Mr. Lawrence
Western Civ.
Medieval Europe Study Guide
Chapters 13 and 14
1.) What are the Dark Ages and why do we call them the Dark Ages?
2.) What were your two choices as Leaders in the Dark Ages?
3.) Describe these aspects of Germanic Culture
The Bloodfeud
The Wergeld
The Ordeal (What were some of the different kinds of Ordeals, what role did the
Church play in these)
4.) What are some of the problems with turning to the Church after the fall of the Roman
Chapter 13 Section 1
5.) What was lost during the Dark Ages and Why?
6.) Who is King Clovis and what did he do?
7.) Who is Gregory the Great and what did he declare himself?
Mr. Lawrence
Western Civ.
8.) Who is Charlemagne and what did he become?
Chapter 13 Section 2
9.) What are the two things that caused Feudalism?
10.) Describe the Pagan invasions, what did they do to Europe? How did the people react
to them?
11.) What is Lord Vassal Relationship? What is Fief Holding?
12.) How did the Feudal System Work? What did people owe each other?
13.) Who was at the bottom of the Feudal System and how where they abused?
14.) What problems came out of Feudalism?
15.) What were some of the things expected of Lord and Vassals? What were
Lords/Knights expected to do with all their free time?
Mr. Lawrence
Western Civ.
Chapter 13 Section 3
16.) What is Knighthood and Chivalry?
17.) What are the five Qualities of a Chivalrous Knight?
18.) Why was Glory so important?
19.) How did one become a Knight?
20.) What is Dubbing and what two things did it Signify?
21.) What is Heraldry and Courtly Love?
Chapter 13 Section 4
22.) What were the two types of power in the Medieval World?
Mr. Lawrence
Western Civ.
23.) What is the Clergy?
24.) Who were the most devoted Christians in Europe, why?
25.) What is Canon Law and how could the church punish those who broke that law?
26.) What is the Holy Roman Empire?
27.) What did the Church try to do with Knighthood? What is Religious Chivalry?
28.) What is the Peace and Truce of God?
Chapter 14 Section 1
29.) Who called for the Crusades and Why?
Mr. Lawrence
Western Civ.
30.) Why did Knights Crusade?
31.) What role did Religious Chivalry Play in the Crusades?
32.) What did the Phrase “God Wills It” mean to Crusaders?
33.) What happened to the Later Crusades?
34.) What is the Legacy of the Crusades?
Chapter 14 Sections 3 and 4
35.) What happened to European Governments after the Crusades?
36.) What is Nationalism?
37.) Who is William the Conqueror
Mr. Lawrence
Western Civ.
38.) What is Capetian Dynasty?
39.) What is the Hundred Years War and what caused it?
40.) What are the effects of the One Hundred Years War?
Written Section:
Identifications: Two will be on the test, answer the three questions
Who or What it is
One Fact
Why this thing is important
100 Hundred Years War
Religious Chivalry
Essay Question: One of these will be on the test for nine points. Use specific terms
and examples from class when answering the question.
1.) What is Knighthood and Chivalry? What role did Knighthood play in Feudalism
and the Crusades?
2.) Why were the Church and State competing during the middle ages? How did the
Church govern Europe? How did the State govern Europe?

Medieval Europe Study Guide