Environment Protection Authority
Science and Assessment Division
Title of Position:
Adviser, Site Contamination
Remuneration Level: PO2
Position Number:
Career Group:
Position Created:
October 2006
Date Position Last Updated: November 2011
Type of Appointment:
Temporary Contract
End Date:
1-5 Year Contract
End Date:
Casual Contract
Hours Per Week:
Part Time
Hours Per Week:
All excluding Executive Positions
CE or Delegate
Executive Positions
Commissioner for Public Employment
1. Summary of the broad purpose of the position, and its responsibilities/duties (Its
expected outcome and how it is achieved).
The Adviser, Site Contamination is a member of the Site Contamination Branch under the
leadership of the Manager Site Contamination. The Adviser is responsible for the provision
of professional advice, undertaking various projects, investigations and assignments and
providing associated administrative support on issues relating to site contamination and
associated statutory requirements under the Environment Protection Act 1993.
Revised by AW Pruszinski 8 November 2011
2. Reporting/Working Relationships (To whom the position reports, staff for whom
the person is responsible, and other significant connections and working
relationships within the organisation).
The Adviser, Site Contamination operates under limited supervision and reports to the
Manager Site Contamination. The occupant may be required to undertake projects
individually, or as a leader or member of a multi disciplinary project team.
3. Special Conditions (Such as non-metropolitan location, travel requirements,
frequent overtime, etc).
The occupant may be required to work outside of normal working hours and
undertake some intrastate/interstate travel requiring overnight absences.
The maintenance of a current driver’s licence is essential.
The EPA is a smoke free work place.
The EPA is committed to reducing its energy usage and contributing to the SA
Government’s greenhouse gas emission targets.
4. Statement of Key Outcomes/Activities
(Group into major
responsibility/activity and list in descending order of importance).
Contribute to the attainment of Environment Protection Authority objectives,
particularly in relation to the protection, restoration and enhancement of the
environment with regard to site contamination by:
Undertaking as a team member or individually, various projects, investigations
and assignments related to the assessment, remediation and management of site
contamination in South Australia;
Assessing and interpreting site assessment reports relating to site contamination
and site audit reports issued by Site Contamination Auditors;
Providing specialist advice on issues relating to the assessment, remediation and
management of contaminated groundwater and/or other specialised areas
associated with site contamination;
Assist in implementing the National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site
Contamination) Measure, EPA policies and guidelines for the assessment,
remediation and management of site contamination;
Developing, reviewing and improving technical guidelines, policy documents and
other publications;
Revised by AW Pruszinski 8 November 2011
Providing advice and information to the Authority, other members of the EPA,
planning authorities, land owners/occupiers and developers and the community in
relation to site contamination;
Consulting and liaison with other Environment Protection Authorities (or
equivalent bodies) in other States and elsewhere as required;
Contributing to the administration of recording systems and procedures in relation
to information on site contamination on the Public Register and Section 7 of the
Land and Business (Sale & Conveyancing) Act and other means;
Assisting with assessing development applications, planning amendment reports,
environmental impacts statements and environment improvement plans with
respect to site contamination issues;
Assessing and implementing improved methods, procedures and technologies for
the assessment, remediation and management of site contamination
Contribute to the enforcement of the Environment Protection Act as an Authorised
Officer by coordinating licences and inspecting environmentally significant activities
and, where necessary, taking evidence, recommending the serving of Environment
Protection Orders, or recommending prosecutions and making court appearances;
Assist in the effective use of resources by complying with Government and EPA
systems, policies and procedures.
Contribute to the application of good human resource management practices by:
Complying with Government and EPA human resource management policies and
procedures and Code of Conduct;
Complying with the requirements for employees as specified in the EPA
Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare, and Injury Management Roles and
Responsibilities Policy; and
Actively participating in the EPA’s Performance and Development Review
Acknowledged by Occupant: ……………………………………………….
Revised by AW Pruszinski 8 November 2011
fulfil the position)
(Those characteristics considered necessary to
Educational/Vocational Qualifications (Includes only those listed in PSM Act Direction 5
as an essential qualification for the specified career streams)
Professional Engineer or a degree in Environmental Science or related discipline.
Personal Abilities/Aptitude/Skills (Related to the job description and expressed in a
way which allows objective assessment)
Well developed oral and written communication skills, including the ability to provide
concise technical reports/information to multi-disciplinary groups from a wide range
of private and public agencies;
Proven ability to work effectively with limited direction as a team member and, on
occasion, as team leader;
Proven ability to achieve work programs within prescribed deadlines;
Proven ability to identify and apply appropriate scientific tools and approaches to
problem solving.
Ability to effectively use work-related resources and information in accordance with
organisational policies, procedures and guidelines
Experience (including community experience)
Proven experience in undertaking assessment, remediation and management of sites.
Proven experience and very good working knowledge of two or more of the following
the design, methodology, and undertaking, of soil and groundwater sampling,
assessment and interpretation – with respect to site contamination;
the design, implementation and assessment of quality control/assessment
procedures– with respect to site contamination;
the assessment and interpretation of chemical analytical data– with respect to site
contaminant fate and transport and assessment of exposure pathways and risk;
current remediation methods and technologies and knowledge of new and evolving
remediation technologies;
Experience in risk communication in relation to site contamination.
Sound knowledge of site contamination and related issues;
Knowledge of State and National guidelines for soil and waters;
Revised by AW Pruszinski 8 November 2011
essential requirements)
(To distinguish between applicants who have met all
Educational/Vocational Qualifications
responsibilities of the position)
(Considered to be useful in carrying out the
Postgraduate studies in a related discipline and/or extensive proven experience,
particularly in regard to the assessment, remediation and management of
contaminated groundwater or other specialised areas associated with site
Occupational Health and Safety Training in relation to site contamination issues.
Personal Abilities/Aptitude/Skills
Understanding of the operations of the Environment Protection Authority.
Basic knowledge of public sector requirements for ethical conduct, Occupational
Health, Safety & Welfare, Diversity in the Workplace, Equal Employment Opportunity
and Performance Management
Revised by AW Pruszinski 8 November 2011

Job & person Spec - non-supervisory