TPCASTT Poetry Analysis Form
Title: What predictions can
you make from the title? What
are your initial thoughts about
the poem? Underline the
rhyming words, if any, and
identify if the rhymes are exact
or slant. If there is end rhyme,
identify the rhyme scheme.
Paraphrase: Summarize
each stanza of the poem.
Connotation: What is the
connotative meaning of the
poem? Find examples of
imagery, metaphors, similes,
etc. and elaborate on their
connotative meanings.
Highlight the words and
phrases that evoke powerful
imagery and explain what the
imagery is meant to show.
Identify and discuss 3
additional poetic devices (use
the poetry terms handout) in
the poem. Put a checkmark
above each example of a
symbol you find.
Attitude: What attitude does
the poet have toward the
subject of the poem? Identify
the tone of the poem and write
a sentence using the words and
phrases from the poem that
support your answer. Make
sure you choose specific tone
Shift: Is there a shift in the
tone/attitude of the poem?
Where is the shift? Be very
specific and identify the kind
of tone that the poem shifts
FROM and the tone it shifts
Title: Revisit the title and
explain any new insights it
provides to the meaning of the
poem. Did you correctly
predict what the poem was
going to be about? If not, why
did you predict what you did
and where did you realize the
Theme: What is the overall
theme of the poem?

TPCASTT Poetry Analysis Form