Missed Exam Policy
Cancellations and Fine procedures
Background Rationale
The Accessible Learning Centre (ALC) provides approved examination accommodations.
Resources and time are provided to ensure a seamless process for students and faculty.
ALC Staff responsibilities to ensure this essential service include:
 All booking forms have complete information and are entered into the data base.
 A schedule is created and posted.
 Changes from the Consultants are responded too and addressed with efficiency.
 Proctors are hired, trained and scheduled.
 Space is booked.
 Faculty are contacted to obtain the exam.
 Changes from the faculty once the exam has been received are addressed and
managed with care and security.
 All necessary equipment (computers, software, mobility aides etc) is arranged per
approved accommodations.
 Exams are packaged with the appropriate accommodations recorded (e.g.
additional time) for invigilation.
 Completed exams are returned to respective faculty.
It is common practice within the University Community as well as in Accessible
Learning/Disability Service offices in Universities across the province to enforce a fine
policy for students who fail to attend to booked appointments/exams. In addition, there is
a growing number of students who do not show to write exams that have been booked
with Accessible Learning and do not call to cancel the exam booking within a reasonable
amount of time (if at all). Statistically, it has been observed that 8% of the exams
booked within a term are not written. In terms of unique students, 24% did not cancel
booked exams. The cost to the Centre and the University is great when students do not
cancel booked exams. The impact of this lost resource reduces the ability of the ALC to
respond to legitimate student requests.
Policy Statement
In an effort to change student behaviour and ensure appropriate use of Accessible
Learning resources the following policy directive has been approved.
“Students registered with the Accessible Learning Centre (with approved exam
accommodations) are required to provide 48 hours notice if they need to cancel a
booked exam. Failure to do so, without reasonable cause, will result in a $50.00 fine
payable to the Accessible Learning Centre of Wilfrid Laurier University.”
Funds recovered from the implementation of this policy will be redirected back to the
Centre to assist with purchases needed to facilitate the exam process (e.g. software and
mobility aides)
Missed Exam Procedure
The Accessible Learning Centre will make every effort to provide efficient and seamless
service to students to write their exams with approved accommodations. Resources
including staff time, proctor time, space and equipment have been allocated to honor
students’ exam booking requests.
Students who decide to write their exam with their class without canceling their booking
within 48 hours, will be subject to a fine as indicated in the missed exam policy. These
procedures will be followed under such circumstances.
1. Communication related to conflicts in scheduling, cancellations and rescheduling
of tests/exams is the responsibility of the student.
2. Accessible Learning Centre will ensure the appropriate environment is created per
the students approved exam accommodations. This includes and is not limited to,
ensuring space (single room or small classroom environment) is available, all
needed software and computer equipment is available, staffing resources are in
place to ensure a smooth process.
3. The Accessible Learning Centre will ensure that academic integrity is maintained
in all aspects of planning and implementation of the examination process.
4. The Accessible Learning Centre will ensure an appropriate appeal process is in
1. Once a student has booked a test or exam with the ALC they will be expected to
write. Should the student choose to write their exam with their class and not
inform the ALC of their decision within 48 hours, the student will be charged a
$50.00 administrative fine to cover the cost of the exam. In addition:
Students who have dropped the course for the respective exam booking
and failed to cancel the exam booking with the ALC will also be subject to
the $50.00 fine.
Students who have submitted incorrect information on their booking form
will be subject to the $50.00 fine.
2. Booked exams will be cancelled via the on-line cancellation form on the
Accessible Learning web site. No verbal cancellations will be accepted. Once
the on-line form is completed, a confirmation email will be sent. Students are
encouraged to keep all confirmation emails.
3. If the student failed to send a cancellation notice, they will be sent an email
(attached) notification from the Exam Coordinators that a $50.00 fine will be
applied to their Loris account. The appeal process will be integrated into the
email and the respective Consultant will be copied on the email to the student for
information purposes.
4. The student will be asked to write a letter to explain their circumstances and to
provide any supporting documentation to the Manager of the Centre. The
Consultant may be contacted for verification and/or generation of additional
information to assist with the decision making process.
5. The Consultants will be instrumental in communication with the Exam
Coordinators should the failed notification be due to medical or compassionate
reasons prior to the initial email to the student.
6. Requests to have fines applied to the student’s Loris account will be sent to the
Business Office on a monthly basis from the ALC office.
Date created: Febrary11, 2008
Date approved by ALC Advisory Committee: February 13, 2008
Updated March 6, 2009
According to our records and based on the exam booking form you submitted, you did
not write the following exam:
Course Code:
In accordance with the Accessible Learning Centre’s policy, failure to notify our office of
your intention not to write a booked exam with the ALC will result in a $50.00 fine. This
fine will be applied against your LORIS account. Until payment is made with the
Business Office, a hold will be placed against your account (which means transcripts
cannot be obtained and you cannot add or drop courses).
There is an appeal process. A letter and supporting documentation may be sent to the
Manager of the Accessible Learning Centre, Gwen Page, within seven (7) days of this
email, explaining the reason why you missed your exam. Your appeal can be dropped off
at the Accessible Learning Centre Main office at 1C11 or emailed to [email protected]
Please include your contact information and telephone number where you can be reached
and the best time to contact you. After this time period, no appeal of any kind will be
To avoid incurring future penalties, there are three ways to cancel exam bookings with
1. Use the cancellation form on our website
2. Call us at 519-884-0710 ext. 3086 or 3791
3. Drop into our office at 1C11
Accessible Learning Centre
Wilfrid Laurier University
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