Bond of Administrator

Bond of Administrator
In the Goods of
Deceased of
KNOW all men by these presents that We
are jointly and severely bound unto His Honour
Chief Justice of Belize in the sum
dollars of goods and lawful money
current in the said country to be paid to the said
or to the Chief Justice
of the said Country for the time being, for which payment well and truly to made, we
bind ourselves and each of us for the whole, our heirs, executors and administrators
firmly by these presents.
Sealed with our Seals and
dated the
NOW the condition of this obligation is such that if the above bounden
the intended administrator of all and singular the estate and credits of
aforesaid do make or cause to be true and perfect inventory of all and singular the estate,
effects and credits of the said deceased which have or shall come to his (or her) hands,
possession or knowledge or into the hands or possession of any other person for him (or Her)
and the same made do exhibit or cause to be exhibited in the office of the Supreme Court
within the period of six months from the date of them Grant of Administration herein; and the
same estate, effects and credits and all other the estate,
effects and credits of the said deceased at the time of
death, which at
any time after shall come into the hands or possession of the said
) or into the hands or possession of any other person or
persons for him (or her) do well and truly administer according to law, that is to say do pay
the debts which the deceased did owe at the time of his (or her) death, and further do render or
cause to be rendered into the office of the said Supreme Court a just and true account of his
(or her) said administration and of the said estate at or before the expiration of one year from
the date of the grant of administration herein, and at or before the end of each succeeding year
thenceforward until the said estate be finally wound up according to law, and further all the
rest and residue of the said personal estate, effects and credits which shall be found remaining
and belonging or appertaining to the said estate do deliver and pay unto such person or
persons respectively as shall be entitled thereto by law.
And if it shall hereafter appear that any last will and testament was made by the said deceased
and the executor or executors of persons therein named do exhibit the same I the Supreme
Court making request to have it proved accordingly if the said
) being thereunto required to render and deliver up the said
Letters of Administration, (Probate of such Will being first granted) into the said Court then
this obligation to be void and of none effect or else to remain in full force and virtue.
Signed, sealed and delivered}
In the presence of }
Commissioner of the Supreme Court*
* if witnessed before a District Magistrate, etc. all fees payable to the Treasury shall be paid
before delivery of the Grant.
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