ac - Kelso High School

Signal Generator
Virtual oscilloscope
1. Describe what each control on the CRO does.
2. Describe a method for finding peak voltage.
3. Describe a method of finding the period (time for one
wave), then the frequency of the wave.
Frequency = 1 ÷ period NB. period must be in seconds,
beware of milliseconds, ms
Tutorial Questions ac Qu 5 and 6
Experiment: Comparing a.c. and d.c.
6 V d.c
Adjust the ac power supply to light the bulb. Use a CRO
to find the peak voltage, VP.
Switch to d.c. and adjust the resistor to get the same
brightness of bulb. Find the d.c. voltage, Vdc.
VP in volts
Vdc in volts
VP ÷ Vdc
Vpeak = √2 VRMS
Ipeak = √2 IRMS
P = IV
Root mean square - the equivalent dc value
of an ac source. ie a light would be the same
Tutorial Questions 1 to 3
SAQ booklet pages 1 to 11