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Info Sys
Identify the software packages
Bank of Answers – there are other possibilities
Spreadsheet (Excel)
Database (Access)
Graphics (Paint)
Desk Top Publishing (Publisher)
1. You can do a word count -word
2. Search & Sort Fields - database
3. Create charts - excel
4. Design a logo - graphics
5. Use standard paragraphs - word
6. Edit photographs - graphics
7. Do a mailmerge – Word/database
8. Use spell checker - word
9. Insert rows and columns - excel
10. Replicate Formulae -excel
11. Design newsletters - publisher
12. Write code for a web page –
13. Insert a new record - access
14. Insert a table - access
15. Insert bullet points – powerpoint, word
16. Insert a header and footer – word, publisher, excel
17. Has cells containing numbers, text or formulae - excel
18. Use autosum to add up columns of numbers - excel
19. Data types like text, number and currency - access
20. Create an ellipse –
Braidhurst High School
Info Sys
Task 2
Now use
Desk Top Publishing
to find as many possible types of the following
Braidhurst High School
Info Sys
On-line help
This is help in the form of information screens available when you are using an
application program. To access it you select the help button, enter a phrase or
question or word on the topic you wish information on, and select search. A
screen will appear giving you a list of options that may match your search. Select
one from this, and see if it is what you are looking for.
On-line tutorial
A set of lessons (a step-by-step guide) stored on your computer that teaches
you how to use the features of the application package. This set of lessons is
accessed before using the application package. This feature is not available to
the user while using the application package.
When the computer is working all the programs and data that it is using
are stored in memory. The computer has two different types of memory.
Random Access Memory
This kind of memory can be read from and written to. The computer uses
RAM to store programs and data that it has loaded from backing storage
or received from an input device.
RAM stores data for as long as the computer is switched on. When the
computer is switched off, all the data in RAM is lost.
This is why we use backing storage to keep programs and data when they
are not being used.
Read Only Memory
The computer can only read this kind of memory The computer cannot put
any data into ROM The computer uses ROM as a library where it can find
important programs and data. These programs and data are built into the
ROM chip when it is made.