Road to Revolution Vocabulary October 19, 2010 Word Definition 1

1. petition*
2. boycott*
Road to Revolution Vocabulary October 19, 2010
a. King of England from 1760 – 1820. During his reign his
government’s conflict with the American colonists eventually led to the
American Revolution.
b. Taxed newspapers, wills, playing cards and dice.
3. repeal*
c. Taxed such items as glass, paint, lead and tea
4. writ of
5. non-importation
d. Colonists had to provide housing, candles, bedding, and
beverages for soldiers stationed in the colonies
e. Four laws that shut down Boston Harbor, dissolved town
meetings, and put soldiers in homes. This punished the city of
Boston for having the Boston Tea Party in 1773.
f. Marked the end of the French power in North America giving all
French land east of the Mississippi to the British
g. In 1775, after the Continental Army had been formed, the 2nd
Continental Congress tried to send a petition of PEACE to the King if
only he would repeal the Intolerable Acts. It was totally rejected by
King George.
h. The Principle rooted in English law dating back to the Magna
i. To refuse to buy certain goods and services
6. committee of
7. Proclamation of
8. Whig
9. Sugar Act*
10. Stamp Act*
11. Townshend
12. Quartering Act*
13. Sons of Liberty*
14. Boston
15. militia*
16. minutemen*
17. Treaty of Paris,
18. Intolerable
Acts, 1774*
19. First Continental
j. Colonial merchants and planters promised to stop importing
goods taxed by the Townshend acts.
k. An army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency.
l. Volunteers who trained regularly ready to fight at a minutes
m. British American forces fighting against French forces and their
Algonquin and Huron allies in North America. (British and British
American forces had allied with the Iroquois). England finally won.
n. Group that wrote letters and pamphlets reporting events in the
various colonies.
o. Angry colonists who staged mock hangings of tax collectors to
protest the unpopular taxes.
p. Another name for a patriot, aka, a rebel.
q. Another name for a loyalist, aka, a redcoat.
r. Written in 1215, the first document that guaranteed rights to English
s. Colonists who supported independence from British rule
20. British East
Indian Tea
21. Olive Branch
22. patriot*
t. Colonists who remained true to Britain and did not want
23. Declaratory
w. Legal document that let a British customs officer inspect a ship’s
cargo without giving any reason for the search
24. loyalist*
x. In 1773, this company’s product was dumped into the Boston
harbor in protest of the Tea Act.
y. Britain’s attempt to assert its right to control the colonies
through legislation and taxation.
25. No Taxation
26. French and
Indian* War
u. In 1773, the protests in which colonists dressed up as Indians and
dumped British Tea into Boston Harbor
v. To cancel or undo something like a tax or a law
29. Magna Carta
z. In 1774, The first meeting of delegates from 12 colonies met in
Philadelphia to discuss the hated Intolerable Acts and agreed to boycott
the buying of British goods nor the selling to the British. They also
encouraged forming of militias.
aa. A formal request to someone in authority, usually written and
signed by a group of people
bb. Drew an imaginary line along the crest of the Appalachian
Mountains past which no colonists could settle
cc. On March 6, 1770, five colonists are shot by British soldiers
30. Boston Tea Party
dd. Taxed Molasses
27. Tory
28. King George III