Mitosis 100 What is produced through mitosis? 200 When would a

100 What is produced through mitosis?
200 When would a cell have twice the amount of genetic information as usual?
300 What happens if cells fail to pass the G1 checkpoint?
400 Provide a quick sketch of each stage of mitosis and indicate 2 identifying features for each stage.
500 What is one way cell’s regulate the cell cycle intracellularly? What is one way extracellular features regulate
the cell cycle?
100 What is produced through meiosis?
200 When would tetrads appear in meiosis?
300 What features do all sexual life cycles share?
400 What are three ways meiosis and sexual reproduction contribute to genetic variation?
500 If a species has a diploid number of 12, how many different combinations of maternal and paternal
chromosomes are possible for the gametes?
100 What were two benefits to working with pea plants?
200 What two laws of inheritance did Mendel outline in his work? When would each occur in meiosis?
300 What phenotypic ratio do we see in the offspring of parents heterozygous for one trait? For two traits?
400 What is the difference between incomplete and codominance? Provide an example for each.
500 What is pleiotropy? Provide an example.
100 Chromosomes are made up of 2 _______________ joined at the __________________.
200 ________________ is when chromosomes fail to separate appropriately in meiosis.
300 What are two types of aneuploidy?
400 What do we call entire extra sets of chromosomes?
500 Name two different chromosomal rearrangements and how they shuffle genetic information.
100 When in the cell cycle does DNA replication occur?
200 How would Meselson and Stahl describe the process of DNA replication?
300 What is the difference between the leading and lagging strand of DNA?
400 What are Okazaki fragments? Which enzymes are used to incorporate those fragments into a single strand
of DNA?
500 What are telomeres and why are they significant?
100 Transcription takes information in ____________ and transcribes it as _________.
200 What are the three steps in transcription?
300 What direction does RNA polymerase add nucleotides to the growing mRNA strand?
400 In eukaryotes, what allows RNA polymerase to bind to the promoter region of DNA?
500 What are three aspects of RNA processing? Where does each take place?
100 Translation takes the information in _______________ and translates it as ____________________.
200 What are the two important parts of a tRNA molecule?
300 What are the three sites on a ribosome and what is each used for?
400 What are polyribosomes?
500 How do the correct amino acids get added to the tRNA molecule with the anticodon that corresponds to that
amino acid?
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