Dr. David A. Gaitros
MCH 103
Course Specifics
 Approximately 2000+ Students
 CGS2060 (computer Fluency) ~1100
 CGS2100 (business apps) ~900
 New This term:
 CGS2060 and CGS2100 are two separate courses.
 CGS2060
Two Lectures instead of one.
New Edition of Book (Succeeding with Technologies)
No Skills Exams
Three Assignments only (No MS Access).
New Concept Exams and Tests
Course Specifics
 CGS2100
Two lectures instead of one.
New Book (Shelly Cashman Series Edition 1)
No Skills Exams
Assignment #1 MS Word (Same as CGS2060)
Assignment #2 MS Excel (Same as CGS2060)
Assignment #3 Advanced MS Excel (Student Grades)
Assignment #4 Advanced MS Excel (Business sheet)
New Concept Exams
Course Content
 2 Tests Taken in the University Center Testing Center
 No test proctors this term. Only one Testing Supervisor
(Mr. Mendez) and one test Coordinator (Ms. Belanger)
 CGS2060 (3 Assignments Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
 CGS2100 (4 Assignments Word, 3 Excel)
 All take the Syllabus quiz
 Administrative Assistant (Lauren Higbee)
 Post Announcement weekly
 Receive announcements to be posted from Dr. Gaitros
and TA Supervisors.
 Coordinate testing requirements with Test Center
working with Test Supervisor and Dr. Gaitros
 Review Blackboard site and materials for consistency
and correctness.
 Assist in Managing Blackboard sites and gradebooks.
 Testing Supervisor Manager
 Help manage Service.cs.fsu.edu/cgibin/testing system.
 Review and modify test times.
 Answer all problems concerning test issues with Test
Center and Students.
 Clear Skills test attempts if needed.
 Meet weekly
 Grading Supervisor (Jon Jenkins)
 Initial assignment of grading duties to all grading TAs.
 Produce and distribute grading criteria for
Homework Assignments
Skills tests
 Work with FSU help desk to clear homework attempts
 Also has the permissions to clear Skills Test attempts if
 Review grading progress of TAs, report problems to Dr.
 Answer emails to [email protected] and [email protected] on
issues of grading.
 Meet once a week with Dr. Gaitros
 Help Supervisors (To be assigned)
 One for CGS2060
 One for CGS2100
 Split the Help work force among them
 Assign Help TAs to a time slot.
 Make sure the TAs are attending help sessions.
 Set up Discussion Boards for each Blackboard site
 Assign all of the TAs to run one of the discussion boards.
 They are to check them everyday.
 Assign at least 6 people (including yourself ) to check
[email protected] and [email protected] for help questions.
Duties (Help Continued)
 Help Hours MCH 302 – 24 time slots
 Monday – Friday 9:30 – 5:15
 Meetings as required with Dr. Gaitros
 Help Desk TAs
 Open up MCH 302/304 and be present to assist students
 Familiarize yourself with the Syllabus, Agenda,, and
Homework Assignments.
 Review Discussion threads everyday and assist students
in anyway needed.
 Graders
 Grade Homework and Skills tests in accordance with
guidance from Grading Supervisor.
 Post grades within 14 work days of due date of
 May also participate in discussion threads.
 May also clear attempts of students on Homework
assignments only if wrong file was submitted or corrupt
First Week (Monday – Friday )
 Every TA will sign up to present the Syllabus to at least
two recitation sections.
 Sign up on the sheet provided.
 I want the first time TAs to pick their first time on
Monday or Tuesday morning (8, 9:05, or 10:10) or
Wednesday morning (8,9:05, or 10:10).
 Supervisors get their pick first
 Others, First come first serve...
 There are 52 slots – You must pick at least 2 times.
What you must do:
 Get your University Email Account (FSUID)
 Make sure you let me know what it is.
 FSUID is required to give you access to Blackboard
 Help Desk individuals must have computer access to rooms MCH 302
and MCH 304
 Go to
and register to get a login for the classrooms.
 Help Desk individuals provide me with your FSU ID Card Number for
access to MCH 302 and MCH 304
 All Teaching Assistants provide me with your FSU ID Card Number.
 Sign up to give the Syllabus Brief (At least two sessions).
What to do (continued):
New Teaching Assistants will be required to do the
homework in their assigned class before grading is
 CGS2060 (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)
 CGS2100 (MS Word, 3 MS Excel Assignments)
New TAs must take the Speak Test

Computer Fluency Teaching Assistant Meeting Spring 2010