Engl 1

A comparisons between Shiloh and A worn path.
In both stories “Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason and “A worn path” by Eudora Welty the
protagonists make an unwilling journey. In all story if not most there lays a conflict amongst the
charters. Most have an ongoing conflict between the protagonist and antagonist. The charterers
in the stories deal with conflict in different ways. The tone of the dialogue tells how the
charterers express their actions and behaviors.
In the short story “Shiloh”. There are three main charterers Norma Jean and her husband
Leroy. The antagonist of the story is Norma Jeans mother Mabel. It states in the story “Mabel
has never forgiven him for disgracing her by getting Norma Jean pregnant.” Mabel questions the
couple’s life. Mabel also pushes on the fact that they should take a second honeymoon despite
the loss of their first infant child. Mabel keeps on requesting they go to Shiloh. In the short story
“A worn Path.” There is one main character. A Negro woman who’s name is Phoenix Jackson.
There are other sub characters like the hunter, the attendant, and the nurse. All this characters
play an importance in Phoenix Jacksons journey to the city. It seems that all this sub characters
played the role of the antagonist. Mostly all the characters in a worn path keep telling Phoenix
Jackson to “go home grandma.” Phoenix will hear this words all throughout her journey.
There is much dialogue in the story. When Norma Jean and her mother speak there is a
tension. Also there is a tension when Leroy and Mabel speak to each other, but the tension is
dismissed by Leroy to stay on Mabel’s good side. When Norma Jean and her husband speak
there is an understanding between them. Except when Norma Jean is telling Leroy about the use
of his English “First you have a topic sentence, and then you divide it up. Your secondary topic
has to be connected to your primary topic.” Norma Jean tells this to Leroy, which is hinting that
Leroy as some far to reach expatiations, and should get his life on the right track. In A worn path
Phoenix speaks to the animals of the woods to stay out of her way. “ out of my way, all you
foxes, owls, beetles, jackrabbits, coons and wild animals!.... keep out from under these feet.” She
speaks to them as if they will listen. She also tells the hunter to say out of her way and that she
does not fear anything, she must make her way to town. Phoenix Jackson keeps pushing onward
to town. When she arrives to that doctor’s office the attendant asks her what she is here for.
Phoenix dose not reply she frozen and forgets why she even took the journey. It is not until the
nurse walks up to her and asks about her grandson throat. It is only then phoenix remembers why
she took the journey to town.
In both of the short stories there is a similar conflict. A conflict between the main
characters, and the unwilling journey they will take. In Shiloh the conflict is between the three
main characters. Mabel keeps pressing on the fact that the couple Norma Jean and Leroy should
visit the battle grounds in Shiloh. While Mabel is straightening her girdle she states “I still think
before you get tied down y’all ought to take a little run to Shiloh.” Shiloh is where Mabel and
her husband went when they got married. In the Worn path there is a conflict within the main
character. Phoenix Jackson show signs of what we know as today as old timers. The reader dose
not realizes the conflict till the end of the story. When Phoenix Jackson reaches the doctor’s
office she stops and completely forgets way she even left home. The attendant asks her to speak
up, but “old phoenix only gave a twitch to her face as if a fly were bothering her.” She is frozen
until the nurse comes in asks about her grandson. It us only then she remembers why she took
her journey.
In both stories the main character had to take an unwilling journey. Norma Jean and
Leroy comply with Mabel and go to Shiloh at the end of the story. Leroy and Norma Jean re find
their selves and unlock a new outlook on their lives. Phoenix Jackson also takes an willing
journey to get medicine for her grandson. In the end of the story Phoenix Jackson forget why she
took the unwilling journey.