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Odyssey notes #4
(muses – Story of Trojan war)
The Iliad and the Odyssey are epic poems that were recited in front of _______________________
Both ______________ by invoking the Muses.
Muses are the goddesses of _________________, ________________and _______________, and the
source of inspiration to poets.
They remember all ________________.
Before The Trojan War
Odysseus was married to _____________________and they had a toddler son, Telemachus
Odysseus was called to war against Troy, as ruler of _____________, he was bound by treaty to go
– He did not want to go
– He even pretended to be __________________
The Trojan War
Trojan War sparked when Paris, prince of _________, ran off with Helen, wife of Menelaus of Sparta.
King Agamemnon, Menelaus’ _______________, attacks Troy.
The hero of the story is Achilles
• “_______________________________”- person’s vulnerable spot or area
• Achilles’ mother dipped him in the Styx River to make him immortal. She held him by the heel,
thus leaving that one area weak and still mortal. When an arrow is shot into his heel; he dies.
Odysseus was one of the most influential Greek champions during the Trojan War.
• A man of reasoning, self-control and a solid _________________.
How It All Started…
Eris: Goddess of Discord
– Threw the Apple of Discord into a wedding dance (that she wasn’t invited to) with a tag that
read “___________ ___________ ___________________.”
Aphrodite, Hera, Athena all fought over who was the fairest and asked _______________ to judge
Zeus demanded _________________, prince of Troy and most beautiful man alive, to judge
Paris’ Involvement
Each Goddess made their own promise to Paris if he would pick her
– Athena promised…______________________________________________________________
– Hera promised…_______________________________________________________________
– Aphrodite promised…___________________________________________________________
Meanwhile Back In Greece…
Helen has married Menelaus and they both rule over __________________.
– Helen’s father, King Tyndareus, warned all of punishment to anyone who disrupted the
– Aphrodite led Paris to Sparta for a visit.
– Menelaus and Helen were very welcoming to him.
– Menelaus left for a ________________ trip to Crete.
– Paris went back to Troy with ______________.
Meeting of the Greeks
Kings of Greece:
– Menelaus (married to Helen) (of Sparta)
– Agamemnon (married to Clytemnestra) (of Mycenae)
– Nestor (of Pylos)
– Odysseus (married to Penelope) (of Ithaca)
– Achilles (of Phthia)
________________ called gathering
– Previous ________________ of Helen that made oath to defend her
– Many men didn’t want to go to war
• ___________________: faked insanity but was uncovered
• ___________________: wasn’t a suitor but was called to fight because of a superstition
in overcoming Troy
“The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships”
The thousand ships refer to the Greek troops that set sail from Aulis to Troy to retrieve Helen
A strong wind held the ships back because ________________ was angry. The only way to make it up
to her was by sacrificing Iphigenia.
o Iphigenia was Agamemnon’s oldest ______________________.
The oracle claimed that the first person to arrive on the shores of Troy would be the first to die in
WHOSE FACE LAUNCHED 1,000 SHIPS? ANSWER:________________________
The Trojan Horse
The siege of Troy ended when the Greeks pretended to depart, leaving a giant wooden
______________ behind.
Thinking that they had won the war, the Trojans dragged the horse inside the ____________ of their
That night, the Greek warriors who had __________________ within the hollow horse crept out and
opened the city gates to heir waiting comrades, who then entered the city.
______________________ is credited with coming up with the idea
After _______ years, the Greeks won the war against Troy.

Name: Date: P.______ Odyssey notes #4 (muses – Story of Trojan