Beginnings of English America, 1607-1660


What is the United


What was the

Truman Doctrine?

 Based on the map, who dominated the war before US and

UN involvement?

New York City

Today I will be able to analyze

America’s role in the Korean War by constructing a short response.

 Pgs. 327-329

MacArthur’s amphibious counterattack behind enemy lines saved

South Korea.

Q: Would the

South now be justified to take over the North?

UN (US) had come too close for comfort

China liked N. Korea as a “buffer state”

China outnumbered UN forces 10-1

UN pushed back

 China captured Seoul

Trench warfare ensued

 MacArthur called for invasion of China

Wanted to use nuclear weapons

Truman rejected plan for fear of World


 MacArthur took his plan to newspapers and

Republican politicians

 Truman to MacArthur: “You’re fired”

69% of Americans supported _________?

Was MacArthur’s idea to invade China a good idea or cuckoo? Support your response with facts and examples.