Internet Investment Download Module
for Relius Administration 7.0
Installation and Configuration
November 1, 2001
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Overview ................................................................................................1
Installation and Environment Considerations ........................................2
Performing the Program Installation ......................................................5
Installing Oracle Client (If Necessary) .................................................10
Installing MDAC and Restarting the Workstation ...............................13
Running the Investment Download......................................................15
Appendix A
System Requirements ...........................................................................17
Appendix B
Windows Me Considerations ...............................................................18
This document covers only the Internet Investment Download feature for Relius Administration
7.0. To install Relius Administration 7.0, please refer to the Relius Administration 7.0
Installation and Configuration document. All references to the Relius Administration 7.0
Internet Investment Download Module will be hereinafter called “Investment Download.”
The installation of the Investment Download involves the following basic procedures:
Read and understand the entire document before beginning.
Connect to the Internet and install Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01.
Install the Investment Download.
Install the Oracle Client and MDAC (if necessary).
Run the Investment Download.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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Installation and Environment Considerations
Program File Location
Program files are installed to C:\Program Files\Relius\Admin. Sungard Corbel strongly
recommends using the defaults. However, if system configurations require, you may use
another local drive letter, using the same directory structure. Relius Administration
cannot be installed to a network. You will need your 6-character client ID (ABC123
format) and the TCP/IP address of your database server (if applicable) before beginning.
Installation Methods
Relius Administration is only available on CD-ROM. A local CD-ROM drive is
recommended and supported. Each workstation will require access to a local CD-ROM
drive. Other methods of installing (network volumes, “push” or “ghost” technology,
Z.E.N. Works, Zip Drives, etc.) are neither supported nor recommended.
If a remote, shared CD-ROM drive is used to install the software, it must be mapped with
a drive letter assigned. Running the Relius Administration 7.0 SETUP.EXE from a CDROM accessed by browsing with Network Neighborhood will fail.
Software fixes via Internet
Fixes and support files are distributed via the web at Users
must have Internet capability to receive these fixes. Visit our web site and click
“subscribe” ( to receive
notification of new fixes by e-mail. Sungard Corbel does not send patches and updates
through the mail, and we strongly urge all users to subscribe to this service. Updated
documents can be obtained at
Virus Scanners
Some virus scanners are incompatible with the installation program. If these programs
are active, they can interfere with successful installation. Symptoms include an error
message stating that a file cannot be overwritten (such as RICHED20.DLL or
RICHED32.DLL). Disable them by right clicking on the icons (in the system tray on the
right side of the taskbar) and choosing Exit before starting the installer.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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Windows NT Workstation/Windows 2000 Professional Considerations
Responsibility for support of problems and issues related to Relius Administration 7.0
running in a locked-down security configuration is that of the end user. Certain
circumstances may require billing on a time and material basis. Sungard Corbel cannot
guarantee that Relius Administration 7.0 will install or operate properly on any given
locked-down security configuration. Relius Administration 7.0 is certified and supported
only when run on the default Windows NT/2000 security settings.
The Windows NT/2000 Administrator (or a user with equivalent Administrator rights)
must run the installation.
Unsupported Operating Systems
Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11, and Windows 95 are no longer supported. For a list of
supported operating systems and configurations, see Appendix A. Operating systems
must be installed to the local hard drive of each workstation. Diskless workstations and
operating systems that run from the network are not supported.
Hardware and Software Requirements
All hardware requirements are specified in Appendix A of this document.
Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation with Service Pack 6a or
greater, or Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 2 or greater. (Windows 98
and Me systems should have the most recent patches and Y2K fixes installed. See for more information.) Windows NT 4.0 must have
Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater installed.
Personal Oracle database or Oracle Workgroup Server 8.1.7R3 pre-installed.
Appropriate printer driver (HP LaserJet III or greater).
TCP/IP Network Protocol for multi-user systems. TCP/IP must have a static IP
address on the database server. SPX is no longer supported by Oracle; for that reason,
SPX is no longer an option for a network protocol.
Minimum video resolution of 800 x 600 with 256 colors.
Workstations already running Relius Administration must be at version 7.0 prior to
this installation.
Windows Me Considerations
Users of Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me) attaching to a multi-user Oracle 8i
database need to read Appendix B before beginning.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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Environment PATH Issues
The Oracle Installer places C:\ORAWIN95 or C:\ORANT in the environment variable
known as the “path” (substitute D: or E: for your local hard drive). This variable is
required for Oracle to function. In Windows NT, the path is set in the system’s registry.
In Windows 95 or Windows 98, the path is set in AUTOEXEC.BAT. Several
circumstances may cause Oracle to be missing from the path after re-booting:
More than one path statement in AUTOEXEC.BAT. Edit AUTOEXEC.BAT
manually and combine all path statements.
Network login script changing the path. Your Network Administrator will need to
edit your login script to include C:\ORAWIN95 or C:\ORANT.
“Call” batch files changing the path. Manually edit the called path statement.
Consider editing the called batch file to use the below example:
The @ symbol in the path statement. Manually edit AUTOEXEC.BAT and remove
the symbol.
Too many parameters in the path. Either remove redundant or unnecessary path
statements from AUTOEXEC.BAT or change your environment space. In
CONFIG.SYS, consider using the below line (adjusting the /E: switch accordingly):
If Windows will not launch after installing Relius Administration 7.0, the path may need
Network Protocol
Oracle no longer supports the SPX protocol. TCP/IP is the only protocol supported by
Sungard Corbel. The database server must have a static TCP/IP address. Workstations
can have a TCP/IP address automatically assigned, but Sungard Corbel recommends
static TCP/IP addresses on the workstation. For more information, please see visit or
see your network administrator. You will need to enter the TCP/IP address of the
database server during the installation.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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Performing the Program Installation
Pre-installation Notes:
This installation is valid for Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows NT 4.0
Workstation, and Windows 2000 Professional. All references to “Windows,”
unless otherwise noted, are also valid for the above named operating systems.
Run Scandisk or CHKDSK to check the integrity of your hard drive and have any
problems resolved before installing this release.
Be sure no screen saver will become active during the installation. Sungard
Corbel discourages the use of screen savers whenever running Relius
Administration or the Installer.
Many support files will be installed to the “System” directory, normally
The installation process takes approximately ½ hour to complete.
You can connect your Investment Download to the Internet using the Internet
Service Provider (ISP) of your choice. Sungard Corbel does not recommend or
endorse any particular provider. Your Technology Representative can review
your ISP’s requirements if you prefer. Please call 1-800-326-7235, Option 3 for
more information.
Before installing this software, you must have Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or
greater installed. The Investment Download requires certain components of
Explorer. Running Netscape will not cripple the Investment Download, but the
Investment Download will not work without IE 5.5 or greater.
Remove any icons or shortcuts from the StartUp folder. Additionally, programs that are
set to launch when Windows is started can also be specified in C:\WINDOWS\WIN.INI.
Please edit this file using Notepad. Temporarily remark the entries RUN= and LOAD=
by placing a semi-colon (“;”) in front of the line (if programs are specified), then Save
and Exit the WIN.INI file. Example of remark:
Re-start the computer. Windows or other programs may have locked some files that need
to be overwritten during the upgrade process.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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Temporarily disable all virus protection.
Insert the “Relius Administration 7.0 Investment Download” CD into your CD-ROM
From the Windows desktop, click on Start, then Run and type D:\Setup in the command
box, substituting D: with the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive, then click OK.
The Investment Download 6.0 “Welcome” screen appears. Please note that all open
programs need to be closed at this time. Click Next to continue.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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The Select Installation Type screen appears. If your database is on an Oracle
Database Server on your network, click Workstation. If your database
is a Personal Oracle Database installed on a local hard drive, click
Stand Alone.
Important note: You must choose the correct type of installation. If you choose
Workstation when you meant to choose Stand Alone (or vice-versa), Relius
Administration will not launch. The only solution is to uninstall and reinstall.
You will be prompted to enter your Client ID. Please type in your Client ID and click
Next to continue.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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The Choose Destination Location screen will appear. Sungard Corbel strongly
recommends the default location, C:\Program Files\Relius\Admin. Click Next to
The Select Program Folder screen will appear. Depending on the user, the icons may be
placed in a folder other than the default, Admin. Keep the default or select the Program
Folder you would like the icons to appear and click Next to continue. (Users can copy
icons to other locations, including the desktop, after the installation is complete.)
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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The installation program will begin copying and registering program files to the
appropriate locations.
If the workstation has been configured to run Relius Administration 7.0, please skip to
Section 5. Otherwise, the installation of the Oracle Client will begin immediately. See
Section 4.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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Installing Oracle Client (If Necessary)
If necessary, the Oracle Client installation will start automatically. There may be a
slight delay between screens. Do not interrupt the process.
Enter the path of the “Destination,” which will default to the local drive with the largest
amount of free space. Sungard Corbel requires C:\ORACLE\ORA81 if space is available
(about 150 MB). Click Next when ready.
The Product List will then load. This may take several minutes. Do not interrupt.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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A flood bar will appear at the top-right corner of the Oracle Universal Installer screen.
This shows the progress of the installation program preparing to copy files. Do not
interrupt this process or click any buttons.
Files will begin installing to your hard drive. This process takes several minutes to
complete. Do not interrupt the process.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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When the Oracle installation is complete, you will see one of the screens below – or one
similar to it. If prompted, note that you need to re-boot the computer when the entire
installation process is finished. The computer will not reboot at this time, and you should
not reboot manually. The Relius Administration 7.0 installation is not yet complete.
Click Exit. Proceed to Section 5. Do not re-boot at this time.
Win 98/Win Me
Win NT/Win 2000
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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Installing MDAC and Restarting the Workstation
PCs with Relius Administration 7.0 pre-installed may see the screen below. The version
of MDAC that is delivered with Relius Administration 7.0 is identical to the version
being installed by the Investment Download installer. There is no harm in clicking Yes,
but it is unnecessary. Click No to continue.
If you click No, the installation will continue to Step 5.4.
If MDAC is not already installed, it will install in the background. Do not interrupt
this process, as it takes some time to finish.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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New, multi-user PCs running TCP/IP (where Relius Administration and Oracle have not
been installed) need to enter the TCP/IP address of their database server. If you are
unsure of the TCP/IP address of your database server, see your Database Administrator or
Network Administrator.
The final screen will look like the one below. Be sure “Yes, I want to restart my
computer now” is chosen and click Finish. Your workstation will shut down all
applications and restart.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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Running the Investment Download
Each fund that is to be updated will need to be edited within Relius Administration before
receiving their prices.
From the main Relius Administration menu, click Data Entry | Investment Options |
Investment Table.
Choose the appropriate fund and click the Edit tab.
Check Import prices from Corbel and save the fund.
Repeat this step for each fund that will receive price updates from the Investment
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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Close the Investment Table and Exit Relius Administration.
Click Start | Programs | Relius | Admin | Investment Download. The below screen will
Enter your Client ID and the “To” and “From” dates for the prices you desire. You can
also set the dates by the number of days prior to today.
Check Keep form open after download to enable you to view the results.
Check Generate report to file to create a text file for archiving. An example of a file
generated on September 27, 2001, would be named DNLD09272001.TXT.
Click Retrieve. The prices will be retrieved from Sungard Corbel’s web site. Do not
interrupt the process. When finished, the status bar will display “Done.”
Re-open Relius Administration and the Investment Table to see if the selected funds have
been updated.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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Appendix A System Requirements
Relius Administration 7.0 Workstation
Hardware Requirements
Although system requirements vary from client to client, the following is a list of basic
requirements. Your requirements may change based on the number of participants accessing
your Web Server, Internet connection speed, security, safety, etc.
Pentium III 500 or greater
128 MB RAM
4 GB Hard Drive
Minimum SVGA Video Resolution of 800 x 600 with 256 colors
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000 Pro
Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
Windows Compatible Mouse
Free Disk Space: A minimum of 500 MB of free disk space on the drive where program files
are to be located is recommended. Single-User systems require an additional 1 GB of free space
on drive C:, D:, or E:.
Note: Windows Me and Windows 2000 Pro are now supported with Relius Administration
7.0. Windows 95 is no longer supported.
Note: Windows must be installed on the local C: drive of the workstation. Operation of
Relius Administration with Windows run from a local hard drive other than C: or
run from a network drive is not supported. In all cases, Windows be run from
Most Windows compatible laser printers will work. Sungard Corbel highly recommends the
Hewlett Packard LaserJet Series III printers or newer. These printers are fully supported by
Windows, Novell, and most all other software available on the market. For plans with large
numbers of participants you will need to consider printer duty cycle, print speed, turnaround
times, etc.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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Appendix B Windows Me Considerations (Multi-User Only)
Users of Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me) need to consider several factors when
installing and running Relius Administration 7.0.
Windows Me is primarily used for home computer systems. It is a multimedia, internet-ready
operating system that does not necessarily give users complete business-ready operating power.
Because of this, certain adjustments need to be made to a system after Relius Administration has
been installed.
Windows Me has built-in protection software that enables users to recover from faulty
installations, inadvertent or mistaken changes to configurations, and outdated files that are
incompatible with the most recent operating system software. If upgrading from Quantech 6.0
multi-user, the Windows “protection” system does not allow the Relius Administration installer
to remove C:\ORAWIN95 from the path. You must manually edit this. If a multi-user system,
follow the below guidelines to remove this variable from your environment after installing Relius
Administration 7.0. Single-User systems running Personal Oracle 7 (standalone) will not
need to be edited.
Click Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Information. The “Help and
Support” screen will appear. This screen may take a while to refresh.
Click Tools | System Configuration Utility. Click OK if you receive the message below.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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At the System Configuration Utility screen, click the “Environment” tab and double click
Manually edit the “Variable Value” by removing C:\ORAWIN95, if it exists. Click OK
when finished.
You will be prompted to re-boot. Click Yes. The system should restart shortly.
RA 7.0 Investment Download
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