Effect of Steel Deck Flooring in Moment Resisting Steel Frame

Effect of Steel Deck Flooring in Moment Resisting Steel Frame
Engr. Renato Tandoc, MSCE Major in Structural Engineering1, Florante G. Aliga Jr.2,
Mark Jemuel G. Alilis3, Jayson A. Arbenio4, Ace Vanlee P. As-il5,
Romel C. Lacaden6, Yenko L. Tandoc7, Jefferson A. Urbano8
Department of Civil Engineering
Saint Louis University, Baguio City
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Concrete slab and steel deck flooring differs from one another in terms of their
effects on structural design. In this present study, an attempt was made by studying
the comparison between the design results of a mid-rise moment resisting steel
frame from two structural analysis using steel deck and concrete slab separately.
The aim of the analysis is to determine the difference in the building’s material
weight and the base reaction of the structure from the two analysis. Significantly,
this study aims to provide additional information about the comparison between
the two flooring materials. Design results show that there is a negligible difference
between the two separate analyses since there is only a 3.28% and 4.72% difference
in base reaction and building weight respectively.
Keywords: ETABS, Concrete Slab, Composite Steel Deck, Frame Weight, Base