Physical Science Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1
Lesson 1
Key Concepts…
What is Science???
What are the main branches of science???
What is Physical Science???
I. What is Science?
A. Def – a system of knowledge and the methods used to
find knowledge.
*Science begins with curiosity and often ends with
B. Science and Technology
1. History of the Sticky Note Handout (Please do not
write on handout)
2. Technology
a. Def – use of knowledge to solve practical
b. What was the “science” in the handout? New glue
Application to paper
c. What was the “technology”?
*Technology and science go hand in hand!
d. Ex: electricity led to…computers, tv’s,
cell phones, etc.
II. Branches of Science
A. 3 Branches…
1. Physical Science (non-living)
physics and chemistry
2. Life Science (living)
botany (plants) and zoology
3. Earth and Space Science (history
and origin)
geology and astronomy
*All assignments must
have this general setup*
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wks 1.1
1. Define the term “science”.
2. How is science different than technology? Do
they work together?
3. What are the 3 branches of natural science and
list two areas from each branch?
4. Is the study of the muscle movements in the
human body an example of biology or physics?