Payap University
McGilvary College of Divinity
M.Div. International Program
History and Mission
McGilvary College of Divinity was established in 1889 as a Bible School for the elders. Later
it was developed into a college, preparing young people to serve God, mainly for the local
churches of the Church of Christ in Thailand and the Thai society.
In 1974, the Church of Christ in Thailand consented with the Thailand Theological Seminary
and the McCormick School of Nursing and Midwifery to establish Payap College. Afterwards,
in 1979, the Thailand Theological Seminary was fully integrated into Payap College, known
as McGilvary Faculty of Theology.
In 1989, the new seminary building was constructed replacing the old one and the opening
ceremony was held on February 1, 1992.
In 2006, McGilvary Faculty of Theology was approved by the Payap University's Board of
Trustee to raise its status to the "McGilvary College of Divinity". With this new status, the
College will have greater freedom in devising programs at large to serve the Kingdom of
God even more in Thailand and Southeast Asia.
McGilvary College of Divinity's Mission Statement
The McGilvary College of Diviniy is a significant theological institution committed to
developing people for God's misson in local churches, church districts, church departments,
schools and hospitals of the Church of Christ in Thailand, in Thai Society and the wider area
of Southeast Asia.
Its objectives are:
1. To provide students with an academically sound theological training, nurturing them in
faith and developing them for leadership in the Church of Christ in Thailand and
2. To engage students in theological training that is both academic and practical, in
order that they may be wel qualified and equipped to serve the local churches,
church districts, church departments and institutions of the Church of Christ in
thailand and the wider area of South-East Asia capably and faithfully.
3. To develop and ecourage theological education within the Church of Christ in
and beyond.
At the present time, the McGilvary College of Divinity fulfills the original purpose of its
creation for the Church and answers current social and educational needs with programs
leading to Bachelor and Master degrees in theology, philosophy and comparative religions.
The Association for Theological Education in Southeast Asia (ATESEA) accredits the latter
two programs. Dr. Satanun Boonyakiat is currently serving as Dean and the Rev. William J.
Yoder is Dean Emeritus.
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The McGilvary College of Divinity, formerly the McGilvary Faculty of Theology, exists to
prepare ministers for the Church of Christ in Thailand and other Christian churches who are
capable of moral leadership in Asian societies.
Master of Divinity
Program Overview
A total of 90 semester credits of course work is required for the International Master of
Divinity Program. The course work is divided into three major areas: biblical studies, 24
credits; theological, historical and ethical studies, 30 credits; and pastoral studies, 21
credits and 12 hours of free electives. In addition, the program also requires a student to
have field education, a non-credit service learning component. Although Field Education is
non-credit, it is equivalent to 4 credit hours. In their senior year, the students are required
to take a 3-credit Senior Colloquium.
Free Electives (12 credits)
Courses may be chosen from the regular elective offerings of the program or course
offerings at the University Graduate School as long as the requirements are met and the
courses taken are not duplications of the courses already taken by the student in the
International M. Div. program. They may also be the study of the Thai language as well as
long-distance courses offered by other ATESEA-member schools.
Comprehensive Examination
Since the Master of Divinity is a Professional Degree, a thesis is not required. However, to
qualify for graduation, a candidate for the International M. Div. Degree must pass a
comprehensive-integrative examination in the fields of biblical studies, theological,
historical and ethical studies, and pastoral studies. The examination, both oral and written,
will be given a month before the end of the student's course-work.
Thesis Option
For students who are inclined to do research work, they may write a thesis in lieu of 6
credits of the required elective courses. For this purpose, a thesis supervisor will be
assigned to supervise the student's research and writing. The topic of the thesis should be
approved by the faculty before the student commences his research. It should be not less
than 12,500 words and should follow the standard rules of research and thesis writing. The
thesis should be submitted not later than six months after the student passes the
comprehensive examination.
Course Numbering Legend
1. The first two letters have the following meanings:
TS - Theological Studies
CM - Church Music
2. The first number ("5") designates year a student may enroll for the course.
5 - junior (first year)
6 - middler (second year)
7 - senior (third year)
3. The second number ("2") refers to the area of study.
1 - Biblical Literature
2 - Biblical Languages
3 - Theology, History and Ethics
4 - Religion and Philosophy
5 - Pastoral Studies and Psychology
6 - Christian Education
7 - Field Education
4. The last number ("1") is the number of the course. An odd number usually indicates that
the course is offered during the first semester and an even number is a second semester
Course Structure
A total of 90 semester credits of course work is required for the International Master of
Divinity Program.
1. Major Required Courses
1.1 Biblical Studies
51 Credits
12 Credits
TS 511 - Old Testament Survey I
TS 512 - Old Testament Survey II
TS 515 - New Testament Survey I
TS 516 - New Testament Survey II
1.2 Historical, Theological, Ethical Studies
21 Credits
TS 535 - Survey of Church History
TS 536 - Asian Church History
TS 541 - History of Religions
TS 631 - Christian Theology I
TS 632 - Christian Theology II
TS 634 - Principles of Christian Ethics
TS 731 - Understanding Theologies in Asia
1.3 Pastoral Studies
1.4 Senior Colloquium
1.5 Field Education
2. Major Elective Courses
2.1 Biblical Studies (select any 4)
TS 551 - Introduction to Christian Worship
TS 552 - Introduction to Pastoral Care
TS 565 - Christian Education
TS 653 - Principles and Practice of Preaching
TS 656 - Church Administration
TS 521 - Introduction to New Testament Greek
TS 522 - Intermediate New Testament Greek
TS 523 - Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
TS 611 - Pentateuch
TS 612 - Wisdom Literature and the Psalms
TS 613 - The Major Prophets
TS 614 - The Minor Prophets
TS 615 - The Synoptic Gospels
TS 616 - The Gospels and Epistles of John
TS 617 - The Letters of Paul
TS 712 - Biblical Theology
TS 713 - Biblical Hermeneutics TS 721 - Biblical Exegesis
2.2 Theological, Historical and Ethical (select any 3)
TS 639 - Christian Social Ethics
TS 732 - Issues in Modern Theology
TS 733 - Modern Theologians
TS 735 - Gender Issues in Theology
TS 736 - Theology and the Arts
TS 737 - History of Christian Thought
TS 738 - History and Theology of Ministry
TS 739 - Ecumenics
TS 742 - Buddhism and Christianity
TS 744 - Sociology of Religion
TS 745 - Psychology of Religion
TS 746 - Philosophy of Religion
TS 800 - Independent Study
2.3 Pastoral Studies (select any 2)
CM 591 - Introduction to Church Music
TS 655 - Liturgy and the Sacraments
TS 753 - Mission and Evangelism
TS 754 - Spirituality
TS 755 - Denominational Studies
TS 758 - Issues in Pastoral Care and Counseling
TS 759 - Clinical Pastoral Education
3. Free Elective Courses
Study Plan
First Year
First Semester
Old Testament I
New Testament I
Church History
Intro. to Christ. Worship
Christian Education
Field Education
Total Credit Hours
Second Semester
Old Testament II
New Testament II
Asian Church History
Intro. to Pastoral Care
History of Religions
Field Education
Total Credit Hours
Second Semester
Christian Theology II
Intro. to Christian
Church Admin.
Biblical Studies Elect.
Free Elective
Field Education
Total Credit Hours
Second Year
First Semester
Christian Theology I
Princ. and Pract. of
Pastoral Studies Elect.
Biblical Studies Elect.
Free Elective
Field Education
Total Credits Hours
Third Year
First Semester
Understanding Theol. in
Biblical Studies Elect.
Pastoral Studies Elect.
T/H/E Studies Elect.
Free Elective
Total Credit Hours
Second Semester
Biblical Studies Elect.
T/H/E Studies Elect.
T/H/E Studies Elect.
Senior Colloquium
Free Elective
Total Credit Hours
Grand Total Credit Hours: 90
Requirements of Applicants
1. Students must have completed an undergraduate degree (B.A. or its equivalent)
from an accredited or government-recognized institution.
2. Students must have completed their baccalaureate degree with no less than 2.50
(C +) grade-point average.
3. Since English is the medium of instruction, each applicant must show proficiency in
the English language. Proficiency can be demonstrated by one of the following;
The student’s primary language is English.
The student holds a baccalaureate degree in which English was
the medium of instruction.
In either 1 or 2, the MCD reserves the right to request, upon the
recommendation of the faculty, further English language testing
of students who appear to be weak in some language skills.
The student presents an acceptable score on a standard test of
English Proficiency: either a score of 500 or higher is required on
the written Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a
score of 180 or higher on the computer-based TOEFL, or IELTS
score of 5.0.
**Students who meet English proficiency standard will be allowed to register
for a full course load. Those who are unable to meet the standards will be required
to take instruction in English as a foreign language.
Procedures for Admission
The following may be used at the discretion of the M. Div. International Program
Committee in determining the acceptance of students.
1. Applicants must submit a completed application form to Payap
University with required attachments.
2. Applicants may be required for interview or written examination by the
3. Applicants must submit official transcript and other record of applicant’s
previous university studies.
4. Students must have emotional maturity and clarity of educational purpose.
5. Students must have high moral character and good standing in the church.
6. Students must have good physical and mental health.
Duration of Study
The International Master of Divinity Program has a length of study from three years to
a maximum of five years. Starting with the date of initial registration, students must
complete this program within five (5) years.
Course Registration
Students can register for no more than 15 credits in a normal semester or according to
the conditions of their particular program.
Requirement of Graduation
The International Master of Divinity Program will submit the students name to the
Board for consideration of receiving a degree when he/she has fulfilled the following
1. Plan A: Thesis Option
Students who study under Plan A must complete and pass the
curriculum requirements of 90 credits that include 54 credits in required
courses, 18 credits in major elective courses, 6 credits in free elective courses
and 12 credits in thesis writing. They must:
1.1 Earn the cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (from 4.0
grading system).
1.2 Fulfill and pass the thesis requirement and arrange for its publication
in a national/international recognized academic journal with prior
screening of the external committee, or present the whole or a portion
of the thesis in a national/international academic conference.
2. Plan B: Non-Thesis Option
Students who study under Plan B must complete and pass the
curriculum requirements of 54 credits in required courses, 24 credits in major
elective courses, 6 credits in free elective courses and 6 credits in independent
study. They must:
2.1 Earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (from 4.0
grading system).
2.2 Pass a written and oral comprehensive examinations (The written
comprehensive examination will cover the major elective courses).

McGilvary College of Divinity