and _________________________ (You should have at

least TWO literary elements, but you can have as many as FOUR – you just need to be able to support each one with

details from your literature) (Author 1), and (Author 2) demonstrate how (restate interpretation).

Literary elements in two works of literature from 9


, 10


, or 11



Literary Element Title/Author/ Nationality/Genre (TANG) Protagonist-name and brief description Antagonist – name and brief description Foil – name of character who contrasts another character and brief description Setting: time period, place, major issues or events of the time, and where major action takes place Internal Conflict – what does the protagonist struggle with/against? WHY? External Conflict – who or what does the protagonist struggle against/with? (person, nature, society). WHY? Themes – what is the author’s overall message(s) about life or humanity that he/she is trying to emphasize in the work of literature? How do you know? 1 st Work of Literature 2 nd Work of Literature

5a. In the chart below, explain additional details/key events (at least TWO) from each work of literature that will help to support your thesis – your interpretation and agreement (or disagreement) of the critical lens. Remember – the details/key events you provide MUST have an explicit connection to your interpretation of the critical lens. 5b. Once you have done this – go back through your list and label which of the literary elements is evident in the detail/event. This will help you incorporate the literary terms in your essay. (Body Paragraph 1) 1 st work of literature (Body Paragraph 2) 2 nd Work of literature Label Literary Element Label Literary Element 6. Concluding Paragraph    Explain how both works support critical lens Explain how character from each work supports critical lens State a message about critical lens