TTh 0800-0915
GMCS 301
Fluid Mechanics
AE 340
Spring 2014
Schedule Number 20008
Professor Allen Plotkin
Office Hours: TTh 1200-1500
Course Overview
Catalog description: Laminar and turbulent flow of liquids and gases in pipes, nozzles, and
channels. Dimensional analysis and modeling. Drag forces on moving or immersed objects.
Course Content:
Fluid Properties
Fluid statics
Fluid in Motion
Pressure Variation in Flowing Fluids
Momentum principle
Dimensional Analysis
Flow in Pipes
External Flow
Student learning Outcomes: Students will gain an understanding of the fundamental principles
of fluid mechanics and develop the ability to analyze flow problems in a logical manner and
apply the appropriate methods to compute their solutions.
The course is a co-requisite for AE 301.
Enrollment Information
Prerequisites: AE 220 and credit or concurrent registration in AE 280.
Course Materials
Required textbook: Fluid Mechanics, Cengel and Cimbala, McGraw-Hill, 3rd Edition, 2014.
Course Structure and Conduct
Traditional lecture Course
Course Assessment and Grading
2 in class exams (Chapters 2-4 and Chapters 5-7) and a Final Exam
In-class exams @ 25% each
Final @ 40%
Graded homework assignments @ 10%