1 Problem statement and objective

1 Problem statement and objective ..................................................................................................... 3
1.1 Problem statement ...................................................................................................................... 3
1.2 Objective ...................................................................................................................................... 3
1.3 Subject areas and inquiry forms ................................................................................................... 3
2 Desk research ...................................................................................................................................... 4
2.1 Theoretical framework ................................................................................................................. 4
CDP-Model .............................................................................................................................................. 5
2.2 Conceptual Model ........................................................................................................................ 8
3 Search plan ........................................................................................................................................... 8
3.1 Sources .......................................................................................................................................... 8
4 Research plan ....................................................................................................................................... 9
4.1 Research method .......................................................................................................................... 9
5 Internal analysis ................................................................................................................................. 11
6 External analysis................................................................................................................................. 12
6.1 Technology .................................................................................................................................. 12
6.2 Customers analysis...................................................................................................................... 21
7 Marketing communication................................................................................................................. 29
8 Strategy, positioning and USP’S ........................................................................................................ 31
8.1 market segment, function and repeat visits ............................................................................... 31
8.3 Positioning, Core values and USP’s (unique selling points) ....................................................... 32
8.4 strategies .................................................................................................................................... 32
8.5 Target Audiences........................................................................................................................ 34
9 Objectives.......................................................................................................................................... 36
9.1 Objectives per target audience .................................................................................................. 37
10 Proposition and creative concept ................................................................................................... 37
10.1 Proposition ............................................................................................................................... 37
10.2 Creative Concept ...................................................................................................................... 39
11 Resources, instruments and media choice ..................................................................................... 40
11.1 target audiences and resources ................................................................................................ 40
11.2 Internet and social media ......................................................................................................... 42
Internet ................................................................................................................................................. 42
12 Entrepeneurs................................................................................................................................... 48
12.1 Practical and efficiënt ............................................................................................................... 48
13 Organization and financials ............................................................................................................. 49
1 Problem statement and objective
1.1 Problem statement
The ordering party Boytav denoted that in the last few years tourists do not have a lot and the
correct knowledge of the peninsula Bodrum. For many years the municipality had kept themselves
busy with gaining information about the peninsula Bodrum and the municipalities on it, to provide
tourists of information and attract them. Still a lot of tourists have little knowledge of all the things
Bodrum has to offer, and this affects the positioning of Bodrum in a bad way. The tourist only think
about the Sea, beaches, sun and nightlife during the high season, but forget about the beautiful
nature, culture and events Bodrum has to offer during the low season. The main question is; How
can the Municipality of Bodrum improve the deliverance of information about the unique selling
points of Bodrum towards the consumer? This report focuses mainly on the city-marketing
communication of the city Bodrum and the other ten sub communes.
1.2 Objective
Our research team shall provide Cemil Bayraktar Manager of Boytav with an marketing
communication plan, based on the results of our research. before the 20th of January. This way the
ordering party gains knowledge about the ways they can improve their marketing communication to
inform and attract more tourists.
1.3 Subject areas and inquiry forms
At the hand of the problem statement and objective we concluded there are a few certain areas we
have to research. So we put up a list with the different subject areas underneath, followed by the
questions we need answer to succeed in our investigation.
The consumer
What are the reasons for tourist to visit Bodrum?
What age are most tourists that visit Bodrum?
Would the consumers visit Bodrum during the winter?
Where do the tourists find information about Bodrum?
The marketing communication
What is the perception the consumer has of Bodrum?
What core values are important for the consumer when it comes to a peninsula as Bodrum
What has to change, to make sure Bodrum becomes a well known place in turkey for tourists?
What types of marketing communication does Boytav use?
How much money does boytav spend on marketing communication?
What do the consumers think about the social media activities of Boytav and the
municipality of Bodrum?
 What are the USPS’s of Bodrum?
 What are the strengths and weaknesses of Bodrum?
 What does Bodrum has to offer during the low season?
 What activities take place on Bodrum?
2 Desk research
2.1 Theoretical framework
The theoretical framework shall contain supporting theories for the research we shall execute.
Because the main factor of our research shall be the marketing communication, we shall use the
following marketing models. The research question is: ’’How can Boytav attract tourists to Bodrum
during the low season’’. The first models will be used to sketch a marketing strategy. This will be the
foundation for the marketing communication research and models.
SWOT analysis
This model helps you to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the
organization Boytav. The SWOT analysis for a product, industry, person or a place to specify the
objective of the business venture or project and it can identify the internal and external factors.
The terms are described below
Strengths: the strengths of a company which gives them an advantage compared to other
companies. You have to answer questions like :
- What advantages does the organization have?
- What are your Unique Selling Points?
- What do you have better than the other companies?
Weaknesses: The weaknesses of a company which gives them a disadvantage compared to
other companies.
- What could the company improve?
- What should the company avoid?
Opportunities: Opportunities for a company to change to a better position.
- Which interesting trends do you know?
- Are there good opportunities you can spot?
Threats: Things in the environment that could cause problems for your business.
- What are the tactics of your competitors?
- Is the changing technology threatening your position?
- Could a weakness of the company threaten the business?
- What obstacles do you face?
After you answered all the questions from your SWOT you can make a confrontation matrix to
combine the internal factors with the external factors
This model breaks down the consumer decision process into seven basic decisions that have to be
taken during the purchase process:
Need Recognition
Search for Information
Prepurchase Evaluation of Alternatives
Post-Consumption Evaluation
In themselves each of these decisions are almost self explanatory and we can easily identify with
them and relate them to our own purchase experiences. However when we come to generalize this
model we need to consider the factors that influence each of the stages in the process.
Need recognition – This is influenced by three factors:
Environmental Influences
Individual Differences and
So clearly this initial stage is strongly influenced by the specific situation, the individual and their
past experience, however this can be influenced by marketing activity, if for example past
experience of purchasing a product has been positive, perhaps a strong, positive image of a product
or brand has been made in the buyers memory and the purchase environment has been made
conducive to a specific purchase.
Search For Information – Again this can be more complex, firstly the search process is both an
internal and an external process. If the purchase situation is a familiar one, the purchasers memory
might satisfactorily provide the information needed. The level of information required to the
involvement, experience and level of perceived risk – so even if there has been a significant degree
of past experience if there is a high degree of involvement or risk the purchase will require an
external search for information.
Pre purchase Evaluation - Once the information is brought together the purchaser will make their
decision – this is the result of their individual characteristics. This might be a simple process or a
complex process, a logical or an emotional purchase or the result of a simplification. Where complex
information requires processing often a heuristic or simple rational is used. This might be to base the
purchase on a single feature or benefit that will be used as a surrogate for quality or low risk, or the
choice reduced to one of brand.
Purchase and Consumption – These are highly individual aspects – but in some purchases they are
extremely important, particularly in the way they influence future purchase behavior. For example
services such as they are actually produced at the time of consumption.
Post Consumption Evaluation – After consumption the purchaser will either consciously or
unconsciously evaluate and decide if the result of purchase process was satisfaction or
dissatisfaction. This feeds back into the future purchase behavior either stimulating a more complex
behavior in the future due to an increased level of perceived risk or as a simplification of the
behavior as the purchaser will have learnt by a positive reinforcement.
Divestment – Finally a consumer will need to consider how they will divest themselves of the
purchase. The resale value of high ticket items is an important factor in the purchase decision.
Increasingly ecological factors also effect purchase decisions – will the item be recycled?
As with all models of human behavior this model provides a framework for analysis that can
influence marketing decisions or explain problems that might arise in the purchase process. Models
are far less in predicting what will happen, how consumers will react.
2.2 Conceptual Model
With the help of the models above, all parts of the following conceptual model shall be filled in.
Finishing all phases described in the conceptual model, the answer to the problem statement shall
be found. The conceptual gives a clear image of the important stages during the investigation.
3 Search plan
With the help of different sources B.R.T. shall try to clarify the results gained from the research.
Beside this the theories shall be used as basic knowledge so research can be done in the right way.
This way the attitude of tourists towards Bodrum can explained more clear.
The following search terms will be relevant during the research.
Product/Price/Consumers/7s Model
Core values/Bodrum/Tourism/Social media
Communication expressions/ Promotion/ Marketing
The agreement with the ordering party is a weekly appointment where the progress made shall be
discussed. The final report shall be handed in two weeks before the end of the internship. The
information we use does not have to be recent, but it has to be relevant for the research. The
sources will be in both English and Dutch
3.1 Sources
Kotler, P. (2009). Principes van marketing. Amsterdam: Pearson Education
Michels W. (2010). Handboek corporate communicatie. Groningen: Noordhoff Uitgevers B.V.
Van der Mark, W.(2011) Marketing.com, E-commerce in de praktijk. Groningen: Noordhoff
Uitgevers B.V.
Marcus, J.(2009). Organisatie en management. Groningen: Noordhoff Uitgevers B.V.
Essink-Matzinger.C.(2011). MarCom Handboek marketingcommunicatie: Thiememeulenhoff
Bodrum peninsula promotion foundation. (2014) Guide. consulted on September 4th 2014,
from http://www.boytav.org/
Muilwijk, E. (2011). Marketing Modellen. Consulted on September 8th 2014, from
http://www.intemarketing.nl/marketing /marketing-modellen
Other sources:
Information books and flyers from the Bodrum promotion foundation
4 Research plan
4.1 Research method
Quantitative research shall be used for the investigation, Because the survey shall focus mainly on
the opinion of tourists about why they visit Bodrum. there is not a lot of time because the tourists
will leave at the begin of November, and we need hard numbers to put in SPSS and use them for our
Quantitative research
Quantitative research shall be used mainly for facts. The main goal is collecting information from a
large amount of people. This way the answers can be substantiated with ‘hard numbers’.
The quantitative research shall be executed after the qualitative research. At the hand of the
qualitative research the question list for the survey can be tightened, which makes it more specific.
This way the research results will be more relevant.
Another reason for quantitative research is to get a clear image of the reasons why most of the
people don’t come or do come to Bodrum during the low season. During the qualitative research the
reason behind their choices is the main factor, but the quantitative may result in just one factor like
‘’prices’’ being the reason why people do not go to Bodrum anymore. By combining these research
methods the answer on the central question must be clear.
The quantitative research will be taken per a paper survey. This method offers the best
opportunities to reach a large amount of the target audience in a short time. This type of survey is
easy because it won’t take much of the respondents time and we can help them whenever they
don’t understand some of the questions. The only problem we could stumble upon is the fact that
the respondents can not fill in the survey whenever they feel like it.
At least one hundred people have to fill in the survey to come to a reliable conclusion. A random
sample shall be used on the results. The respondents shall be approached personally in hotels, shops
and on the streets, Most important is that the respondent is part of the target audience.
The results of the survey will be processed in Excel. Beside numbers and percentages there shall also
be graphics, diagrams and tabulations showed to the ordering party, to make the results more
5 Internal analysis
Because Boytav is an organization that promotes the peninsula it is of great importance to look at
the current promotion tools Boytav uses to communicate with the consumer. The organization uses
different channels to promote Bodrum to the consumer. With the help of this promotion Boytav
tries to increase the consumer group and make bodrum more famous among the people. The
company positions Bodrum as a peninsula with a lot of cultural and historical places of interest
combined with the enjoyment of the sun,sea, beaches and water sports. The target audience of
Boytav is every tourist between the 6 and 80 years old. The question remains, What kind of
promotion does Boytav use to make their positioning clear, and are these types of promotion
Advertising --- Boytav has their own website where they put up a lot in information about everything
that happens on the peninsula Bodrum. The website www.boytav.org holds a lot of information, but
the website is not very modern and most of the news is only in Turkish. With the help of brochures
and information Boytav informs people of Bodrum. However the tourists have to visit the office of
boytav themselves to pick up the brochures and information. Bodrum also invites foreign press to
Bodrum and let them write a piece about bodrum in the newspapers of their own country. These are
the following countries.
 China
 Japan
 Switzerland
 Belgium
 Azerbaijan
 Ukraine
 Belarus
 Germany
 Moldavia
 Greece
 The Netherlands
Personal sales --- Exhibitons are the main type of promotion that boytav uses. They visit around 30
exhibitions among the world every year, to promote Bodrum. Most of the time employees of Boytav
do not really speak with the people who visit the exhibition but only to important guests . They hire
hosts for their stands that have knowledge of Bodrum, and those hosts will inform the people about
Bodrum and lure them to the stand. They also allot free vacations to people that visit their stand. On
their stand they have a lot of books with information about bodrum, but Boytav does not hand out
any other type of gadgets. On these exhibitions they do not keep track of the amount of people
visiting the stand.
Sales promotion --- Boytav has set up a Photo competition for the tourists where they can win a
one week vacation to Bodrum in one of the hotels supporting the competition.
Direct marketing --- Boytav does not use any form of direct marketing.
6 External analysis
6.1 Technology
The two most important effects on technological development is the renewal on production
processes and the new coming products. And also the communication technology has a big influence
such as the internet and ICT developments. Because Bodrum is a Peninsula and you can’t change this
all of a sudden with some technological development, the main focus is the communication
Media platforms
The media landscape today is a complicated network of connected platforms that content is
released on to. When we talk about platforms we mean categories or types of media content that
can be consumed by audiences. Example of these platforms may be: films, episodic shows (tv, web
series), games, literature (comic, graphic novels, books), or even social media (facebook, twitter).
Each platform has their own affordance and limitations that, as media user, the company needs to
take into consideration when creating content and stories to be released with each platform. In this
paragraph a closer look into the developments will be taken.
In the figure above the use of different media platforms from 2011 till 2013 is rendered. Noticeable
is that TV and Radio are still the most common media platforms people use. However these two
platforms both reduced their share from 2012 to 2013. Another fact is the growing use of smart
phones and watching time shifted TV. These two platforms are strongly growing, in 2013 people
almost spend 20 minutes more on their smart phone than in 2011. This makes the market more
transparent, because with the help of the internet people can read other peoples reviews and look
up differences between certain destinations very easy.
Searching on the internet is still mostly done with the help of a pc or laptop and a lot of people still
use this device to search information before they book their vacation. Figure……. Shows percentages
of the devices people use so search the internet. As the figure shows, the use of tablets grew with
almost 5 percent and the use of mobile phones with 4 percent. On the other hand the use of classic
computers to search the web had decreased with almost 9 percent. So using promotion for tablets
and mobile phones becomes more and more important.
Another unforgettable factor when it come to mobile internet are the APPS. As expected, there is
heavy usage of accessing apps on mobile devices, due to the accessibility of apps across social
networks and news apps – as information is consumed more on mobile as can be seen in the Figure
below. It shows us that most of the times people spend with media, they do this through an App.
Like the Facebook, twitter or Instagram App.
Mobile is king. When it comes to social networking services, mobile handsets are now the most
popular form of access, with 66% of users saying they use mobile devices to access them. That edges
out PCs and tablets, which scored level at 64%. GWI’s data indicates that the last time mobile
handsets outstripped other devices was in Q1 of 2013, and that in fact the different platforms are
playing a kind of shell game for leadership.
The same is not the case for micro blogging services (which include messaging apps and Twitter
usage). There, tablets are a clear leader with a 44% penetration. Combining that with mobile
handsets’ 29% and PCs are really out
of the picture.
Underneath the amount of internet users among the population of the top 6 countries that visit
Bodrum can be found. Showing that The Netherlands, France and Belgium have the most intensive
internet use among the population. Great Britain and France hold the largest amount of people
surfing the internet. While in the Netherlands and England the hours spend per day on the internet
is the highest among the population.
Total population
Engeland: 63,489,234
Nederland: 16,802,463
Frankrijk: 64,641,279
Belgie: 11,144,420
Polen: 38,220,543
Turkije: 75,837,020
Amount of internet users
1. Engeland: 57,075,826
2. Nederland: 16,143,879
3. Frankrijk: 55,429,382
4. België: 9,441,116
5. Polen: 25,666,238
6. Turkije 35,358,888
Time spend on the internet a month
1. England: 38,2 hours
2. The Netherlands: 34,3 hours
3. France: 28,6 hours
4. Belgium: 20,8 hours
5. Poland: 27,4 hours
6. Turkey: 32,3 hours
Percentage of population
Engeland: 89.90%
Nederland: 96.08%
Frankrijk: 85.75%
België: 84.72%
Polen: 67.15%
Turkije: 46.62%
Amound of page's visited per person
1. England: 3.450
2. The Netherlands: 3.398
3. France: 2.903
4. Belgium: 2.286
5. Poland: 3.208
6. Turkey: 3.845
Social media
Social media is now a crucial part of any successful businesses marketing plan. It offers a platform to
interact with existing and potential customers and can often provide feedback and new ideas. In the
following part the developments of the most important Social media platforms shall be revealed.
The focus lies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Google+.
Facebook has over 1.350 000 000 active users on their social media platform. As figure….. shows, the
amount of Facebook users has become 13,5 times more in the past 6 years. At the end of 2008
Facebook counted only 100 million active users a month and now around 1 350 000 000 active users.
However looking at the curve of the diagram, it shows us that the amount of Facebook users is not
growing as fast as back in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.
Amount of Facebook users
1. Engeland: 27.5 miljoen
2. Nederland: 3.4 Miljoen
3. Frankrijk: 20.3 miljoen
4. België: 3.8 miljoen
5. Polen: 4.9 miljoen
6. Turkije:24.8 miljoen
Percentage of the population
Engeland: 43%
Nederland: 20%
Frankrijk: 30%
België: 34%
Polen: 13%
Turkije: 31%
Taking a look at the amount of Facebook users in the top 6 countries visiting Bodrum shows us that
England has the highest percentage of Facebook users. Turkey and France have a considerably
amount of people using Facebook. Using Facebook as a promotion tool in these countries could be
very effective.
Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140character messages called "tweets". Registered users can read and post tweets, but unregistered
users can only read them. Users access Twitter through the website interface, SMS, or mobile
device app. Twitter is still a growing media platform and often used by popular companies to keep
their followers up to date of developments within their company, or events and actions that are
being held. At the hand of photo’s the people get a clear image of things people and companies are
doing and is a very efficient promotion tool because of the large amount of people you reach with it
nowadays. The current number of active users is 221 million at the moment.
Instagram is a fun and quickly way to let people share their life with friends through a series of
pictures. They Snap a photo with their mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image
into a memory to keep around forever. Instagram is built to allow people to experience moments in
their friends' lives through pictures as they happen. Instagram is the fastest growing social media of
the five platforms. Increasing 50 million users in size in a time spawn of only one year, meaning it
grew with almost 33%. This is because Facebook bought the social media App Instagram and ever
since instagram just skyrocketed.
LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service. Founded in December 2002 and launched
on May 5, 2003,[3]it is mainly used for professional networking. In 2006, LinkedIn increased to 20
million viewers. As of June 2013, LinkedIn reports more than 259 million acquired users in more than
200 countries and territories. At the end of 2014 LinkedIn even enlisted 332 active users on this
growing social media platform. It is a great social media platform for business people to meet and
promote themselves.
Google Plus
Google plus is is a social networking and identity service, That is owned and operated by Google Inc.
Google has described Google+ as a "social layer" that enhances many of its online properties, and
that it is not simply a social networking website, but also an authorship tool that associates webcontent directly with its owner/author. It is the second-largest social networking site in the world
after Facebook. 540 million monthly active users are part of the Identity service site, by interacting
socially with Google+'s enhanced properties, like Gmail, +1 button, and YouTube comments. In
October 2013, Google counted 540 million active users who used at least one Google+ service, of
which 300 million users are active in "the stream.
Activity on social media platforms
Beside the amount of people a social media platform holds, the activity of the people on the
platform is also very important. When A platform has a lot of active users, this means that a lot of
the promotion companies make, will actually be read by the people on the platform. The following
diagram shows that the fastest growing social media platform is Tumblr followed by pinterest and
instagram. These platform do not only have the strongest growth in user amount but also the one
with the most activity going on. This is probably because there are a lot of new people using the
platform, and are still very interested in it’s motifications. Another important thing this figure shows,
is the low amount of activity on Facebook. Although this platform has the largest amount of users of
all the social media platforms. The activity on facebook is not this high. It is an older concept and has
been explored by many people already. It is not interesting and new enough anymore, which could
lead to less people spending time on it and posting news.
Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of
understanding and optimizing web usage. And becomes more and more important to companies to
measure their promotion.
Web analytics is not just a tool for measuring web traffic but can be used as a tool for business
and market research, and to assess and improve the effectiveness of a website. Web analytics
applications can also help companies measure the results of traditional print or
broadcast advertising campaigns. It helps one to estimate how traffic to a website changes after the
launch of a new advertising campaign. Web analytics provides information about the number of
visitors to a website and the number of page views. It helps gauge traffic and popularity trends
which is useful for market research. Knowing how to optimize your website gives the company an
advantage when it comes to promote their product.
Visual content
2014 will see a rise in visual content, and a decrease in the reign of info-heavy, fact-heavy blog
articles. Photo editing tools are easier to use, and people are slowly but surely noticing how much
brand engagement they stand to receive if they can communicate with images rather than words (or
both). There are 10 reasons why companies should invest and use visual content in their promotion.
1. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in
the brain than text.
2. Videos on landing pages increase average page conversion rates by 86%.
3. Visual content is social-media-ready and social-media-friendly. It’s easily sharable and easily
4. Businesses who market with infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those
who don’t.
5. Posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement than those without.
6. 60% of consumers are more likely to click on a business whose images appear in search
7. 67% of consumers consider clear, detailed images to carry more weight than product
information or customer ratings
8. Visuals show your products without telling people about them. This allows viewers to make
their own decisions without feeling pressure from your business.
9. Visuals express ideas quickly - in a snapshot. This breaks through the overwhelming clutter
of online content.
10. Visuals are becoming easier and easier to create as photo editing tools become more
Visual content will have a big influence on the consumer behavior in 2014, and should be used as a
tool to implant your product in to the mind of the consumer.
Online Turkish visa
Getting your visa at the Turkish airport will no longer be possible. From the 1st of November, Tourists
that visit Turkey during the holidays can only request their visa online. The current option of getting
a stamp at the airport will no longer be available. For old people who do not fully understand the
ways of using the internet this might be a slight problem. However This changing technology shall
not have a very big effect on the amount of tourists visiting turkey. Because more and more people
are actually getting used to the internet.
6.2 Customers analysis
This chapter shall pay attention to the customers who visit Bodrum. Because Bodrum focuses on
tourism, the customers in this case will be the tourists. To get a clear image of the customer and
their behavior, the consumer decision process model, also called the CDP-model shall be used. The
CDP-model of Engel, Kollat and Blackwell is a guideline for the decisions made by the consumer
before they decide to actually buy a product. The model is very useful for marketeers when i comes
to making the right decisions about successful convincing. In short, a guideline to success! The data
used for filling in the analysis is generated from a quantitative research among tourists in certain
hotels on Bodrum and at the airport of Milas-Bodrum. Most of the surveys are filled in by people inbetween 24 and 65 years old.
n= 8
n= 17
n= 20
n= 17
n= 21
n= 6
Figure 1.1: Customer age
Step 1: Need recognition
Research show that the amount of foreign tourists to turkey has increased 4,8% within the first five
months of 2014 to 10,9 million people, compared to 2013. The numbers of the summer of 2014 are
not available yet. But The ministry of culture and tourism states that in 2013 the amount of foreign
tourists visiting turkey was 34,9 million. In 2012 the amount was 31,7 million. Meaning it grew with
almost 10% . Tourism to Bodrum also increased from 2011 to 2012. In 2011; 1.354.993 tourists
visted bodrum while as in 2012 1.376.260 visited the peninsula, that is a growth of 1,56%. In short
tourists still have the need to visit turkey and Bodrum.
Step 2 Search For Information
As soon as the consumer experiences a problem, he want to solve this and to do so he surches for
information. Searching for information can be done internally and externally. When a consumer
takes information from its own knowledge to solve the problem it is called internal searching. A lot
of times the consumer does not have enough knowledge to solve certain problems. He wil look for
this knowledge in external information sources, such as the internet, friends and family. This is called
external searching. It is of great importance to know where the which information sources visitors of
bodrum use to find information, and of how much influence these sources are on their final decision.
This research shows how much the consumers decision is influenced by the following factors.
 Suggestions of tour operators
 Suggestions of certain target audiences
 Different kinds of media platforms
 Promotion by hotels, the government or Bodrum itself
Suggestions of tour operators
Do tour operaters have influence on the consumers during their search proces? The following figures
show to what extent tour opraters have an influence on the consumers choice for Bodrum. In short,
are tour operators a relevant information source for the consumer. Figure 2.1 shows that
approximetaly 50% of all the consumers state that suggestions of tour operators do not have any
effect on their choice for Bodrum. 30% says that tour operators suggestions do have influence on
their choice for Bodrum or Turkey. Around 36 % states that tour operators suggestions for hotels do
have an influence on their choice. The rest of the respondents had no clear opinion on this questions.
Figure 2.1: Influence of tour operators on the decision of the consumer
Suggestions of certain target audiences
A consumer is always surrounded by different people that they will use as information sources.
Mostly people that have more experience with and knowledge of the peninsula Bodrum. Question
that remains is; what target audiences does the consumer use and have the most influence on their
decision for Bodrum? The following statistics show that 58% of all the respondents is influenced by
suggestions of their friend, and also family with 53% plays an important role in the decision making
progress of the respondent. The suggestions of relatives, Turkish people or retail agents are much
less important information sources for the consumer. 40% of the respondents says to be influenced
by suggestions of relatives and Turkish people, retail agents only have influence on 20% of the
Figure 2.2: Influence of target audiences on the decision of the consumer
Media platforms
Nowadays consumers have a lot of different media platforms they can use to gain information. In
the research the focus lies on the following media platforms; Social media, Destination websites,
Hotel websites, commercials on tv&newspapers, outdoor promotion and special offers in magazines.
Figure 2.3 shows that social media does have influence on 57% of the respondent and does not on
33% of the respondent followed by destination websites which influences 47% of the respondents
and does not have any influence on 34% of the respondents. Hotel websites do have influence on 42%
of the respondents and does not on 34% of them. The remaining percentages of the factors above
did not have any influence on the respondents. For the rest of the platforms the amount of
respondents who were not influenced by the platforms, was higher than the amount of people that
did get influenced by the platform. TV newspaper commercial 66% against 10%, Outdoor
advertisement 69% against 9% and special offers in magazines 60% against 25%.
figure 2.3: influence of different media platforms
Promotion by hotels, the government and Bodrum itself.
Hotels and the government often go to tourism fairs where consumers can find a lot of information
about all sorts of vacation destinations. Fairs often cost a lot of money so it is important to know if
the tourism fairs are an important information source for tourist and how much influence these fairs
have on the decision of the respondent. Figure 2.3 shows that promotion activities from the hotels,
government or Bodrum itself hardly have any influence on the decision of the consumer. 8% is
affected by promotion from the government and 73%
is not, 12% is affected by promotion from Bodrum
itself and 68% is not. Hotels are most effective as 23%
is affected by their promotion and 55% is not. The
remaining percentages were neither influenced or
not influenced
Figure 2.4: Influence of government, hotel and Bodrum itself
Evaluation of alternatives
In this phase of successful convincing the consumer starts thinking about all the options there are to
solve his problem. They often use different criteria to base their choice on. For example this could be,
the brand, price, color, flavor, social pressure etc. This research shows the important criteria which
people pay attention to when I comes to booking their vacation, and what they care about the most.
For the research the respondents are asked to fill in the top 3 criteria that have the most influence
on their decision when booking a vacation. They could choose from the different criteria underneath.
 Price
 Service quality
 Tour operator
 Safety and Security
 Destination attractiveness
 Reccomendations
 Accesability
 Advertisement
 Tourism fairs and exhibitions
Afterwards the respondents have to make a decision between factors they pay attention to when it
comes to booking a vacation, based on things the location has to offer.
 Sun, sea and the beach
 History and culture
 Yachting and blue voyage
 Nightlife
 Natural beauties
Factors during the booking process
First the respondents are asked to fill in the three most important factors for them when it comes to
booking their vacation. They can differentiatie vacation destinations based on the importancy of
these factors. That is why it is of great importance to know which factors the respondent evaluates
the most. Figure blijkt dat prijs (84,3%) en kwaliteit van de service (73%) voor de consumenten het
meest van belang zijn wanneer zij een vakantie boeken. Daarna komt de aantrekkelijkheid van de
bestemming waarvan 49,4% van de consumenten aangeeft dat deze voor hun keuze van belang is,
meer dan de helft van de consumenten vind dit echter niet belangrijk. De overige factoren zijn per
factor voor vrijwel meer dan 80% van alle consumenten niet van belang. De focus zal dus moeten
liggen op de prijs en de service kwaliteit.
Figure 3.1: Most important factors during the booking process
Beside the factors which play an important role during the booking process, they also evaluate what
every vacation destination has to offer. That is why the respondents were given a selective choice of
factors most people pay attetion to when it comes to vacation destinations. They had to fill in how
much influence these factors have on their choice for Bodrum. Research shows that only sun, sea
and beach (96%) and natural beauties (48%) have more influence than not, on the decision of the
respondent. When they evaluate different destinations such as Bodrum, these are the most
important factors to pay attention too, if a company wants to convince them to visit a destination.
The moment the consumer has the intention to buy a certain product the purchase can still go either
way. Often the consumer makes a last minute decision and decides to buy a different product. I this
case consumers are not to be trusted when it comes to making a decision. Most of the times this
happens with convenience goods ( product which are easily to buy ). This means consumers have to
be taken by the hand during the whole process up on till the purchase is finished. Marketeers could
use well trained salesman, product displays, point-of-purchase advertising or the at the moment
popular narrowcasting. Boytav does not really sell any products or vacations so they must depend on
external companies that do sell vacations. With a lot of online travel agencies Bodrum will not
appear on the first page when a consumers searches for vacations in turkey. This increases the
chance for a consumer to get distracted by other destinations. It is important that when people do
find Bodrum, boytav has to provide easy access to an informative website for the consumer, to keep
their interest. The research shows the channel respondents use the most to buy their vacation.
Figure 4.1 show most of the respondents prefer to buy their holiday at a online travel agency (55%)
followed by the traditional tour operators (36%). Online purchases are very popular, a problem with
the web is that the it is very transparent. There is a huge amount of information available for the
consumer. This is why boytav must give the consumers exactly all the information they need about
I prefer to buy my holiday via?
Tour operator
Local travel agency
Online Travel
Figure 4.1: Preferences for different buy channels.
Consumption and evaluation of the product
After the tourists visited Bodrum the question if they were satisfied with their purchase remains. In
the end satisfaction leads to more purchases. When a consumer is dissatisfied about the product he
or she bought, the search for another product that actually will solve their problem shall continue.
And the consumer will not return to Bodrum. In the survey multiple questions are asked to find out if
the respondents were happy with their vacation to Bodrum.
 I am happy to prefer Bodrum as a holiday destination
 I will prefer Bodrum as a holiday destination in the near future
 I will reccomend Bodrum to my friends as a holiday destination
The question why they were satisfied or not satisfied was not asked in this survey. Research does
show that 88% of the respondents were happy they preferred Bodrum as their holiday destination.
While 66% also admits to prefer Bodrum as a holiday destination in the near future. 85% will
recommend Bodrum to their friends as a holiday destination. This can lead to more people visiting
Bodrum. Overall the respondents have been happy with their purchase of a vacation to Bodrum.
7 Marketing communication
The First question often asked is why marketing communication for a whole holiday destination?
People will decide which destination they go to otherwise anyway. The consumer has a spacious
choice of destinations they can spend their holidays nowadays that is true. They can find a lot of
information about different destinations on the web and other media types. Beside this a lot of
holiday destinations are starting to get a less distinctive character. That is why the things which
make a destination special should be brought to the attention.
In chapter 4 we will pay more attention to the specific objectives for the marketing communication.
But as described above, clearly communicating the distinctive characteristics of your destination to
the consumer is the main objective to sell Bodrum-Peninsula
This distinctive character is often defined at the hand of unique selling point (USP’s). One of the
methods to describe these USP’s is by setting up a SWOT-analysis. Underneath the SWOT-analysis
from the business plan for Boytav can be found.
• - Bodrum is authentic, the houses may
not build for more than 2 floors
• - Bodrum has a lot of activities tourists
can participate in
• - Bodrum has one of the ancient world
wonders (mausoleum)
• - Club Halikarnas is the biggest open air
club in Europe
• - Bodrum has the first and only wellabled boat in Turkey. It is a cruise boat
fitted to the needs of handicapped
• - Bodrum is only yards away from the
Greece island of kos
• - The wind in Bodrum makes it ideal for
• - Bodrum has a lot of big marinas
• Most of the activities only take place
during the summer months which
makes it very bounded too seasons.
• Employees of Boytav lack knowledge in
English language
• Boytav uses only fairs as their prime
promotion tool
• Boytav does not measure their
• The amount of foreign tourists visiting
turkey and Bodrum is increasing.
• Overall 80% of all tourists that visited
Bodrum where satisfied with their
• Social media is a very important
platform for tourists to find information
• Sun, Sea & beach and Natural beauties
are important factors for the costumers
to evaluate when they book their
• Internet is the fastest growing and
cheap (free)for the communication.
• Visual content becomes more
• Transparency is very high on the web so
consumers will easily switch between
different products. Good information is
• Bays are threatened by pollution.
• Flights do go directly to Antalya un the
off season, but not directly to Bodrum
• Promotion on fairs done by hotels,
governments or Bodrum itself do not
really influence the choice of the
• Yachting, blue voyage, nightlife and
history and culture are not really
important for the consumer
The usage of smartphones is increasing
The usage of social media and internet
is increasing
Apps are becoming more and more
Instagram, pinterest and Tumblr are
fast growing social media platforms
Amount of internet users in the top five
of countries visiting Bodrum is very high
The Greek islands are very close to
Bodrum (30 min.)
Facebook is becoming a less active
social media platform
The Turkish visa can now only be
bought online
Growing internet activity increases the
Terror Organizations scare people off.
(Like PKK and ISIS)
Amount of internet users in turkey is
less than 50%
8 Strategy, positioning and USP’S
Bodrum – Peninsula is in the middle of a cover phase. At one side it is an touristic place which fears it
is missing a certain group of tourists. On the other hand there is an ambition to attract these tourists
in the near future. This plan is based on the growth phase.
A strategy often hangs together with the phase of the life cycles a product finds itself in. In the case
of Bodrum – Peninsula we can speak of a existing product. It is a famous place for international and
Turkish people to spend their holidays and has made a good name for itself over the years.
For choosing the correct strategy is is of great importance to know which final effect the message
must have on the target audiences. A strategy needs to be customized to the product and service a
company tries to sell. This strategy can be made when the positioning and the USP’s of the product
are made clear.
A First step in the marketing communication process is to develop a strategy. This strategy has to fit
the positioning or the intended positioning of the product. The positioning says something about the
market position of the product. In this plan we define the complete Bodrum-peninsula as the
product. To decide the positioning of Bodrum a few aspects are very important.
1. Which market segment will be attended
2. What function does Bodrum have
3. The amount of repeat visits that take place on Bodrum.
8.1 market segment, function and repeat visits
The market segment
To position a whole peninsula such as Bodrum, it is of great importance to know which market
segment you should focus on. In the case of Bodrum the main focus shall lie on the middle segment
of the market and also the high segment. This is because most of the tourists coming to Bodrum
visit all inclusive hotels. These often are too expensive for the low market segment but attract a lot
of people from the middle segment. Also the low segment does often not choose for a vacation far
away from their home country. On the other hand Bodrum is one of the most expensive coast places
of turkey. This attracts a lot of wealthy people to the big marinas of Bodrum. Who spend a lot of
time on their yachts here. This means that 80% of the promotion done by Boytav must focus on the
middle(all inclusive and high segment. The other 20% can be focused on the low segment.
The function of a holiday destination such as Bodrum can be very different. It can be a place for
people to rest and enjoy the beaches and the weather, or people who like to be active and visit a lot
of cultural things maybe go on a hike. And for a lot of youngsters it is often a place to spend their
money on the nightlife.
By using targeted promotion, Boytav can affect the function of Bodrum in the mind of the consumer.
The aim is to let people see Bodrum is a place that holds something for everybody to give them the
ultimate holiday destination. This function fits to all the things Bodrum has to offer.
Repeat visits
The amount of tourists revisiting Bodrum depends on the quality of the peninsula and all its
components. Such as; The shops, the hotels, the bars, the restaurants, activities and places of
interest. Paragraph (function) showed that the aim is to position Bodrum as a place that holds
something for everybody and gives them the ultimate holiday destination. To match this function
the things Boytav promotes about Bodrum, must meet the expectations of the tourists. This makes
Bodrum trustworthy and keeps the tourists happy, which makes them come back to Bodrum again.
So the promotion should also focus on fixed consumers.
8.3 Positioning, Core values and USP’s (unique selling points)
Unique Selling Points answer the question: What makes Bodrum-Peninsula so unique and special?
And in what way does Bodrum-Peninsula differentiates itself from other comparable holiday
destinations nearby, such as Alanya, Antalya, Marmaris Alanya, Side, Belek and Kusadasi? Put this
together with the right positioning and Bodrum can be promoted as a unique place. These USP’s
bust be attractive and special enough to get potential consumers to visit Bodrum and keep them
there ore make sure they come back. Also entrepreneurs should be informed about the USP’s of
Bodrum-Peninsula. The USP’s of Bodrum-Peninsula are stated before in the business plan. The core
values of Bodrum-Peninsula are: Cultural, versatile, historic, trustworthy,
USP’s of Bodrum
 Authentic low and white houses along the shore of the peninsula
 Rich history of Bodrum:
 Blue bays
 Tower house of Ortakent
 The wind in Bodrum is very
 Bodrum is surrounded by small islands, which makes it ideal for boat trips.
 Bodrum has the first and only well-abled boat in Turkey. It is a cruise boat fitted to the needs
of handicapped people.
 Bodrum is only yards away from the Greece island Kos.
 Bodrum has its own airport
 The mausoleum (one of ancient world wonders)
 Halikarnas (biggest open air disco of Europe)
8.4 strategies
The communication strategy will describe the way in which the objectives mentioned before will be
achieved. At this moment Boytav has not formulated a communication strategy yet. With the help of
the communication crossroad model made by Betteke van Ruler a new communication strategy for
Boytav shall be described. This model contains four different strategies and is based on the way of
communication and the difference in influencing or just making sure people get knowledge of the
One way traffic only means the company only sends information towards the consumer but does
not start the conversation with the consumer, this only happens when the traffic comes from both
sides. The strategies on the left side are mostly used to let the consumer get knowledge of your
product, while the strategies on the right are used to influence the consumers decision on a product.
The strategies
Informing: this is the First strategy of the model This strategy is all about making sure the message a
company wants to send out, becomes known among the target audience. There is no option for the
consumer to respond.
Persuasion: This strategy means communicating a message towards the target audience which
influences the behavior of the consumer. This mostly happens through mass communication and
there is no chance for the consumer to respond.
Introducing: This strategy means, going into a conversation with your target audience. It is mostly
used at interactive policy form. An example of this strategy is team meetings.
Formation: This is the last strategy of the communication-crossroad model. Formation is a strategy
where you get in a conversation with your target audience an then you try to influence/convince
them from your opinion. Lobbying is an example of the formation strategy.
Choosing a strategy does not mean your company has to stick with this strategy for the rest of time.
In the future strategies might change if the old strategy does not work anymore. For now Boytav
should hold on to the informing strategy
Informing: With this strategy Boytav should provide their target audience with all
the information about Bodrum. The usp’s, Infrastructure, activities and so on. Only
making this information available is enough for the consumer to gain knowledge of
these subjects. It helps to create awareness and gives people an opportunity to get
a clear image of what they might find in Bodrum. Because Boytav does not sell any
products but is clearly just a company to promote Bodrum this strategy is very well
suited. With This strategy Boytav can also reach a lot of people without making a
lot of costs with the help of the internet. At the moment Bodrum only promotes
Bodrum with the help of a Turkish website and a stand on fairs all over the world.
They should expand their use of communication tools because clearly with just
these two tools the target audience will not be informed well enough. So
expanding the marketing communication is a must.
Introducing: The entrepreneurs who are part of Boytav should also be kept up to
date of the promotion activities by the company Boytav. This way they can provide
better information about Bodrum to the people who visit their hotels. So Boytav
should bring the entrepreneurs closer together so they can work together on
improving the tourism on Bodrum.
Entrepreneurs who are not members of Boytav yet, have to be stimulated to join
Boytav. When the promotion activities of Boytav become a success new members
sign in themselves.
Informing: Visitors come to Bodrum by accident. This could mostly count for people
with boats. They see the shore line, the nice houses or the castle of Saint peter and
they get attracted. This group of people is very diverse and harder to reach. By
using information signs about USP’s in the area they can get informed by
themselves. Also having flyers in the marinas and at water sport clubs can help as
advertisement of Bodrum. This way the visitors get knowledge of Bodrum.
8.5 Target Audiences
In this plan we will render different target audiences, whereby all marketing activities have to keep
this target audiences in mind. Because these are the people you like to reach as good as possible
with you marketing activities. Beside the current consumers, and visitors of Bodrum-Peninsula the
communication has to attract a lot of potential consumers and visitors. Another target audience are
new entrepreneurs to join Boytav. When the company gets more hotel owners to join, they can use
this hotel as a channel to provide information and promotion of Bodrum to people staying in the
There is an important difference between the marketing and the communication target audiences.
To name the target audiences it is very important the difference between these two groups is clear.
The marketing target audience contains the Group of people the product of service is intended for.
The communication target audience can be different from this. When the objective taken in the
communication becomes wider than just offering the service or product, more target audiences can
be reached. Within the communication target audience there is also a difference between the direct
and indirect target audience. This last Group also includes people in relation to the
marketing(communication) target audience.
At the hand of an example the information previously mentioned will be explained.
In case of a certain activity or product that has to attract children, it can be very smart to also focus
your communication on the parents also. These shall than decide to take the children to the shop, or
buy the product themselves.
 Marketing target audience Children
 Direct communication target audience parents and depending on their age also children.
 Indirect communication target audience:
o potential entrepreneurs who see positive activities within the company and
because of it decide to start their business within this area.
o Potential civilians, for example families who see it is a child friend area.
On the following page we will give a summary of the differences between the diverse target
In this plan, accounting to the Group of consumers we divide them in two different groups; current
consumers and potential consumers. The current consumers were already visiting Bodrum before
the new promotion activities took place, and the potential consumer have not visited Bodrum yet.
The biggest challenge for Boytav when it comes to keeping the current consumers is to keep them
interested. This can be done by all different types of marketing communication tools which shall be
discussed extensively later on in this plan.
There has to be communicated with the potential consumer of Bodrum-Peninsula. Boytav should
handle this with care though. By informing potential consumer with the wrong information, or
information that does not interest them. So Boytav should fully focus on all the unique things
Bodrum has to offer, to let the potential consumer get knowledge of Bodrum, and how they can
benefit from it.
Both current and potential entrepreneurs from Boytav are an important (communication) target
audience. Potential entrepreneurs should be accessed during the low season. This way Boytav has
the time to look into possible entrepreneurs and invite the right ones to their organization. These
entrepreneurs should be informed about the new promotion actions and developments of Boytav
and the benefits for joining the organization should be made clear for them. Current entrepreneurs
should also be held up to date of the promotion developments by Boytav and the success.
As soon as new entrepreneurs decide to join the organization Boytav the should get the same
messages, information and promotion as the other current entrepreneurs. This means that the new
entrepreneurs should actually be a part of the partnership within Boytav. The new entrepreneurs
should get the WE-feeling as soon as possible. Integration within Boytav should come from both
ways, and current entrepreneurs should have a big role in this part. They need each other to make
the promotion of Bodrum-Peninsula a success.
Visitors are the people who do not have a specific reason to visit Bodrum-Peninsula for their USP’s. It
could be people visiting by boat in the marina or visitors from the Greece island of Kos. To reach out
to this groups communication towards touristic information points should take place, but also the
marina and the harbor check-in point for foreign visitors.
9 Objectives
Marketing communication objective vary bye ach product. In this case it concerns the objectives for
the marketing communication for the benefit of the Bodrum-Peninsula by Boytav. When creating a
strategy these objectives are decided. These objectives are diverse and preferably specific
measurable. Companies often think only objectives like turnover increasing can be measured. Also
‘soft’ objectives are measurable by guided consumer research. This has partly been done during the
consumer analysis in the business plan. This should also be done more often after the promotion
actions of Boytav. These researches are really valuable.
4.1 General (marketing) communication objectives
When marketing a touristic holiday destination such as Bodrum-Peninsula there are targets the
company Boytav would like to reach with their activities. This involves both communication and
marketing targets. Setting up clear objectives for yourself prevents the people from being
disappointed afterwards. Underneath a few general objectives applying to the promotion of Boytav.
This paragraph will focus on the elaboration off the communication objectives.
Tab 9.1 Advised general marketing communication objectives for Boytav
Objective and behavior
Category need
The turnover within Bodrum peninsula should be higher within
one year after the promotion activities than before expanding
the promotion tools.
Brand awareness
Brand knowledge
Brand attitude
More potential consumers have to be up to date about all the
unique things Bodrum has to offer. In comparison to the
amount before the promotion improvement.
The activities organized on Bodrum-Peninsula should me visited
more active by current and potential consumers. This shows
people actually know, and care about what is going on, on
Consumers should spend a longer amount of days on BodrumPeninsula during their vacation than before the promotion
activities. This shows their attitude towards Bodrum-pennsula
has increased. (people find it nicer, more interesting, cozier, etc)
Consumer should consume more in the clubs, restaurant, and
bars on Bodrum-peninsula than before the promotion activities.
Within two year a large stream of consumers returning to
Bodrum must increase compared to before the promotion
activities. This can be measured in visitor numbers.
9.1 Objectives per target audience
Next to the general objectives Boytav can also set up objectives for each target audience. The rules
for these objectives are basically the same. Preferably they should be SMART. A problem for some
of these objectives is that doing research for these objectives can be very expensive. The objectives
are in line with the objectives mentioned in paragraph 4.1, but give a more clear focus. Tab 4.2
shows the most important objectives for the direct target audience, potential and current
Tab 9.2 Objectives for direct target audience of Bodrum-Peninsula
Target audience
Current consumers Holding the current consumers to Bodrum-Peninsula
Introduce potential consumers to Bodrum-Peninsula
Tab 9.3 Objectives for the indirect target audience of Bodrum-Peninsula
Target audience
Current entrepreneurs
The objective is to keep current entrepreneurs up to date of the
promotion activities. And make sure they are active themselves when it
comes to promoting Bodrum within their hotels.
Potential entrepreneurs
Letting potential entrepreneurs to get to know Boytav and show them the
profits from their organization. And what the promotion can do for their
Current visitors
Making current visitors come back more often so they spend money in
Potential visitors
Introducing potential visitors to Bodrum-Peninsula, and make sure they
like is and come back more often.
10 Proposition and creative concept
10.1 Proposition
What does Bodrum-peninsula actually has to offer to their different target audiences? The
proposition is the message that must be transferred to the target audience. What do we promise to
these target audiences? The proposition arises from the positioning and the USP’s. It is a translation
of what the company wants to tell. This has to be unequivocal and clear. Before the final proposition
is decided the most important elements have to be summarized.
Tab 10.1 Important theme’s / elements within the proposition
Traditional Historic / Agean coast
The combination between these two theme’s make
Bodrum-Peninsula unique. The Agean coast surrounding
most of the peninsula along with the traditional white
houses and historical monuments makes it a real eye
catcher. Because the sea can be seen from most of the
historical places Bodrum offers, tourists visiting these
places have a great view so they like to take pictures and
stay their longer. It adds more value to the historic places.
Also the traditional white houses along the shore are
unique and gives tourists they are in a traditional Turkish
part of turkey. Also the tower houses of ortakent which
are unique.
Multifunctional destination
Bodrum is a place where people can do anything. They
can live, shop, party, have dinner, enjoy the sun an
beaches, swim in the sea and do a lot more things here.
This makes Bodrum-peninsula stronger and this should be
Rich nature/blue bays
Bodrum-Peninsula has a lot of nature along the shore of
the beautiful blue voyage. These two themes combined
are the perfect place for tourists to hang out and relax.
Instead of the noisy boulevard and crowded beaches.
They can swim here and enjoy the nature at the same
time. Consumers can also hike through the nature so this
will add value to active tourists who like to see special
places which can’t be reached only by foot.
Diverse offer in shops,restaurants club
Bodrum has a lot of different shops, restaurants and
clubs. Because of the diversity there are places for rich
people to eat, shop and party and places for people who
have less of a budget to spend on their holiday. This
makes Bodrum-Peninsula more accessible and gives all
the consumers a chance to enjoy their holiday.
Diverse offer in places /activities
Bodrum-Peninsula has a lot of different sub communes
on the peninsula within half an hour away from each
other. They all have their own atmosphere and activities.
Some places are crowded and have a lot of tourism while
other places are more quiet and is more local. In
combination with their own activities Bodrum-peninsula
has a place for every type of consumer.
10.2 Creative Concept
Based on the proposition and strengths of Bodrum-Peninsula, the following payoff could be used:
Diverse, trustworthy, surprising, authentic, modern Diverse and surprising stand for the fact that
Bodrum-Peninsula has so much more to offer than a lot of people think a know. The diversity is
shown by the different places in Bodrum-Peninsula. You got the busy crowded night life with lots of
people, bars, cafes and restaurant in Gümbet and Bodrum-centre. While on the other hand a place
like Gümusluk has a lot of nice fish restaurants and smaller cafes along the shore which gives it a
very calm and cozie atmosphere. The diversity of Bodrum is very large you have small hotels in the
city centre’s and large all inclusive hotels along the coastline. Authentic and trustworthy because
Bodrum has been a well known Turkish holiday destination among Turkish and international tourists
for a lot of years. The crime rate is nog high and people can feel save in Bodrum. It is authentic
because Bodrum has a lot of historical monuments and places for people to visit. Also things as the
traditional art of boat building and camel wrestling make bodrum authentic. But on the other hand it
is also modern because a lot of young folks visit the place during their summer holiday, so there are
modern clothing shops and fast food restaurants. Also the marinas on Bodrum-Peninsula are very
big and have a lot of expensive shops for the more wealthy people to buy their stuff. A lot of people
already come to Bodrum for many years and enjoy their stay, this number only needs to increase.
The communication towards the consumer must spread a certain atmosphere. Because of the target
audiences Boytav could use flyers, advertisements, posters and a website to promote Bodrum and
activities that take place on Bodrum. For their members they could also use newsletters to keep
them up to date of the developments within the company and Bodrum-Peninsula.
Boytav could use the following starting points to choose from; this is for inspiration to think about
and work out.
The typeface of the earlier mentioned communication tools shoold be the same for every tool. The
typeface should also have a little historical touch to it. It is important for the Letters to be Large
enough so elderly people and people with bad eyes can still read them. It should not push through
in the urge of being historical. The most important factor is readability. Old Style of Copperplate
Gothic Light might be good choices.
Language use
The language use in all types of communication has to be polite, but not to stiff. A large amount of
the target audiences is adult so you should not use to much young people language, because other
organizations such as Beachmasters and GOGO will promote Bodrum to youngsters. To dignified and
stiff is also incorrect because the majority of the people visiting Bodrum are from the middle class
and Bodrum-Peninsula should remain accessible for everybody.
De communication has to be recognizable in any form. This can be done with the help of the
typeface. The payoff and the website also have to show up on all the communication. The whole
layout must be the same on a consistent base. The colors used in the communication are mainly
(light) blue tints, (darker) blue tints combined with white and a (light) brown color. This way the
authentic blue bays of Bodrum-Peninsula and the white traditional housesan authentic atmosphere
will be supported. It also gives a fresh and inspiring look.
The images shown of Bodrum should reasonable match each other. Of course the Castle of st john
and the beautifull marinas and boulevards should be used as eye catchers in the communication. But
also hints to historic architecture (ortakent tower houses, windmills) could added, as well as the blue
bays and their nature. It is important to not make the advertisements to crowded. Boytav should not
try to put as much images as possible into their communication. This only ditracts the consumer
away from the final message. By using an art and craft drawing style the images could add even
more historic value.
11 Resources, instruments and media choice
11.1 target audiences and resources
Tab 6.1 shows an overview of which Target audiences can be reached by what type of
communication resource. Of course there are many other possible options. Underneath only the
most accessible and often used resources are shown. Most of all the resources should be available in
at least Turkish, and English.
Marketingcommunicationmix Bodrum-Peninsula
Target audience
 Flyers at tour operators or in shops,
restaurant, café’s , Hotels and other
touristic places should inform the
consumers about all the activities and all
notes on Bodrum-peninsula.
 Posters clearly visible within the city centre
should be used to promote activities on the
 The most extensive information about
Bodrum-Peninsula on every area. Activities,
actions, cultural and historic information.
Touristic information such as Bars, cafes,
Hotels and restaurants. Give people an
opportunity to sign up for news about
Bodrum. Making great announcements for
Social media
large activities like the Bodrum cup.
 Social media should be used to give
consumers updates about what going on in
Bodrum-Peninsula. Show people images to
trigger them. Give them news updates and
let them share things and actions about
Bodrum-Peninsula with each other. Social
media links should be shown on the
website, flyer and posters.
 A Mobile App should be used to give
people daily updates about activities and
the weather. Also tips and tricks for
consumers can be shown here.
 Inviting journalist from foreign countries to
Bodrum and let them write critic pieces
about Bodrum is free promotion. Be proud
Personal approach
Business Fairs
of the things Bodrum-Peninsula has to
offer, and show everything to the
journalist. People will read their articles
and this can attract them to BodrumPeninsula.
When searching for potential entrepeneurs
to join Boytav, attention must be paid to
what type of hotel wants to join Boytav.
This has to happen personally because this
way all the profits can be made very clair to
the entrepreneur.
A fair is always a good place to meet new
entrepreneurs because a lot of them will
visit the fair. Use the stand to attract them
and show them things of BodrumPeninsula. It is a step towards personal
The website must have a special part for
the entrepeneurs, to let them share
information about their own hotels. The
entrepreneurs must also be able to have a
meeting online about theme’s and
activities of their choice.
A newsletter should be sent monthly to all
entrepeneurs holding information about
actions, developments and activities.
The sasme flyers you use for the consumers
can be used for the visitors. They should
only be placed in tactical places like the
marina or tourism information points. Or
the harbor entrance for people from kos
Posters can be seen easily by visitors and
gain their attention. The same posters used
for consumers should be used.
11.2 Internet and social media
Research among consumers has shown that the most important mediums for consumers to search
for information are the internet and Social media. In the business plan there are also a few
noticeable changes going on within these two medium. A summary of the most important
technologic developments will follow underneath.
The usage of smartphones is increasing
The usage of social media and internet is increasing
Apps are becoming more and more popular
Instagram, pinterest and Tumblr are fast growing social media platforms
Visual content becomes more important
Amount of internet users in the top five of countries visiting Bodrum is very high
Facebook is becoming a less active social media platform.
The importance of internet marketing is because it aligns with the way consumer make purchasing
decisions. As a result of studies by analysts like Gartner are indicating that the numbers of
consumers using social media and researching on mobile internet to research a product and the
price before making a decision. You can reach your customers by low-cost personalized
communication and move away from the mass marketing at the same time.
A big benefit of internet is the that there is no distance. You can reach almost every country by
Another benefit of the internet is the time. You don't have to worry about the time. You can go on
internet for twenty-four hours, seven days a week. You don't have to do all your businesses during
the office hours and you can prevent extra payments on your staff. The main reason that it is
important for to have a website is how people are likely to find you. These days most people will go
online and research products and companies before they make a purchase, if you don't have a
website you are missing out on all of this potential business. Even if people don't buy your product
online they are still likely to research it online so you have to have a website so these people can
learn about you. The most important things you have to put on your website are things like the
company overview, service and product description, mission statement and contact.
Read more : http://www.ehow.com/facts_6733468_information-needed-business-website.html
Linton, Ian http://smallbusiness.chron.com/six-benefits-internet-marketing-31382.html
Social media
Social media is a big part of the internet. De definition of social media according to the website
http://www.socialmediadefined.com is:
'Social Media is the future of communication, a countless array of internet based tools and platforms
that increase and enhance the sharing of information. This new form of media makes the transfer of
text, photos, audio, video, and information in general increasingly fluid among internet users. Social
Media has relevance not only for regular internet users, but business as well.'
There are many different social media platforms. As you can read in the business plan visual
contents are getting more and more important for people. They want to see more pictures and less
text. There are a view applications whom are appropriate to this conclusion namely: Instgram,
Pinterest and Tumblr.
According to the own website of Instagram www.instagram.com de definition of instagram is: 'A fun
and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your
mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever.
We're building Instagram to allow you to experience moments in your friends' lives through pictures
as they happen. We imagine a world more connected through photos'.
How can you use it for your company?
First of all you have to create a business Instagram account. Instagram is owned by Facebook. To
give a powerful boost to the marketing you can connect these two.
Then it's important to set a strategy for Instagram. What is your image? What do you want your
image to be? How do you see the world? How do you want to show your world to your followers?
After you have set your strategy you can start with posting pictures. When posting pictures it is
important to set hashtags. Not only hastaghs which are brand specific but also general and trending
hashtags. Also the upcoming populair hashtags are important. If you put a general hashtag like
#Coffee for example, people who are interested in coffee can see your profile, they can like your
profile and follow you, just because you had a #Coffee hashtag.
Beside the hasthags it is important to stay in touch with your followers. You have to show that you
appreciate your followers. You can do this by repost their picture. Reposting is posting the picture
your follower has post already.
Instagram is not about only posting random pictures, it is also important to give answers to
questions that are placed under the pictures. Instagram is recently updated so you can also post
For more tips about Instagram you can consult these websites:
- http://blog.wishpond.com/post/59612395517/52-tips-how-to-market-on-instagram
- http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/instagram-for-business-tips/
- http://webrazzi.com/2013/10/06/fortune-500-sirketleri-instagrami-nasil-kullaniyor/
What is Pinterest? (according to www.pinerest.com)
Pins can be almost anything, a gift, recipe, or even a quote. They’re like little bookmarks people add
to Pinterest that always point back to the sites they came from. If you add the Pin It button to your
site, people can use it to add your stuff to Pinterest.
Boards are where people collect and organize their Pins. Each board tells a unique, hand-crafted
story about what that person cares about. People can follow boards whose Pins they like.
Pinterest helps people discover things in a simple, visual way. Pinners might find something they
love while browsing your boards, scrolling through a category you’re listed in or searching for you
Pinterest connects people through shared interests their passions, hobbies, tastes and values. You
can inspire them by using Pinterest in a personal, authentic way.
How to?
First it is important to have a strategy like we have explained about Instagram. You have to know
clearly what you are going to post and the people you want to reach. Follow people so that you have
their attention. When you are following them they will look on your page.
Make sure that you keep in touch with your friends. Answer questions and comment on their pins. It
is important to be creative!
For more information about using Pinterest you can check the website:
 http://www.amyporterfield.com/2012/06/the-10-commandments-of-using-pinterest-forbusiness/
 http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/3-strategic-goals-on-pinterest/
Tumblr. is a microblogging platform and social networking website founded by David Karp and
owned by Yahoo! Inc. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a shortform blog. Users can follow other users' blogs, as well as make their blogs private. Much of the
website's features are accessed from the "dashboard" interface, where the option to post content
and posts of followed blogs appear.
Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything.
Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or
wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors to your theme's HTML.
Below you can see the statistics of tumblr.
We can conclude that there are 189.0 million blogs, that means 189.0 million potential customers
for Bodrum! The best way to use tumblr. is to post exclusive pictures to get people's attention.
Linking tumblr. to your other social media platforms and your website is useful. By doing this you can
increase your reach. It is important to follow other blogs.
For more tips about tumblr. you can consult these websites:
 http://socialmarketingwriting.com/how-to-effectively-promote-your-business-with-tumblrinfographic/
 http://www.entrepreneurial-insights.com/how-use-tumblr-business/
Beside the visual contented social media platforms there are also social media platforms that only
focus on business like LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is a network with 65 million business professionals around the world and nearly 50% of
LinkedIn members have decision-making authority for their companies. To start with LinkedIn you
have to first understand how LinkedIn works.
There are two ways to promote on LinkedIn. These two ways are the passive and the aggressive
methods. The passive method is very simple. It is only creating a profile, building connections and
keeping the account updated.
You can promote on LinkedIn the aggressive way by posting regular status updates, joining groups,
sending messages and invitations to people in your network and other groups, answering questions,
commenting on other status updates, paid LinkedIn advertising and having a paid LinkedIn
For more tips about LinkedIn you can consult these websites:
 http://homebusiness.about.com/od/socialnetworking/tp/Linkedin-Guide.htm
 https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/openforum/articles/ten-ways-forsmall-businesses-to-use-linkedin-1/
Facebook is a social networking website that makes it easy for you to connect and share with
How can you use Facebook for marketing?
First of all you have to give people a reason to become a fan. You have to stay on topic. Be up to
date, for example: 3 December the disability day, post something about people with disabilities.
Stay connected with your fans and ask them frequently questions. Post exclusive pictures recently.
Run a Facebook contest to attract attention.
Facebook has also a sponsored option. You can choose your target audience, the post you want to
promote and for how long you want to promote your post. By this sponsored option you can reach a
lot of people.
For more tips about Facebook you can consult these websites:
 https://www.facebook.com/notes/ahmad-al-mutawa/how-to-use-facebook-for-marketingread-here/273715905999225
 https://www.facebook.com/business/overview
Boytav is already active on a lot of international fairs for tourism and business. Taking part in a fair is
very expensive most of the time and cost a lot of time and energy from yourself and the employees.
Otherwise it is a unique opportunity and can, provided that it has been well prepared be a very
efficient and cost effective way of informing, introducing, selling or image building. Research has
showed us that most consumers did not base their choice for bodrum on information they have
gained at a fair. So Boytav should consider if all the fairs they visit are worth their while, because
most of them cost a lot of time and money they could invest in more profitable promotion tools.
However if they do go to fairs there are 12 things they should pay attention to, when it comes to
optimizing their fair.
 Define your objectives for taking part in this fair
 Carefully choose the fairs you want to visit based on your objective
 Integrate your participation in the fair with your complete commercial approach
Make sure important clients/prospects are timely informed and invited to the fair
Make sure you have a stand and a message which get’s the attention of the visitors.
Make sure you have impactful contacts at your stand
Make sure the staff of your stand is well prepared and informed about their tasks
Collect useful information about important consumer/clients/competitors
make sure you have a good follow-up of your leads
Make sure your participation at the fair pays-off
Evaluate the benefit/impact from your participation in the fair, with references to
participations in the future
12 Entrepeneurs
The objective of this marketing communication plan has already been explained in the introduction.
However beside the promotion of Boytav there are also a few simple things that could inspire the
entrepreneurs to promote Bodrum-Peninsula together. They are a part of Boytav and could help
Boytav with their promotion.
12.1 Practical and efficiënt
In the earlier paragraphs entrepreneurs can gain inspiration to improve the marketing
communication of their own company. In this paragraph we will only show a few practical cases and
tips which entrepreneurs could use to gain successful marketing communication in a fast way.
Boytav should show these tips to their members to help them in their marketing communication
 Learn from each other; many entrepreneurs are successful and a part of these
entrepreneurs are a part of this organization.
 Ask each other for honest feedback about your own marketing activities
 Give each other tips and possibilities during a meeting
 Organize a workshop to come up with marketing communication activities for each other
 Engage an intern to set up a marketing communication plan.
The following actions are used standard by most entrepreneurs and should be the first things a
company should develop
 Website
 Advertisements
 Mailings(digital and printed)
 Special offers
 Social media
For entrepreneurs to sell and improve the positioning of the area Bodrum-Peninsula on their own
the following tips can be very useful. (depending on their resources)
 Always announce the location of where your hotel is established. In which sub commune of
 Mention the location of parking spots, if possible provide information how consumers can
reach it, and how long it takes to walk over there.
 Try to sell the atmosphere of the part your hotel is established through the general
marketing communication. With the help of payoff, logo and possible images.
 Connect with websites of tour operators, so they can offer your hotel to their visitors.
 Name labels and brands your hotel offers, this attracts consumers
 Start a partnership with other entrepreneurs; let them think or participate in certain
 Name the websites who give positive feedback about Bodrum-Peninsula
 Use the multi channel strategy. Link different types of marketing communication together
such as (website,(e)-mailing and special offers)
13 Organization and financials
To organize the marketing communication in an efficient way, a good organized consolation must
take place. In chapter 1 we already spoke about the internal communication of Boytav. In fact, the
following aspects are important for a company to operate successfully.
Set up a meeting with the members of Boytav to tell them about the promotion plans and
what Boytav wants to achieve with these plans.
Clear organization structure for the members of Boytav.
Internal communication should be ordered (who communicates what and where on which
moment to who and how?)
Financial structure should be ordered l
Planning has to be set up, making clear which promotion activity will be taking place and
Make sure the external communication Lines are made clear. (who communicates what and
where at which moment?)
naar wie en hoe dus ook met welke partijen kan worden afgestemd, wie doet mee, wie is
Hiring somebody who can take care of the website and social media (job generating)
Set up the division of labour clearly
It is usual that a part of the membership fee the entrepreneurs pay to Boytav will be used for the
marketing promotion. Beside this Boytav must take a look at their own budget and how much they
have to ask from their members. If some members are willing to give a higher amount of money
than other. Boytav could provide them with privileges in their promotion.
16 Conclusions
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