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Power Relationships
Power Relationships Affecting Society
A power relationship allows for a society to give
a certain idea, such as segregation that occurred
in the U.S.
Also power relationships allow the limit of
people, such as the homosexuals in a
conservative area.
Power Relationships cont.
Also a power relationship can oppress a religion.
Like the Catholics in Northern Ireland, where
there is often conflict between them and
Vulnerable Populations
Power relationships can also affect certain populations,
such as women in a certain society.
An example would be women in sub-Saharan Africa that
are not allowed economic and political freedom
Vulnerable Populations cont.
Another example is women in India. The
majority of them do not have rights because of
the power relationships occurring in society.
Many often die in what is known as dowry
deaths. When women are killed because they
do not have a big enough dowry.
Shifting Power Relationships among Ethnic
Depending on the economy and politics, certain
ethnic groups are more in control of certain
things than another ethnic group of that area.
A shifting power relationship among ethnic
group is the Hispanics and Blacks in the Los
Angeles area.
Shifting Power Relationships among Ethnic
Within the last 50 years the Hispanic
population increased from 4% to 90%.
With the increased ethnicity of Hispanics
the once dominant Blacks are now the
minority. The Hispanic population is the
power relationship because they can
influence things such as the cultural
landscape and political decisions in that