Othello Act Two Questions
Act II, Scene I
1. What happened to the Turkish army?
2. How is Othello viewed in Cyprus? How do you know?
3. How does Cassio feel about Othello? How do you know?
4. How does Cassio feel about Desdemona? How do you know?
5. Compare the way that Cassio greets Desdemona with the way Iago greets his own wife
6. Outline Iago’s plan for Cassio.
7. What two things does Iago reveal in his final soliloquy?
Act I, Scene II
1. What is the point in this scene?
Act, Scene III
1. How does Othello feel about Iago? How do you know?
2. What do you think the line “Come, my dear love, \ The purchase made, the fruits are to
ensue \ That profit’s yet to come ‘tween me and you.” means? Why is this important?
3. Why does Cassio refuse to drink with Iago? How does he convince him?
4. What does Iago tell Montano after Cassio exits?
5. This scene shows us Othello’s anger for the first time. When and why is he angry?
6. What “truth” does Iago tell Othello?
7. What action does Othello take against Cassio?
8. What upsets Cassio more than anything?
9. What is Iago’s reaction to this?
10. What does Iago convince Cassio to do to make peace with Othello and how does he
convince him to do it?
11. What does Iago reveal when is on stage alone in lines 331-357?
Make a list of all of Iago’s plots.
How and why does he plan to get revenge on Othello?
How and why did he get Cassio in trouble?