Name: Date: ______ APE Key Terms – Unit 7 Ms. Wildner Directions

Name: _______________________________________
APE Key Terms – Unit 7
Date: ____________
Ms. Wildner
Directions: 1) Give an explanation/description of each term. Answer the questions (if
appropriate) who, what, where, and when. 2) Explain the term’s historical significance:
establish its historical context, as a result or cause of other factors existing in the society of the
time. Answer the questions, What were the political/social/economic/cultural consequences of
this term?
For example:
The Great Schism: (1378 – 1417) Period in which the Papacy was split with two “Popes”
serving simultaneously: Urban reigning in Rome and Clement serving in Avignon.
Significance: This split reflects the problems within the Catholic Church and foreshadows the
coming reformation of organized religion.
Some terms are not bolded in your textbook, so you will have to do some careful reading.
Determining historical significance might be difficult when only looking at one chapter,
therefore I will allow you to use the Internet for that portion of your index card. One last thing…
I want you to write your definitions IN YOUR OWN WORDS—do not simply copy the textbook
definition. Gathering the information and synthesizing it in your own words reinforces the
concept in your mind better than simple copying. Yes, it is more difficult and time consuming, but
it will be better for you in the long run.
Key Terms/People:
flota system
Intolerable Acts
Triangular Trade (Transatlantic
Slavery in the Americas
“Middle Passage”
War of Austrian Succession
“Diplomatic Revolution” of 1756
The Seven Years’ War
William Pitt the Elder
Treaty of Paris of 1763
The American Revolution
Stamp Act
King George III (Britain)
William Pitt the Younger