WHD (ch.14) p.372-373

WHD (ch. 14) p. 372-372
Henry Wilson
History of the Rise and Fall of the
Slave Power (1872-1877)
James Ford Rhodes
United States from the
Compromise of 1850 (18931900)
The Rise of American Civilization
(2 vols 1927)
Charles and Mary Beard
Allan Nevins
Eric Foner
The Ordeal of the Union (8 vols,
Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men
Eugene Genovese
The Political Economy of Slavery
Avery Craven
The Coming of the Civil War
William Gienapp
The Origins of the Republican
Party 1852-1856 (1987)
Vivid moral interpretation of the
war, which argued that
Northerners fought to preserve
the Union and system of free
labor against the South.
Said Slavery was the central and
only reason for the cause of the
Slavery was an economic
institution rather than a social or
cultural one = labor system.
Wrote that the North and South
were becoming separate people.
Empathized the “free-labor
ideology” to the Northern
opponents of slavery.
Emphasized their conviction to
the slave system and that it
provided a more humane society
that the Industrial labor.
Argued that slave laborers were
not worse off than Northern
Industrial workers.
The party system was a result of
the debate over slavery.