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INSTRUCTOR__Ratchada Scott_______
DATE____________ CLASS LEVEL___ B-Beginning Basic Education __
Length of Unit ______5 days____
Length of each lesson ___2 hours/lesson___
Topic: Close Read
From Future English for Results 2
Lesson Objectives:
The students will:
1) Identify stress, causes and how to manage stress by reading a short passage and through discussions with peers.
2) List the causes of stress and how to manage it.
3) Articulate the causes and remedies for stress orally and develop a short essay.
CCR Standards Aligned to this Lesson:
RI/RL.2.1; RI.2.5; RI.3.7; RL.3.7; W.3.1; W.3.2; W.3.4; W.3.5; W.3.8; SL.3.1; SL.3.2; SL.3.6; L.K.1&1.1; L.2.1&3.1;
L.2.2&3.2; L.3.5; L.2.6; RF.2.3&3.2; RF.2.4&3.4
Reading: (to include text dependent questions and pre-reading strategies as needed, such as vocabulary, grammar, spelling, phonics,
sentence structure)
Vocabulary: stress, change, source, loss of control, situation, out of control, negative attitudes, unhealthy habits, manage, find out,
pay attention, accept, avoid, live with it, counselor
Grammar Points: modal “can”
Sentence Structure: use of commas
Text Dependent Questions
What do the title and the picture tell and show you about?
Possible Student Answers
Students’ answer may vary. The title and picture show lots of
feelings, such as unhappy, sad, worried, busy, crazy, etc.
Lines 5-26; 1. Change 2. Loss of control 3. Negative attitudes, 4.
Unhealthy habits
What causes stress?
How can you manage stress?
Lines 28-39;
1. Find out what causes stress and pay attention when you feel
2. Think about how to change things that cause stress.
3. Accept what you can’t change.
4. Talk about it with a family member, friend, counselor, or
The author uses question/answer structure to help readers
understand the main points by answering in boldface type, color,
and bullets.
Students may refer to lines 5-26 and discuss more deeply in
detail for each cause.
What text structure does this author use? Why was it a good
What facts from the text would you select to support this
statement “Everyone feels stress sometimes. But some people
have so much stress that they become sick.”
If you can’t avoid a stressful situation, what would you do?
Lines 34-36; Accept the things you can’t change. Sometimes
you can’t avoid a stressful situation. You need to find a way to
live with it.
Student may refer to lines 1-3 and search answers by using the
internet. For example, if you can’t manage your stress, you can
become sick and are unable to focus and do things.
1. Your background.
2. What causes stress in your life?
3. How to manage the stress.
Can you predict the outcome if you can’t manage your stress?
Write and explain about the stress in your life. Use the
information from the text to develop an essay.
Students will write a short essay about the stress in their lives.
Paragraph one may include the following:
 Student’s background such as family and job
 Do you feel stressed? Why?
Paragraph two may include the following: (Students may refer to lines 4-26)
 Things that cause stress.
 When do you feel stressed?
Paragraph three may include the following: (Students may refer to lines 27-39)
 The ways that you manage your stress.
In groups, students will orally discuss about causes of stress according to the text and the ways to manage it. Also, students will share
their own experiences and discuss about what stress is, when you feel stressed, and how to manage it. If they have same causes of
stress, compare and contrast the ways they deal with the stress.
How I will scaffold my lessons to reach all of my students' levels:
Teach vocabulary and grammar points. Give students a lot of examples and use pictures to help with more understanding.
Show students video clips about what stress is and how to manage it. (
Take a stress quiz to see how much stress you are
( and compare answers with peers.
Read aloud in small groups or pairs and do a lot of repetition with vocabulary.
Each group will role-play one of their stress situations and have other groups guess what it is and whole class will discuss how
to manage the stress.
How I will assess my students' mastery of the lessons:
Students will do peer-reviews for their essays and teacher will also review and check their writing for mistakes and give
Teacher observes small group discussions.
Have each student come to the board and write a cause of stress. After that, whole class will read the causes aloud and each
student will choose a stress and explain how to manage it.
Suggested Five Day Plan:
Day One: Students read aloud the text with teacher and then in pairs. After that, students read the text silently and underline words
that they don’t know. Teacher goes over the vocabulary and provides examples.
Day Two: Teacher teaches grammar point; can and do exercises. Students look back at the text and highlight the word “can”.
Day Three: Show students the video clips about what stress is and how to manage it. In small groups, students discuss about the text
and work together as a group to answer text-dependent questions.
Day Four: Students write a short essay about the stress in their lives. Then, they share their first drafts and help each other review the
Day Five: Students write their final drafts. Divide students into small groups. Each group will role-play one of their stress situations
and have other groups guess what it is and whole class will discuss how to manage the stress.
Sources: 1. Diaz, Beatriz B., Ronna Magy, and Federico Salas-Isnardi. 2010. Future English for Results 2. White Plains, NY: Pearson
2. Murphy, Raymond. 1997. Essential Grammar In Use. 2nd edition. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.