Colegio Britanico de Cartagena Yr 8 - Maths

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Colegio Britanico de Cartagena
Yr 8 - Maths Homework - Number
Q1 List the primes that are between 40 and 60.
Q2 What is the lowest common multiple of:
a) 11 and 7
b) 20 and 12
Q3 Jose is shopping for party supplies. He finds a package of 10 plates, 16
napkins, and a package of 8 cups. What is the least number of packages of
plates, napkins, and cups so that he has the same number of each?
Q4 Find the highest common factor of:
a) 60 and 48
b) 96 and 100
Q5 Find the prime factor decomposition of the following:
a) 120
b) 720
Y8 Number
I cand find the HCF and LCM
I can list prime numbers
I can write a number as a product of primes
I need to practice…