6th Grade Chapter 1 Study Notes: A Nation Divided
1. Study Vocabulary (Matching)
2. Most Southerners lived on farms or in small towns (rural areas) by the mid
3. Most cities were located in the North.
4. Slaves resisted slavery by –
Holding back on work
Breaking tools
Running away
Pretending to be sick
Learning to read and write
5. During the Amistad rebellion, the slaves were returned to Africa.
6. By 1850, most Northern states had outlawed slavery.
7. Slavery was profitable (made money) for the south.
8. Harriet Tubman used the Underground Railroad to help slaves reach
9. Southern states seceded from the Union because they wanted to keep slavery
10. Lincoln opposed slavery, but Douglas thought slavery had its place in
11. Free African Americans lived in fear of losing their freedom.
12. The Missouri Compromise helped to solve the problems of balancing Free
states and slave states.
13. When Northerners and Southerners disagreed over the results of the
slavery vote, it caused violence in Kansas.
14. People were mad after the Dred Scott decision because the Court said
African Americans had no rights.
15. The shots fired at Ft. Sumter officially started the Civil War.
16. The North hoped to end slavery by winning the Civil War.

6th Grade Chapter 1 Study Notes: A Nation Divided