REVIEW FOR UNIT 6 EXAM - Agriculture, Terrestrial Biodiversity


REVIEW FOR UNIT 6 EXAM - Agriculture, Terrestrial Biodiversity, and Urbanization









The root cause of food insecurity is ____________. Anemia may be the result of a deficiency in _______________. The major goal of industrialized agriculture for any crop has been to steadily increase its ___________. The term undernutrition refers to people who consume _______________. The term overnutrition refers to ________-. List some alternatives to pesticide usage. What advantages does indoor hydroponic farming have over conventional outdoor growing systems? Many of the world’s poor only have access to a low-protein, high-carbohydrate, vegetarian diet and suffer from ________________. 9.

What are some advantages / disadvantages to raising animals in feedlots? 10.

A severe shortage of food leading to mass starvation, many deaths, economic chaos, and social disruption, is called _________________. 11.

What phases of urbanization have been experienced in the United States? 12.

Each year, approximately 250-500,000 children under six years of age go blind from lack of _______________. 13.

What is the largest cause of soil erosion? 14.

Ninety percent of the funds used to support local government services (schools, roads, police and fire protection, welfare, and so on) come from __________________. 15.

Approximately 26 million children each year suffer irreversible brain damage from lack of ______________. 16.

What have been some major contributing factors to urban sprawl in the United States? 17.

A second green revolution has been taking place since 1967, based on ___________________. 18.

What are the advantages / disadvantages of GMOs? 19.

What is Bowash? 20.

What are some advantages / disadvantages to urbanization? 21.

The length of time a pesticide will stay deadly in the environment is known as ______________. 22.

An old-growth forest is defined as ____________________. 23.

What are some strategies in place to sustain the key remaining grasslands and habitats in the Southwestern US ? 24.

Which tactics can be used to reduce tropical deforestation? 25.

List some strategies used by ecologists and forest fire experts to reduce fire-related harm to forests and people. 26.

What is a pesticide? 27.

Describe TWO major categories of pesticides. 28.

Identify and discuss TWO positive effects of pesticide use. 29.

Identify and discuss TWO negative effects of pesticide use. 30.

Discuss TWO alternatives to the use of pesticides. 31.

Name and describe ONE U.S. federal law OR ONE international treaty that focuses on the use of pesticides.