Ch. 9-10 Review
Metabolic pathway that releases stored energy by breaking down complex molecules
Respiration reaction—what is oxidized and what is reduced
In glycolysis, glucose is catabolized to two pyruvates. Most of the potential energy in the
glucose goes where?
What is the energy investment for glycolysis? What is the energy payoff?
When is CO2 released in respiration?
During respiration, electrons travel downhill from food to _______________ to ____________
to oxygen.
The role of oxygen in respiration
In active mitochondria, electrons follow what path? Citric acid cycle to_________ to
____________ to ______________
Chemiosmotic ATP synthesis occurs in what cells and during what processes
If a cell synthesizes 30 ATP from one glucose, how many ATPs are synthesized from one
Where is the electron transport chain in prokaryotes?
Glycolysis and fermentation occur in what part of the eukaryotic cell?
Facultative anerobes
Why is glycolysis considered an early pathway in evolution?
If a person loses weight, the fat leaves the body as what compounds?
What drives ATP synthesis during oxidative phosphorylation?
Catabolic reactions release CO2 during the __________ cycle.
Products of the light reactions of photosynthesis that are used in the Calvin cycle
Cell location of Calvin cycle
Photosynthesis releases oxygen, which is released as the result of –
During the light reactions, light is absorbed and funneled to chlorophyll _____
Location of ATP synthases in the plant cell
Relationship between photosynthesis and respiration
Where is ETC found in plant cells?
If some organisms are shown to only have photosystem I, what does that tell us about evolution
of photosystems?
Function of carotenoids
When is the oxygen produced in photosynthesis?
What allowed for the accumulation of oxygen in the early atmosphere?
Location of enzymatic reactions of Calvin cycle
Primary function of the Calvin cycle
What reactions of photosynthesis require CO2?
The relationship between the products of the light reactions and the reactants of the Calvin cycle
How is G3P used?
How can CAM plants close stomata during the day?
When do plants respire?
What wavelength is most effective in driving photosynthesis?
What wavelengths of light produce best photosynthesis?
Light energy drives what initial processes in photosynthesis?
If glucose loses a hydrogen, is it oxidized or reduced?
Where is glycolysis in eukaryotic cells?
What part of respiration takes place with or without oxygen?
In respiration, what supplies the energy for ATP synthesis?
What substances are initially added to the electron transport chain in respiration?
What happens to the electrons in the ETC?
What is the final electron acceptor of the ETC in aerobic oxidative phosphorylation?
How does photosynthesis and respiration affect carbon cycling in the biosphere?

Ch. 9-10 Test Review