Writing_in_the_Online_Environment - TWOEFlex

Flex 2009-2010
Nicole Settanni, RMS Literacy Coach
Alexis Swinehart, RHS Literacy Coach
Grab a folder & some candy
Complete the survey
Read “Unleashing Potential with
Emerging Technology” pg 213 – 215
Reading purpose: Pull out a phrase/sentence grabs your attention.
Session 1 - Wikis
Session 2 - Blogs (February 9th 3:15 - 5:15)
Session 3 - Google Docs and Other Media Literacy
(March 9th 3:15 - 5:15)
Introduction & Warm Up
What is a Wiki
Wiki Exploration
Wrap Up - Homework
Get students writing
Gives students authentic audience
Promotes collaborative learning
Allows everyone to participate
Classroom management tool
Encourages student engagement
Def: a website that allows multiple users to
create, modify and organize a web page
content in a collaborative manner
Collaborative Writing Environment –
students can edit/revise content
Useful Teaching Resource
 audio files
 videos clips
 document files
What else?
Resources Creation
Educational Wikis
Study guides: Ask students to create study guides for a
specific part of the unit you’re studying.
Solving wiki: Post difficult math problems, such as
calculus, so that the class can collaboratively solve them.
Glossary: Get your class to create a glossary of terms they
use and learn about in new units, adding definitions and images.
Class encyclopedia: Ask your class to create an
"encyclopedia" on a topic, adding useful information that can be
built upon through the years.
Libby Cornman: Radnor Elementary School
Description: Site for notes and resource links.
Ah Bon French: Middle School
Description: A site for French beginners for Middle School
teachers to use in the classroom and for students to use at home
for extra practice. There are notes, flashcards, videos, and several
online exercises, stressing differentiated instruction.
Student Participation
Educational Wikis
review: Encourage students to share review notes and
other helpful pieces of information on your classroom’s wiki.
Student portfolios: Assign portfolio pages to each of your
students, and allow them to display and discuss their work.
editing: Ask students to edit each others’ work for spelling,
grammar, and facts based on a style guide or rules you’ve defined.
lists: Encourage students to submit words that
they had trouble with, along with a dictionary entry.
notes: Let your students share their collective information
so that everyone gets a better understanding of the subject.
Description: This wiki was built to serve as the online resource site
for all music courses at Burr and Burton Academy. All projects and
resources are stored in one location for all courses. Student build
their own portfolios as well and link to our site.
The Caves of Mull
Description: A wiki based 'choose your own adventure' game
created by pupils as part of their Writing course.
Group Projects
Educational Wikis
 Group authoring: By asking groups to use central
documents in a wiki, you can ensure that everyone’s
documentation will be uniform.
Organize ideas: Allow group members to post their
ideas in a wiki, and you’ll cut down on duplicate ideas, while
at the same time allowing them to build upon the ideas.
Track projects: With wikis, it’s easy for students to
see which tasks have been completed and which ones still
need to be fulfilled.
“Missing History Project”
Description: Collaborative groups will become historians and “fill-in” the gaps in history
by creating a “virtual” textbook for certain events that are important but are generally
glossed (skipped) over in traditional textbooks.
Booktalking With You
Description: Resources for promoting reading
Topic: book reviews and podcasts, reading, literacy
Student Interaction
Educational Wikis
Mock-debate: Pit two class candidates against each other
and perform a debate on your wiki.
Multi-author story
: Start a creative writing unit, and
get your students to write a short story together, each writing a small
amount of the story.
Share reviews
: Post articles for different movies, books,
and TV shows, encouraging students to share what they thought about
Literature circles
: Host a book club on your wiki where
students are required to read the same book, then discuss it on the
• Monitoring Usage - Notifications
• Monitor Content - History Tab
• Monitor Membership - Permissions
Free wikis can be maintained at:
• http://wikispaces.com/site/for/teacher
• http://pbwiki.com
• http://wikidot.com
Go to your email inbox and accept wiki invitation.
If you have never logged onto Wikispaces, you should create a
log-on and password now.
On the left side, click “new page.”
Create a page of your own!
This can be any format you’d like. You will be posting your
work for this flex on this page. Try out different fonts, try a
hyperlink, or adding a picture. This is your chance to TRY!
Need ideas? Go to the Resources Page on this wiki and look
Next Session is February 9th 3:15-5:15.
Create a wikipage on the TWOEFlex page
Include at least
One image
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Media file (optional)
Feeling Ambitious? – Create a class Wiki page