Chapter 19 Test Review

Chapter 19 Test Review– The Postwar Boom
Mr Hollinger
Define the following terms and names completely:
1. The Fair Deal
2. Dixiecrats
3. Conglomerate
4. Baby Boom
5. Dr. Jonas Salk
6. Planned obsolescence
7. Early Rock ‘n’ Roll audiences
8. Beat Movement
9. Braceros
10. The Termination Policy
11. GI Bill of Rights benefits
12. President Truman and striking workers
13. Manufacturing and service jobs in the 1950’s
14. The suburbs
15. Consumerism
16. TV in the 1960’s
Political Cartoon
Part 4: Extended Response Answer the following questions in outlines on a separate
sheet. Pick 3 of the “Think About’s” for each and write about them in detail. (12 points each)
What factors helped create the prosperity that many Americans enjoyed in the 1950s?
Think About:
• the GI Bill of Rights
• the growth of consumerism
• job security in corporate “organizations”
• buying on credit
• highways and suburbs
What were some of the main social problems faced by America in the 1950s?
Think About:
• distribution of wealth
• need to conform
• role of women
• treatment of minorities