Annual Drama Competition draws a big crowd
It was a total full house at Taylors Inter Program Drama Competition Finals
which was organized by Taylors very own Society of Performing Arts (SPA).
The competition which was held in Taylors Subang Jaya University College’s
Multi Purpose Hall (MPH) was packed to the brim about 250 people present. The crowd
was made up mainly of students and parents.
“I’m glad that so many people attended and not only the students but parents as
well,” said Ng Wai Min, President of SPA. “I hope this will help promote this event and
bring more participants as well as a bigger crowd,” said Dr. Vijaya, teacher advisor to
The competition was held in a space of one week. The preliminaries were held on
March 19th and 20th from 4pm to 6.30pm in Taylors American Degree Program’s (ADP)
Purple Box which is their very own acting theater, in which a total of six teams
performed each day with three teams progressing to the finals.
The finals were held on the 23rd of March from 7.30pm to 11pm.
The judges for the competition were Mrs. Joanna Bessy and Mr Edwin Sumun,
who are both known for their work with Actors Studio, and Mrs. Shantini Venugopal
who is a lecturer from ADP.
There were three eventual winners. 3rd place went to a girl performing a monolog
from the South Australian Matriculation (SAM) program. 2nd place went to a team from
ADP and 1st place went to a team from the Mass Communication program.
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Annual Drama Competition Draws a big crowd