Enjoyable, Affective COLD CALLING
Community Visits
As a Community Representative for the American Cancer
Tools you will need:
 Patient Services brochure
 Relay For Life Brochure
 Your Business Card
 Flyer or invitation for your next Team Captain meeting, or Rally/kickoff.
Which businesses should I choose to visit?
No business is too small or too large. You are the Community Representative for the
entire Community – and that means every business needs to know you are there for them.
If a business has only one person working there, remember - it only takes one person to
make a difference on a committee, as a volunteer, or as a Team Captain for your Relay or
MSABC. And you never know how a person may have been affected by cancer – so in
this case – large or small….size doesn’t matter.
What Should I say?
This script is a wonderful door-opener. You are introducing yourself as a resource FOR
THEM. You are sharing programs and services for them, their business, and their
families. Pay attention to the verbiage…. particular words are important to how they
perceive you – and will make a difference in your results. Italicized words are especially
important. Practice this script to yourself – perhaps even spend a day in tandem with a
co-worker, critiquing each other after each visit. The more you do it, the more natural it
will become.
*A word of warning – don’t memorize and practice the script so much that you fail to
LISTEN to the person you are talking with. This is a conversation, and each community
visit will be different, depending on the person, the business, etc.
“Hello, my name is _______ and I am your Community Representative for the
American Cancer Society. I am new to the community, and wanted to drop by
and introduce myself.
We have several programs and services that we provide in the community – free
to our patients and their families. I wanted to make sure that (name of Business)
is aware of all that we offer for your employees and family members. Who should
I talk to? “
(Notice you are not saying “Can I …” you are saying, “Who should I…” then WAIT
for them to lead you to someone. If you are not able to meet with someone, if the correct
person is not in, timing is bad, etc., walk away with NOTHING LESS than their business
card or contact info. Then when you stop back in, you have a name to ask for.
-once you are talking with someone in their office“I’m so happy to meet you, as your community representative, you will be
hearing from me periodically with the latest information on cancer issues that
affect our community. A large part of my job is to educate the community on the
programs and services of the American Cancer Society.
I’ll just share a few – one of the programs is called “Look Good Feel Better” – it
is a program for women going through appearance-related side affects due to
cancer treatments. Perhaps they have lost their hair, their skin has changed, they
are not feeling very good about themselves. The American Cancer Society’s
“Look Good Feel Better” program brings in licensed cosmetologists to assist
patients on fitting wigs and applying skin care products. Patients also receive a
complimentary makeup kit with about a $300 value. When patients walk out of
there, they are very much transformed – they feel so much better about
themselves. It is an amazing, caring program.
Another program we offer is Road To Recovery – a program that offers patients
(who qualify) free transportation to and from treatment by trained volunteer
Or our Hope Lodges – we have three in Florida, Miami, Tampa and Gainesville.
These lodges offer free lodging to patients and their caregivers as they are going
through treatment, greatly easing the financial burden so they are able to focus on
getting well.
I could talk for days about our programs and services – and I haven’t even
mentioned that the American Cancer Society is the largest private contributor to
cancer research, only behind the Federal Government. We are working hard to
find a cure for cancer.
I want to leave this brochure with you – please don’t hesitate to call me directly if
you have any questions or issues that come up that I can help with.
(pause for affect – look them in the eye )
“I don’t know how cancer has affected you, but let me tell you how you can
partner with us to affect cancer.”
“One of the ways we are able to offer these free programs, services and so much
more is through a community fundraiser called Relay For Life – this is a
community event – in fact, we like to say, “It’s about a Community that takes up
the fight.” (Community name) is hosting a Relay For Life, on (date).
There are a few ways you (business name) can have a presence at the (community
name) Relay For Life. Of course we always need sponsors and underwriters – the
more money we save on expenses, the more money we have to fight cancer. But
the most affective way you can have a presence at Relay For Life – as well as
offer your employees an opportunity to do something about cancer, is by forming
a (business name) team at our Relay.
(show the Relay Brochure point out a few highlights of Relay, such as teams,
tents, survivor walk and luminaria)
(If you are trying to recruit committee members – “We are also trying to identify leaders
in the community – this event is totally run by volunteers – people who have an interest
in participating in fighting cancer, and are interested in serving in a leadership role.)
“The American Cancer Society has some pretty audacious goals for 2015. We
want to reduce cancer incidence by 25% and cancer mortality by 50%. This
translates into less people diagnosed, and less people losing their fight with
cancer. We will only be successful in our goals if we are able to educate the
community on prevention and early detection, and if we are able to fund more
cancer research.
I hope that (business) will consider partnering with The American Cancer Society
in the fight against cancer.
At this point, it is a good thing to just be quiet for a moment. You’ve given them a lot to
think about, and you’ve just issued an invitation. Let them respond. Then try to close the
“I would love a chance to come and talk to your employees about our programs
and services, as well as how they can participate in the fight against cancer – do
you have a staff meeting where I would be able to share a 15 minute presentation?
This will also include a great video of Relay For Life – this video actually puts
you right in the middle of a Relay. If any of your employees have been affected
by cancer and want to participate in the fight – this would give them the
opportunity to do that, as well as give (business) a presence at the (community)
Relay For Life.”

Enjoyable, Affective COLD CALLING Community Visits As a