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Gun Control
Hunter Harwood
• The major issues of gun control are idiots with
guns, terristic threats, and criminals.
According to John C. Moorhouse and Brent
Wanner, Gun control is an umbrella term
covering everything from laws prohibiting the
ownership of defined classes of firearms to
mandating the inclusion of gun locks with
every firearm sold.
• People say that gun control is good for the
world because it will minimize crimes and help
in the case of events where death could be
• Government officals think that by making it a
law for guns to have mandatory locks children
or people that are not educated on guns and
how to handle them will be less likely to use it.
Wilson endorses the conclusion that existing
evidence allows no confident assessment on
whether permitting law-abiding citizens to
carry concealed weapons in public increases
crime or instead decreases it. (Public Opinion
Quarterly, 71(2), 318-322.)
• He is saying that he thinks no matter what
laws are made people are still gonna commit
crime and by carrying concealed weapons the
level will not change.
After we adjusted for numerous confounding
factors, gun possession by urban adults was
associated with a significantly increased risk of
being shot in an assault. (American Journal of
Public Health pg. 2037)
• According to the American Journal of Public
Health, the risk of people being shot when
urban adults carry weapons increases.
Gunshot wounds are the third leading cause of
death among Canadians aged 15 to 24.2,
according to Canadian Medical Association
Journal. p. 389.
According to, Patricia Kunz Howard, knowledge
about what parents’ believe and practice
about firearm safety in the home is an
essential factor in keeping children safe.
No matter what laws are made about guns,
protecting children is the responsibility of
their parents and guardians.
One study showed that parents who owned a
handgun were 14 times more likely than
individuals who owned a rifle or shotgun to
keep the gun unlocked and loaded (Farah &
Simon, 1999).
In summary,
The likely hood of something going wrong is
based on people that are careless with their
guns and leave them available for children or
people that are uneducated on guns to pick up
and use.
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