#2 History Bk 16-20 The Age of Hellenism, part 1
1. Look back on p. 6 at the time line. When was the First Temple built (who built it?)
When was the Second Built? How many years was the Second Temple standing when
Alexander the Great conquered Jerusalem?
2. What did the Greeks (and later, the Romans) call Judah? What other signs of
Hellenistic culture were there?
3. Why do you think Hellenism caught on faster in the cities than in the countryside?
What signs of American culture do you see all around you? What is one way that it
differs from Jewish culture?
4. What happened to Alexander’s empire after he died? Who was in charge of Egypt and
Judea at first? What helped keep Jews who moved to Egypt together?
5. After years of speaking Greek, people began to forget Hebrew. How did Jews learn the
stories and lessons from the Torah? Why didn’t all Jews use this idea?
6. There were different ways that Jewish people reacted to Greek culture. Tell about 3.
What do you thik you would have chosen?
7. Use the Key Words and Places in sentences that show that you know what they mean.
#3: HISTORY bk complete chapter on Greek influence.
1. Who was the general in charge of Syria? When did his army finally conquer Judea?
2. What was Judea called before it got that name (look back to the beginning of the
3. Describe the argument between Onias and Jason. Which one would you have
4. Who was Antiochus Epiphanes and what made the Judeans angry with him?
5. What did Jason do and what was wrong with this? What happened to Jason?
6. Read and do: p. 22 or p. 23
7. What was Antiochus’ reaction to the civil war? When he entered the Holy of Holies
after looting the Temple, what do you think he found?
8. What were some of the laws that Antiochus made against the Jews? What did the Jews
9. What advantage did Mattathias and his fighters have? What disadvantage?
10. What does “Maccabee” mean?
11. When did the Maccabees recapture the Temple? What did they do next?
12. When did the Hasmonean family finally win freedom from the Seleucids? How long
did that war last all together?
13. What are 2 reasons that Chanukah is celebrated for 8 days?
14. After the war, who was the leader of the Jews? What was his title? Do you think he
should have taken this title? How did his choice influence his grandson? How did the
descendants of the Maccabees handle the challenge of Hellenism?
15. p. 27 1 or 2