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Drill # 17 9/17/14

List 10 lab equipment items

Describe their use


Topic: Lab equipment function

Objective: SWBAT

Explain the function and proper use of 15 lab equipment items

Short video


Take notes from the following slides


Most important piece of lab equipment

Protects eyes from broken glass, chemicals, and flames.

Lab Aprons

Protects clothes from chemicals

Eye Wash

Rinse eyes for 15-

20 min. if exposed to chemicals

Fire Blanket

Wrap around a person whose clothes or hair have caught on fire

(then they should drop and roll)


If a chemical is spilled over a large part of the body

(all over clothes or legs)


May be heated

Used to hold or mix chemicals

Stirring Rod

Glass rod used for stirring


They break easily

Erlenmeyer Flask

May be heated

Used for mixing chemicals

Graduated Cylinder

Measures volumes of liquids

Volumetric Flasks

 round flask with a long neck and a flat bottom.

These are used to measure an exact volume of liquid.

There is a small line on the neck that indicates where these are to filled to (Use the bottom of the meniscus)

Florence Flask

 has a round bottom and a long neck. It is used to hold liquids and can be easily swirled and heated

Test Tube

May be heated

Holding small amounts of chemicals

For small reactions

Wire Gauze

Spreads out the heat produced by a Bunsen burner

Can place a beaker on top

Test Tube Holder


It holds a test tube

Test Tube Rack

Holds test tubes in a vertical position.

Allows for clear sight.

Drying rack

Ring Stand

Multi-purpose, mostly used as a support to heat chemicals and hold burets.


Holds filter paper for filtering solutions.

Transferring liquids to smaller narrow necked containers.

Ring Clamp

One side clamps to ring stand. Place wire gauze on ring and it will hold beakers and flasks for heating. Can hold small beakers or funnels.

Watch Glass

Used as a beaker cover

Can be used to place small amounts of chemicals on

(looks like a contact lens)

Evaporating Dish

Holds small volumes of liquids being evaporated.

Plastic Wash Bottle

Dispenses water for rinsing equipment

Crucible and Lid

Holds small amounts of chemicals for heating at high temperatures.

Clay Triangle

Supports a crucible in a ring stand apparatus.

Crucible Tongs

Pick up and hold small hot items like a crucible.


Used to pick up small items.

Bunsen Burner (&


Controls release of natural gas for burning.

Tubing connects to gas source.

Striker with flint is used to ignite the burner (or matches).

Electronic Balance

Measures mass in grams

Rubber Stopper

Covers test tube for mixing


Used to transfer solids from one container to another

Test Tube Brush

Cleans out a test tube


Takes temperature

(in Celsius)


Used for measuring very small volumes of liquids

Guided Practice

Make a poster showing how lab items are used

Include illustrations, labels and captions

This may be completed individually or in groups

Use small voices and stay on task

Individual Practice 10 min


Create 5 multiple choice questions for

Lab Equipment quiz

Include 4 choices

Only one correct answer + 3 distractors

Provide an answer key

Did we achieve the objective?

Explain the function of 15 lab equipment items


Safety review cartoon-pick up handout


What is the use of

Clay triangle

Graduated cylinder

Beaker tongs