Students will continue their work with minerals by completing the “Cookie Mining” Lab. This lab will
show them the cost vs. benefits from open pit mining, though it is done by using chocolate chip cookies.
The chips will be the ore mined, and sizes and purity will determine value, which is offset by the cost of
mining equipment, operating the mine and reclamation costs. This lab will take the full class period to
Periods 3-5 and 2,6 will have slight variations to their assignment
Homework: No Homework
Students will finish the cookie mining lab: 15-20 mins.
Igneous rock introduction: Students will observe several examples of intrusive and extrusive igneous
rock and add their descriptions to their notebooks: 10 mins.
Igneous Rock Introduction: Students will read chapter 3, section 2 in their textbooks (pages 82-87).
Students will then complete questions 1-6 on page 87 (using complete sentence answers).
Homework: Complete page 87 questions 1-6 for Wednesday.
Notes: The rock cycle- 30-40 mins.
Intrusive vs. Extrusive Igneous Rock: Students will take their notes on igneous rock and try to
differentiate between intrusive and extrusive rocks based on the samples provided to them. Students
will examine the size of the crystals/ grains formed to determine the formation of their igneous rock.
Periods 3-5: Chapter 3, section 2 Reading Guide B Worksheet
Periods 2,6: Write a CER showing understanding of intrusive igneous rock. Write a second CER for
extrusive igneous rock
Students will complete an igneous rock foldable, using their notes, as well as information from their
textbooks (pages 82-87). The guidelines will be provided in an accompanying link. Students will be
graded on content, details, examples, appropriate color and neatness. (directions are found on the
lesson plans page).
Complete the igneous rock foldable if not finished. Review for igneous rock quiz
Igneous Rocks Quiz: 20 mins
Students will begin their study of sedimentary rock. Students will read pages 89-85 in class. Students in
periods 3-5 will complete questions 1-5, while periods 2,6 will complete questions 1-3, 5-6 on page 95
Finish book questions.

Lesson Plans: September 29