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1.1 The Cell is the Basic Unit of Living Things
Main Idea
Supporting Facts
-Some characteristics of living things include: __________
Living things are ________________ -Organism: any individual form of life that is capable of
from nonliving things.
_________________ and __________________.
-All organisms get _______________ and other materials
from the environment.
-Living things have the following characteristics:
1. Organization
Characteristics of Life
2. Ability to _____________ and _________________
3. Ability to respond to the ____________________
4. ______________ _________ _________________
Needs of Life
All living things are made up of
-Three necessities of that allow organisms to carry out
1. _________________
2. _________________
3. _________________ ________________
-The energy used by almost all forms of life on Earth
comes from the ______________.
-Some get it directly (plants and bacteria)
-Some get it indirectly from _____________ (humans)
-Food also provides the materials necessary for _________
and ___________________.
-The cell is the ______________ unit of a living thing,
-Unicellular: organism that is made up of a ____________
-Multicellular: organisms made up of _____________
-The needs and characteristics of a single cell in a
unicellular organism are the same as those for any
-Microscope: _______________________________________
The __________________ led to the
discovery of cells.
Cells come from other cells
The cell theory is important to the
study of _________________.
-First two people to describe cells:
1. _______________ _______________- gave the cell its
2. _______________ _________ ___________________one of the first people to describe living cells.
-One living cell ______________ into two living cells.
-Three concepts of cell theory:
1. Every living thing is made up of one or ___________
2. Cells carry out the _______________ needed to
support ______________.
3. Cells come from other living cells.
-Two reasons why theories are important:
1. _______________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________
-Bacteria: __________________________________________
Louis Pasteur
Bacteria and Spontaneous
-Developed pasteurization—heat is used to kill bacteria
-SEE P. 15 Picture of Pasteur’s experiments.

Main Idea Supporting Facts