The Impact of Hitler

by Zhane’ Jackson
 Founder of Nazi Party
 Implementer and Executor of Holocaust
 Head of State, Supreme Commander of Armed Forces,
and fuhrer of Germany’s Third Reich
“By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can
make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely
wretched life as paradise.”
-Adolf Hitler
Thesis Statement:
Adolf Hitler used his army of the Nazi Party
to dictate and show the power he had
during the peak of Communism.
Hitler didn’t care for the Jews. He felt they were tearing
the nation of that country down. He felt they were
trying to break away from their homeland, and that
they should handle their business only within their
people. He felt the Jews were trying to form a clique
that could potentially harm the Nazi people.
 The Holocaust was a horrific event, murdering
approximately 6 million Jews, if not more.
 The Nazis felt that they (Germans) were superior and felt
Jews were inferior.
 The Nazis used the term “Final Solution” to justify their
crime. This event was known to be a decade of increasingly
severe discriminatory measures, and happened in stages
under the control of Adolf Hitler.
 Anti-Jewish Policy, Massive Killing Operations, Killing
 Following the appointment of Adolf Hitler sworn in as
chancellor in 1933, the Nazi state( also known as the
Third Reich), quickly became a regime in which
Germans had no guaranteed rights. After Hitler’s first
months, he instituted the plan of “coordination”.
Extensive propaganda was used to spread Nazi goals of
culture, education, economy, and law.
 What I learned out of this project was more about the
Holocaust. I knew it was a severe massacre, but it was
much more than that. I also saw and realized how it
wasn’t that hard for Hitler to gain power, and have
followers of his beliefs.
 I selected this topic because it interest me. I wanted to
explore more of the impact of Hitler, and the
Holocaust; the Holocaust is an event that was very sad,
but interesting. A lady from Girls’ State interest me
into wanting to know more about this topic as well.
 It is significant to history, because this was the
introduction to Communism. It made this type of
government known better. It also shaped history as far
as for the Holocaust movement.
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