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Office Hours: Tu & Th: 8:30-9:15 or appt.
Ileana Gross
Office: Plaza 118-J
Phone: 303-556-5664 Fax:303-556-6038
[email protected]
 Puntos de Partida. Dorwick/Pérez Girones, Mc Graw Hill, 9th edition ISBN: 978-0-07338541-9 (stand alone)
 Workbook/Laboratory Manual. Volume 9, V.1 & V.2; Connect Plus and Learnsmart
(stand alone)
ISBN: 9780077511746
 Supplementary Materials, to accompany Puntos de Partida, 9th edition (Foerster,
Miller) ISBN: 9780078040009 (not included in package-sold individually)
Package Option: 9780077606312 – Puntos textbook, Connect Plus Spanish, Learnsmart, wk/lm v.1, wk/lm v.2
/ (Package) (expensive option)
SPAN 1010: Puntos de Partida Volume 1 which includes the ConnectPlus
ISBN Puntos de partida 9th edition with Connect Plus (cheaper option)
**You still need to get the Supplementary Materials book as well.
Tentative Calendar:
Capitulo 1: Ante Todo
Expresiones(4-5), Cognados, Alfabeto(7), Vocales (18),
Pronombres(38), Ser(to be)(9)(72-solo conjugación). Adjetivos y
Cognados (8)
Género (masculino y femenino(33) Número (singular y plural(36)
Gustar (me/te/le/nos/les(14)) Verbos (15) Números (12) Hay
(there is/there are-13) Artículos (33) Estar (44) Taréa: handouts y
Practica y repaso
Destinos 1-2
La hora(16) Los días de la semana(132)
Repaso (pronombres, ser, género) Palabras Interrogativas (30)
Capítulo 2
La clase (26-29) Verbos-AR(39)
Taréa: workbook y handouts
Destinos 3
Repaso y práctica
Destinos 4
QUIZ # 1
Capítulo 3
La familia(60), Adjetivos(64), Números (62)
Verbos –ER/IR (80) Verbo IR (116)
Destinos 5
Ser(72), posesivos(77-79)
Destinos 7
Capitulo 4: Ropa y los colores(98-101) números (103), adjetivos
demostrativos (107) Verbos (111-113): tener, venir, preferir,
querer, poder, y tener que + infinitivo. Ir + a (116)
Destinos 8
Lab Work –Hacer práctica asignada del website
Quiz # 2
Repaso y Handouts del capitulo 4
Destinos 9
Composición # 1—P.51
Capitulo 5- vocabulario (130-133), meses y fechas (166)
Preposiciones (134), verbos de cambio de raiz (136-138;142144)
Reflexivos (147-149)
Handouts y workbook
Destinos 10
Reflexivos, handouts y workbook. Repaso para el Midterm
Capítulo 6
El tiempo (164). Preposiciones (168)
Presente progresivo (170-172)
Destinos 12
Handouts y Práctica. Ser y estar (175-177)
Comparaciones (182-185)
Repaso y práctica.
Composición # 2-- p. 84
Destinos 13
Capítulo 7: Comidas (200-201)
Los verbos Saber y Conocer(203)
Objeto Directo (206-208), palabras negativas (212-213)
Objeto directo. Repaso, practica, handouts
Objeto Indirecto (238-240)
Destinos 14
Dar y decir (240), gustar(243-244)
Objeto indirecto y directo (279-280)
Destinos 15
Más practica de od y oi
Workbook y handouts
Capítulo 9 (232-234), Capitulo 9 vocabulario (266-269)
Destinos 16
Pretérito (248-250) Pretérito (271-272;275-276)
Pretérito, práctica y handouts.
Composición #3—p.119
Destinos 17
Semana de exámenes finales
Course Overview:
SPANISH 1010 is the first of a 2 course sequence which fulfills the foreign language requirement in the College of
Liberal Arts and Sciences at UCD. Each of the two courses in this sequence (Span 1010 & 1020) must be completed
with a C or better to fulfill the language requirement.
A student may not enroll in a lower-division course that is below his/her level of language proficiency. Students wishing
to enroll in a lower-division course that does not directly follow their last completed course in the regular sequence must
consult with an appropriate faculty member of the Department of Modern Languages prior to enrollment. Students who
have achieved some proficiency in a foreign language through other means than academic courses must also consult with
an appropriate faculty member of the Department of Modern Languages prior to enrollment. Please call 303-556-4893 for
further information.
To build basic competency in speaking, reading, listening and writing; to develop a broad knowledge of
Hispanic culture. Chapter objectives include describing physical and personality traits; expressing
likes and dislikes; describing physical, emotional, mental, and other states and conditions; describing routines
and customary activities in the present and the past; talking about future plans. Listening and speaking practice
in class, along with some CDs, will assist the development of your speaking and listening skills.
Our approach will be largely communicative; that is, we will speak only Spanish in the classroom and class
time will be devoted to improving communication skills.
Attendance Policy:
Your attendance and active participation in classroom activities is an integral part of a successful experience in
this course. Therefore, if you are not in class, you can not participate. After 3 absences, your total grade will go
down half a point for each absence you obtain. Afer 6 absences, justified or not, the student automatically
fails the class.
Grade Distribution:
Instructor Evaluation—30% (Attendance 5, Homework 5, Connect 5, Lab 5, Participation 10)
Grading Scale:
97 suggested, although left to individual instructor's discretion, as the registrar will NOT record an A+. .
93-96.9 (if you use the 97% A+)
Below 60
Learning a foreign language is more than memorizing grammar rules and vocabulary. Your goal is to actually
understand and use the language for communication, and this like any skill, requires a great deal of practice.
Therefore, students must prepare and complete on time all assignments. You are responsible for all material
listed on the syllabus.
**NO late homework will be accepted, as well as No make ups are given, so make sure that you are going
to be present for the quizzes and the exams.
Language Lab:
Every student has to go to the lab every week. You can watch the soap opera “Destinos”, do Internet research,
do The Language Troubleshooter, or do the Lab Workbook exercises for your lab credit. The Destinos material
will count as extra credit in the tests. I also have a web page with links to different countries and different
things dealing with Spanish. It could help you practice your Spanish and you could see real life uses of it.
The language lab is open to all UCD modern language students. You need your student ID. The lab has many tutorial
programs and media materials that can help you. Please visit. It is located in Plaza 115.
Web Page Address:
E-Mail Address:
[email protected]
Department Website:
North Classroom Building (NC) Room 2006 (303) 556-2802, OR CHECK OUR WEBSITE FOR GROUP
Spring 2013 CLAS Academic Policies
The following policies pertain to all degree students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS).
 Schedule verification: It is each student’s responsibility to verify online that his/her official
registration is correct: verify before classes begin and prior to the drop/add deadline. Failure to
verify schedule accuracy is not sufficient reason to justify a late add or drop.
 E-mail: Students must activate and regularly check their official student e-mail account for CU
Denver business: Those who
forward email must check CU Denver e-mail regularly for messages not automatically forwarded.
 Waitlists:
 Students are not automatically notified if they are added to a class from a waitlist.
 Students are not automatically dropped from a class if they never attended, stopped
attending, or do not make tuition payments.
 Waitlists are purged after the 1st week of classes, after which a paper Schedule Adjustment
Form (SAF or drop/add form) is required. It is the student's responsibility to get the form
(online or at the Advising Office, NC 4002), have it signed, deliver it to the Registrar (Annex
100) or the Student Services Center (NC 1003), and verify her/his schedule online.
Late adds (after 6 February) will be approved only when circumstances surrounding the late
add are beyond the student’s control. This will require a written petition and verifiable
documentation. Petition forms are available in NC 4002. The signature of a faculty member on a
SAF does not guarantee that a late add petition will be approved.
Late drops (after 6 February) will be approved only when circumstances surrounding the late
drop have arisen after the published drop deadline and are beyond the student’s control. This
will require a written petition and verifiable documentation. The signature of a faculty member
does not guarantee that a late drop petition will be approved.
Tuition: Students are responsible for completing arrangements with financial aid, family,
scholarships, etc. to pay their tuition prior to Census Date (6 February). Students who drop after
that date are (1) financially responsible for tuition and fees, (2) academically responsible and
will receive a "W" grade, and (3) are ineligible for a refund of COF hours or tuition.
 Undergraduate students wishing to graduate in spring 2013 must (1) first meet with their
CLAS advisor; (2) then meet with their major and minor advisor(s), who will complete the
electronic form required to verify eligibility to graduate; and (3), only then, apply for
graduation online through UCDAccess. These steps must be completed by Census Date (6
February), which is an absolute deadline without exceptions.
 Graduate students wishing to graduate in spring semester 2013 must complete the online
Intent to Graduate form and have a Request for Admissions to Candidacy on file with the CU
Denver Graduate School (LSC 1251) no later than 5 PM, February 6, 2013.
Important Dates and Deadlines
January 21, 2013: Martin Luther King Holiday. Last day to withdraw from all classes via
UCDAccess and receive a refund of the $200 advance payment and all tuition.
January 22, 2013: First day of classes.
January 27, 2013: Last day to add or waitlist classes using UCDAccess. After this date, a
Schedule Adjustment Form (SAF) is required to change, add, or drop.
January 28, 2013: Last day to drop without a $100 drop charge. No adds permitted on this day.
January 29 - February 6, 2013:
 UCDAccess registration is closed; registration now requires a SAF with faculty signature.
 Verify your registration via UCDAccess. You are not registered for a course unless your name
appears on the official roster; conversely, your name may have been added automatically
from the waitlist without notification, which means that you will be held responsible.
February 6, 2013: Census date.
 2/6/13, 5 PM: Last day to add structured courses without a written petition for a late add.
This is an absolute deadline and is treated as such. This does not apply to independent
studies, internships, project hours, thesis hours, dissertation hours, and modular courses.
 2/6/13, 5 PM: Last day to drop a course or completely withdraw from spring 2013 using a
SAF and still receive a tuition refund, minus the drop fee. After this date, tuition is forfeited
and a "W" will appear on the transcript. This includes section changes. This is an absolute
 2/6/13, 5 PM: Last day to request Pass/Fail or No-Credit option for a course.
 2/6/13, 5 PM: Last day for a graduate student to register for a Candidate for Degree and last
day for a Ph.D. student to petition for a reduction in hours.
 2/6/13, 5 PM: Last day to apply for spring 2013 graduation. If an undergraduate, you must
make an appointment and see your academic advisor to apply. If a graduate student, you
must complete the Intent to Graduate and Candidate for Degree forms.
February 11-20 (estimated), 2013: Faculty can use the Early Alert system.
March 25-31, 2013: Spring Break.
April 1, 2013, 5 PM: Last day for non-CLAS students to drop or withdraw without a petition and
special approval from the academic dean. After this date, a dean’s signature is required.
April 15, 2013, 5 PM: Last day for CLAS students to drop or withdraw with signatures from the
faculty and dean but without a full petition. After this date, all schedule changes require a full
petition. Petitions are available in NC 4002 for undergraduates and in the CU Denver Graduate
School offices for graduate students.
May 13-18, 2013: Finals Week. No schedule changes will be granted once finals week has
started--there are no exceptions to this policy. Commencement is May 18.
May 22, 2013 (tentative): Due date for faculty submission of grades.
May 27, 2013 (tentative): Spring final grades available on UCD Access.

Mid-Term--25% - University of Colorado Denver