Job Title:
Work Unit:
Responsible To:
Communications Manager
Position Purpose:
This job exists to:
Implement and manage strategies and processes for the
development, input, updating, and maintenance of online
Financial Delegated
Pay Range:
$45,900 (minimum)
$54,000 (midpoint)
Indicative until approved by
Remuneration Committee
April 2009
Organisation Context
and Promotions
Media and
Functional Relationships
 Web Suppliers and developers
 Other Regional Council web officers
 Territorial Authorities
 Web users
 Communications Team
 Executive Team and Managers
 Project leaders
 Catchment Information Team
 IT team
 Web editors
 All staff
Key Result Areas
Jobholder is accountable for
Jobholder is successful when
1. Online Communications Coordination
Facilitate and champion the use of internet
technology to streamline Council work
processes and meet the needs of our regional
Assist in the development and review of the
website strategy as required.
Develop, implement and monitor policy and
protocols for effective online communications,
including E-Government Guidelines.
Jointly coordinate promotional opportunities of
the website with other members of the
communications team.
Develop and maintain regional and national
strategic relationships.
Develop and implement plans, policies and
protocols for the intranet to broadening its
scope and increase usage.
Take joint responsibility for site
design/branding and usability with members of
the communications team.
Develop and maintain an understanding of
web technologies, standards and market
Users of our online communications
tools find them to be:
consistently easy to use
service orientated
recognisably Horizons branded
Online communications has a
message and service-based focus.
Online communications tools are
managed consistently and the
organisation respects them as highly
valuable assets.
Horizons’ internet and intranet:
– reflect the branding principles of the
– operate in keeping with national
trends and standards
2. Website Content Coordination
Gather, prepare and publish content for and other Horizons
sites, eg. Green RIG, Civil Defence.
Prepare photos and illustrations for web
pages, including rendering, copyright check,
image selection and storage.
Work with project teams to review, update or
produce information for the internet.
Respond to internal and external requests for
information from the website.
Capture, analysis and reporting of website
Train, coach and support website publishers
and editors.
Organise and conduct customer focus groups,
surveys and usability testing as required.
Ensure the highest standards of quality control
are applied to all web content.
Web information is prepared:
– with clear, relevant messages,
aimed at the target audience
– in an easy to understand and
attractive format and style
– with complete accuracy
– on time
– to corporate standards
Web information reflects Council’s
strategic directions, key priorities, and
key messages.
The web is one of the key information
portals for internal and external
Internal publishers and editors actively
provide content and enjoy a day-to-day
relationship with the webmaster.
Jobholder is accountable for
Jobholder is successful when
3. Web-based information delivery
Facilitate the gathering and documenting of
web requirements and project manage the
delivery, design and maintenance of agreed
initiatives to time and budget.
Project manage web-applications and webbased systems development.
Evaluate and enhance web-based systems for
delivering and communicating on Horizons
Regional Council’s information holdings
(specifically, catchment based data and
Evaluate and set priorities for development of
web-based systems in conjunction with other
relevant staff.
Project teams’ expectations are met
consistently while also contributing to
the organisation’s web strategy.
Projects implemented, managed and
reported on in accordance with agreed
specifications, budgets and targets.
Web site development improves
access to information.
Web-based information delivery is
effective and meets the required
Information users are aware of webbased services and information
delivery mechanisms that current and
potentially new technologies can
4. Intranet Coordination
Gather, prepare and publish content for
Horizons’ intranet.
Work with project teams to develop the
intranet as a dissemination tool for internal
The intranet is widely used as the
favoured information portal.
Information on the intranet:
– is timely
– meets users needs
– meets project and organisational
Project teams’ expectations are met
consistently while also contributing to
relevant organisational strategies.
5. Emergency Management – Public
Information Management
Ensure an appropriate response to Civil
Defence Emergency Management events,
including attendance at training, exercises
and during events.
Contribute to, and support the smooth running
of emergency processes.
 Civil Defence Emergency Events and
training exercises are attended, and
responded to appropriately.
Communication processes run
smoothly and efficiently.
Jobholder is accountable for
Jobholder is successful when
6. Teamwork and Support
Create and maintain good relationships with
key stakeholders in the organisation to
ascertain key messages and uphold
communications processes.
Assist other team members with projects such
– events
– developing content for public consumption
Support and back-up is given to
Communications Team when
The greater organisational team is
supported and communications is
considered an important part of every
facet of business.
Recognise and take action when help is
Provide advice and support all Team
Members as required.
7. Corporate Contribution
Maintain own professional development
Undertake Performance Development
Undertake Health and Safety
Participate in emergency management
activities as required.
Participate and contribute to corporate
projects and inter-departmental initiatives as
Maintain Council plant and equipment.
Fulfil administration-reporting requirements
(eg. timesheets, vouchers, reporting).
Appropriate training and development
undertaken as agreed.
Corporate responsibilities are
undertaken and completed accurately,
meeting specified standards and
within agreed timeframes.
Contribution to projects and corporate
initiatives is effective and valued.
Administration requirements are
completed timely and accurately.
Person Specification
3-4 years experience in website management
Tertiary qualification in information design, web editing, communications, marketing or
equivalent industry experience.
Demonstrated ability with Microsoft applications
Proven experience working on enterprise Web applications'
Proven web and database development experience
In depth knowledge of web development languages and protocols (PHP, JavaScript, AJAX,
Strong database knowledge specifically SQL Server and/or MySQL
Strong writing and subbing skills
Ability to train and coach staff in online communication writing and publishing.
Web/graphical design skills
Experience with SVN, CVS or other version control system
Demonstrated project management and organisational skills.
Demonstrated relationship management skills.
Excellent online and written communication skills, including a comprehensive understanding
of audiences (particularly web audiences).
Knowledge and understanding of content management systems and online trends.
Sound analytical and problem solving skills.
Key Competencies for Performance Development
 Customer Focus:
 Job Knowledge:
 Communication:
 Teamwork:
 Dependability and
 Continuous
 Organising for
Commitment to meeting the needs of anyone they work for and with
including colleagues.
Have the knowledge and skills to perform the requirements of the
Use written and verbal language and style appropriate to the
audience and context.
Work constructively with people as a team member to achieve a
common goal.
Reliable and dedicated to achieving results.
Adjust to change and different perspectives, think proactively,
pursue opportunities and take appropriate action.
Ensure work is completed effectively and within agreed deadlines.
Personal Attributes:
Proven interpersonal skills – written and verbal.
An organised and meticulous approach to tasks.
Able to deliver good quality work within tight deadlines.
Self-motivated and able to work unsupervised.
Able to encourage and motivate others.
Excellent problem solving skills.
Able to “think outside the square”.
Results oriented – ability to meet changing deadlines and budgets.
Other Requirements
Be prepared to:
Occasionally work outside of normal business hours.
Occasional overnight stays away from home.
Undertake activities, as directed, as part of Horizons Regional Council’s response to flood
events, environmental incidents and emergency response.
Maintain a proactive approach to Health and Safety in relationship to responsibilities and
ensure legislative responsibilities and codes of practice are complied with.
This position description is prepared on the basis of existing and foreseen duties and responsibilities. As such it will
not prejudice further specification and/or rearrangement at a later date. Also it will not prejudice a particular
incumbent’s ability to achieve personal development through a change (or partial change) in duties and/or position.
Horizons Regional Council Core Values
Values are the essence of this organisation’s philosophy for achieving success.
They are the bedrock of our culture and our view of how Horizons Regional Council
staff should behave.
They also provide us with a common direction and guidelines for day-to-day behaviour.
Professionalism at Horizons Regional Council is
delivering what is promised in a skilled, timely
and appropriate manner.
Teamwork at Horizons Regional Council is
successfully achieving shared goals through
dialogue, cooperation, and respect for others.
Integrity at Horizons Regional Council is being
honest with others; respectful of their race,
gender, age, beliefs or values.
Self-responsibility at Horizons is highly valued.
All individuals are responsible for actively
managing their own behaviour, learning,
developing, and performing, including accepting
responsibility for actions.
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Date: ___/___/___
Read and Understood: _____________________________ (Incumbent)
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