contribution of the European Union.

Unit 5- Europe Study Guide
1. All of the following are ways that entrepreneurs influence economies
except skilled labor. (They influence with job creation, inventiveness, and
economic growth.)
2. The most important effect of Europe being a peninsula of peninsulas is
most countries depend on the sea for much of their livelihood.
3. The European Union is one of the most recent examples of cooperation in
4. European countries had a history of invasion and fighting until the mid
1900’s when peace treaties and alliances were formed that have made the
continent much more stable. What happened in the mid-1900’s that
brought about this change toward more cooperation in Europe?
International treaties after World War II
5. This explains the relationship between the American and French
Revolution- Ideas from the American Revolution contributed to
Frenchmen to revolting against their King. American’s showed that they
were able to revolt against the powerful British government to get their
6. Movement : migration:: Territorial expansion: Imperialism
7. The sense of loyalty to one’s country is a concept known as nationalism.
8. All of the following are examples of cultural diffusion: British colonies
spread the English language to North America, Spanish colonies spread
the Spanish language to Latin America, and migration and immigration of
Muslims to Europe spread the religion of Islam.
9. (You will use the timeline/fact sheet on European Artists and art Eras from
class warm ups to answer questions 9-11.) A lasting contribution of the
Europeans listed on the timeline is that they produced master artworks
that became a major part of culture worldwide.
10.According to the data, who created the most famous painting in history?
Da Vinci (Mona Lisa)
11.A primary source that could have been used to build these timelines would
be an autobiography. Examples of primary sources are: letters, journals,
newspapers, autobiographies, photos, speeches, legal documents, court
documents, video clips of an event, and diaries. Primary sources are from
the time period of an event.
12. (You will use the European Natural Resources map from class warm ups to
answer numbers 12,13, and 14.)
You will need to look at a resource map and determine the
characteristics/common patterns of where the oil (petroleum) resources
are located. You will need to know where the Atlantic Ocean and
Mediterranean Sea are located.
13.You will need to know the location of Ireland, France, England, and
Germany to answer this question.
14. Geographers create different kinds of maps that are used for different
purposes such as showing population, resources, climate, and physical
15.Modern transportation made it easier for people to move about Europe,
almost as if it were one country. This is a contribution of the European
16.The formation of the European Union has had the greatest effect on the
economies of countries.
17.All of the following are examples of a peaceful means of protesting current
issues in society : a band writes lyrics to a song that calls for peace in a
time of war, an artist creates a mural showing how his culture is being lost
over time, and a poet creates poems and other works that express a
yearning for a simpler time when people respected each other more.
18.(Use the map of the Iron Curtain from class warm ups to answer 18-22.)
The Iron Curtain divided Europe from east to west.
19.Be able to identify England, France, Spain, Norway, Italy, and Sweden on a
20.The map supports this statement: Germany was once divided into two
21. Many Eastern European countries became associated with the USSR
because Eastern European countries controlled by the USSR at the end of
World War II adopted communist governments under Soviet domination.
22. Be able to use the map to find allies of the United States.
23. Look at the chart used during class warm ups to determine which country
has the highest standard of living.