Albert Einstein
March 14, 1879
• Albert Einstein was born
in Ulm, Germany
• Einstein saw a
wonder when he
was four or five
years old: a
magnetic compass.
• The needle's
northward swing,
guided by an
invisible force,
impressed him.
• The compass
convinced him that
there had to be
"something behind
things, something
deeply hidden."
Albert as a Student
• Einstein knew, from
then on, that he
wanted to teach math
and Science at a
University someday.
• The problem was, he
wasn’t a very good
test-taker and could
not get a job at a
University because of
• Rumor has it that he
had even failed a Math
test, but some people
question that because
of the way grades
were assigned back
• Albert Einstein
develops his
Special Theory of
• He did this while
working as a Patent
Clerk in Germany.
• He wasn’t really
even a scientist at
the time.
Einstein’s Special Theory of
• Relative to who is
watching, space
and time are
transformed near
the speed of
light: distances
appear to stretch;
and clocks tick
more slowly.
• clock
Einstein’s Special Theory of
• Einstein’s theory
meant that
Newton’s Laws
needed to be
• gravity
• Space and time are
not absolute - and
the universe we live
in is not actually the
one Newton
• spacetime
Einstein Continued his Genius
in 1905
• Einstein uses the idea
that light exists as
tiny packets, or
particles, that we now
call photons.
• His work anchors the
most shocking idea in
twentieth century
science: we live in a
universe built out of
tiny bits of energy
and matter.
Einstein Continued his Genius
in 1905
• Next, in April and May,
Einstein publishes two
• In one he invents a new
method of counting and
determining the size of
the atoms or molecules in
a given space.
• In the other he explains
the phenomenon of
Brownian motion.
• The net result is a proof
that atoms actually exist still an issue at that time.
Einstein Continued his Genius
in 1905
• And then, in June,
Einstein completes
special relativity which adds a twist
to the story: special
relativity sees light
as particles and a
continuous field of
Einstein Continued his Genius
in 1905
• And of course, Einstein
isn't finished. Later in
1905 comes the most
famous relationship in
physics: e=mc2.
• The energy content of a
body is equal to the mass
of the body times the
speed of light squared.
• At first, even Einstein
does not understand the
full implications of his
e  mc
• In 1907, Einstein
begins to apply the
laws of gravity to
his Special Theory
of Relativity.
• In 1911, he finally
gets a job as a
Professor of
Physics at the
German University.
• In 1910, Einstein
addressed a basic
question: "Why is the
sky blue?" He
approached the
problem by looking at
the effect of the
scattering of light by
individual molecules in
the atmosphere.
• In 1913, Einstein
begins work on his
new Theory of Gravity.
• Einstein completes
his General Theory
of Relativity.
• Einstein challenged
the way the world
thought about
gravity – and Sir
Isaac Newton
himself - by
describing gravity
as the warping of
space-time, not a
force acting at a
Einstein’s new Theory of
• A solar eclipse proves
Einstein right, and he
becomes an overnight
• An experiment had
confirmed that light rays
from the sun were
deflected by the gravity
of the sun in just the
amount Einstein had
predicted in his theory
of gravity, General
• Albert Einstein is awarded the Nobel
Prize "for his services to Theoretical
Physics, and especially for his discovery
of the law of the photoelectric effect"
• Einstein begins
pursuing his idea
of a unifying
theory that ties
everything in the
• Einstein and his
wife, Elsa,
escape Nazi
Germany and set
sail for the
United States.
• World War II
• Einstein writes a
now famous letter
to President
Franklin D.
Roosevelt urging
nuclear research
and warning him of
Germany’s building
of an atomic bomb.
Einstein’s Contribution
• Between 1905 to 1925,
Einstein changed the world’s
understanding of nature on
every scale, from the smallest
organism to the whole
• Now, a century after he began
to make his mark, we are still
exploring Einstein's universe.
• The problems he could not
solve remain the ones that
define the cutting edge, the
most tantalizing and
Einstein’s Contribution
• Einstein continued to his
dying days, trying to
figure out a single central
theory that explained
everything in the
• An extension of his work
has become known as
String Theory, which
says that everything in
the universe is made up
of tiny strings of energy.
April 18, 1955
• Albert
dies of
• This is a
picture of
his last
Famous Einstein Quotes
• "Anyone who has never made a
mistake has never tried
anything new."
• "If A equals success, then the
formula is: A=X+Y+Z. X is work.
Y is play. Z is keep your mouth
Thank You Mr. Einstein!