Elko County Board of Commissioners
Sheri Eklund-Brown
John Ellison
Charlie Myers
Mike Nannini
Warren Russell
Elko County Manager
Robert K. Stokes
MAY 2, 2007
The Board of Elko County Commissioners met on Wednesday, May 2, 2007, at
10:00 a.m., in Room 105 of the Elko County Courthouse at 571 Idaho Street, Elko,
There were present:
County Commissioners
Elko Co. Manager
CFO – Asst. Co. Manager
Deputy District Attorney
Deputy County Clerk
Sgt. Sheriff’s Dept.
Planning & Zoning Dir.
Road Supervisor
Library Director
Elko Justice Court
Wells Justice Court
District Court 1
District Attorney’s Ofc.
District Court 2
John Ellison, Chair
Mike Nannini
Charlie Myers
Sheri Eklund-Brown
Warren Russell
Robert Stokes
Cash Minor
Kristin McQueary
Marilyn Tipton
Doug Gailey
Randy Brown
Otis Tipton
Jeanette Hammons
Frankie Correa
Patricia Calton
Linda Sarman
Liz Watson
Andrew Puccinelli
--The proceedings were as follows:
Chairman Ellison called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.
MAY 2, 2007
Commissioner Ellison noted for the record that Commissioner Eklund-Brown
was absent.
Commissioner Myers led the meeting participants in the Pledge of
Commissioner Ellison noted Commissioner Russell would represent the
County tomorrow at the legislative session on the airport subsidy for the ElkoReno connection.
Milt Grisham would like to be upon a future agenda regarding the Sheriff’s
Posse. He would like to have the benefits of having a Sheriff’s posse before the
public and the Board of County Commissioners. Commissioner Ellison requested
that Milt Grisham submit more information about the posse before the next
meeting. He knew in 1987 the posse was formed under James Miller. Milt
Grisham stated the posse was incorporated in 1984 but the posse was initiated in
1982 and used for Fair security that year. Milt Grisham reported that the posse
put in over 1,000 man hours at the Fair. He stated there were hundreds of hours
of security performed by the posse over the years. He said it was the prerogative
for the Sheriff to dismiss a person at his discretion. Milt Grisham commented that
he did not retire. He had been with the posse for over 18 years. He was
concerned about the posse and their benefit to the public. Commissioner Myers
asked for some insurance information from Cash Minor and would like that to be
an action item.
Gerald Miller presented the Board with a “Take Pride in Elko” t-shirt signed
by the committee. He stated their committee had chosen May 12, 2007 as their
“Take Pride in Elko Day” and they were seeking volunteers from 6:30 a.m. to
11:00 a.m. with a BBQ in the Park afterwards.
Discussion and consideration of a request from Gregory Development
Group to transfer Elko County’s tax exempt bond allocation for the acquisition and
rehabilitation of affordable housing.
Holly Gregory, of Gregory Development, stated most of the tax exempt
bonds had gone to Clark County in the past. She stated the Nevada Rural
Housing Authority had used these bonds in the past year for the First Time Home
Buyer projects throughout the state. Holly Gregory stated they had a rehab
project and did have the City’s allocation of their bonds. She asked the County for
their bond allocation for affordable housing. Holly Gregory stated there were no
more federal funds. She stated they would like to do Sage West I and II here in
MAY 2 2007
Elko but they would like to get more project based rental assistance. She noted
they may go to more counties in the future asking for them to do this in the future.
Commissioner Ellison inquired if this would affect the advalorem. Cash Minor
replied it would not affect the advalorem. He stated the Private Activity Bond Cap
was an allocation received statewide and allocated to local governments. Cash
Minor stated that if it was not allocated, then it would go back to the state level.
Commissioner Myers asked if this was a federal program and received an
affirmative response from Cash Minor.
MOTION: Commissioner Myers moved to approve the Private Activity
Bond Cap allocation transfer request to Gregory
Development Group for Elko County’s tax exempt bond
allocation for acquisition and rehabilitation of affordable
housing. Commissioner Nannini seconded the motion. The
motion was passed unanimously.
Discussion and consideration of approval to conduct the 2007 ATV
Jamboree on May 15 - 18, 2007 in which portions of planned routes may include
Elko County roadways.
Pam Borda, Elko County ATV, noted they had previously submitted a
packet. She stated they would not do the Bullion Ride because they did not get
the approval of the BLM for that ride. She stated the Tomera Family did not want
anyone in there because of the burn areas and the reseeding activities. Pam
Borda stated they would not be doing the Winnemucca Sand Dune ride either.
She stated their alternative ride would be on Squaw Peak and Robinson Mountain
for the Harrison Pass Trail because of the snow pack. Pam Borda commented the
ATV Jamboree would essentially be the same but they were adding a day with
additional rides. Commissioner Myers invited the Board Members to attend this
jamboree. Pam Borda thanked everyone in the community for their cooperation
and support inclusive of the Forest Service, BLM, County, City, local businesses
and ranchers. She noted Don Newman from the Convention Center was here and
the ECVA had advertised this event all over. Pam Borda stated they were being
flooded with requests and had 50 out-of-town people signed up that were not
repeats. Commissioner Myers inquired about the number of last year participants.
Pam Borda replied there were approximately 30 participants and most of those
were from large groups.
MOTION: Commissioner Myers moved to approve the 2007 ATV
Jamboree from May 15th to May 18, 2007 which would
include portions of routes that include Elko County
MAY 2, 2007
roadways. Commissioner Nannini seconded the motion.
The motion was passed unanimously.
Pursuant to Notice 10-2007, Notice of Request for Proposal and Statement
of Qualifications – Coordinator to direct the watershed assessment process for the
Tuscarora Watershed/Sage Grouse Population Management Unit (PMU) in
western Elko County. Discussion and consideration of the selection of Coordinator
from the applicants.
Robert Stokes explained that this was for someone to do the study.
Gerald Miller, President of the Northeastern Nevada Stewardship Group,
stated the County was the fiscal agent of the Question 1 funds to do this
Watershed Plan. He noted they had a seven member committee to review the
candidates. He stated both corporations from Elko who submitted proposals
asked if they could modify the scope of the work due to the fires. The Grant
Administrators Kevin and John in Carson City stated they could change the scope
of the project and they could apply for more funding because of the fires. He
stated the grant was originally submitted in March 2006 and almost 80,000 acres
were burned in this particular watershed. Gerald Miller stated the interview
committee chose SRK Consulting and he hoped that the Elko County Commission
would agree with their decision. Commissioner Myers asked what the cost
difference was. Gerald Miller replied $151,000 but the grants they applied for was
25% to 30% over and they had more details to work out. He stated they would
have to revise the scope of work at the Rock Creek Watershed, the Willow Creek
Watershed and possibly some of the outlying areas. He stated they would look at
more specific details on the 19th of May. Commissioner Myers noted the NNSG
made a selection of SRK but the Commission did not know the difference between
the two proposals. He asked legal counsel if the Board could legally select SRK
Consulting. Kristin McQueary stated this was a selection of professional services
and the bidding requirements were different. She stated they should pick the firm
that best suited their needs. Commissioner Ellison noted that the Question 1
Committee would also look at that selection. Commissioner Russell stated the
approach of the Northern Nevada Stewardship Group was looking more to the
watersheds rather than looking at other categories. He felt it was a very useful
way to approach the studies and their information was very substantial. He
believed that NNSG had paid a lot of attention to the selection of this firm.
MOTION: Commissioner Russell moved that upon recommendation
by the Northeastern Nevada Stewardship Group and the
qualifications and statements made about the two firms that
MAY 2 2007
SRK would best fit the needs for that watershed study in
Tuscarora of the sage grouse population and that they
approve it. Commissioner Myers seconded the motion. The
motion was passed unanimously.
Report and review of Board of Trustees activities and minutes including
issues related to the continuing operation of the County Library.
Jeanette Hammons, Library Director, reported that Just Desserts was a
great success and some of those funds would be used to increase their new
collection of play-aways. She stated they were in MP3 format and thanked the
community for their support. Jeanette Hammons reported that the Library would
participate in the May 12th spring clean-up day. She stated that there was nothing
new to report for the Law Library.
Discussion and update report of ongoing issues and activities of the UNR
Agricultural Extension Service.
Robert Stokes stated they had received updated e-mails in their packet.
Commissioner Ellison noted he had sent Jay some e-mails on the vaccines.
Commissioner Myers would like to see the spraying schedule because they were
already seeing mosquitoes. Commissioner Ellison did not believe they would do
larvae treatments and would have to go forward with the spraying.
National Law Enforcement Memorial Week:
Discussion and consideration of approval of Proclamation 2007-K, entitled:
MOTION: Commissioner Myers moved to adopt PROCLAMATION
2007- K, entitled:
seconded the motion.
The motion was passed
Commissioner Myers read the proclamation into the record.
MAY 2, 2007
Discussion and consideration of work scheduling issues in the Assessor’s
Joe Aguirre, Elko County Assessor, stated their appraisers were going to a
10 hour workday, four days a week. He stated their appraisers could get more
permits done in one day and spend less time on the road. He stated this was just
an informational item for the Commission. Joe Aguirre noted that Robert Stokes
and Jerilyn Underwood wanted the Commission to be informed.
Joe Aguirre noted the lady they had recently hired had already passed the
state certification test and passed five classes. He noted they moved Janet up to
Appraiser III work, the income approach. Commissioner Ellison inquired if his
office would be open five days a week. Joe Aguirre stated there would be no
change of hours in the office. He would do some of the office work so if there
were any questions on the appraisals. Commissioner Myers noted Joe Aguirre
had written a letter and inquired what would make this work this time. Joe Aguirre
stated it would take overseeing but they would monitor each other more. He
stated so far they had good a response. Commissioner Myers asked how many
appraisers were on the road and Joe Aguirre replied five. He stated even the
personal property appraiser was on the road.
Commissioner Russell noted he had seen a road crew coming in the other
day at 3:30 p.m. He felt the seasonal four day work approach would be
advantageous to the Road Department. Commissioner Myers stated they could
have that conversation on the next road agenda.
Commissioner Russell inquired if that would be a seasonal thing. Joe
Aguirre noted they went last year from 400 permits to 875 building permits this
year and they had to be on the list by the 1st of July. Commissioner Russell
suggested a seasonal approach for the four 10 hour shifts for the roads and the
building departments. Commissioner Myers felt it would be affected by the
bargaining unit.
Robert Stokes noted that Building and Grounds come in earlier. He reported
that the air conditioning compressor for the annex had died which impacted the
Clerks and Assessor’s office. He stated the Clerk’s Office had been dealing with
90 degree temperatures. He noted they brought in portable cooling units but they
cannot keep up with the temperature loads. Commissioner Myers asked about
the time frame. Robert Stokes stated they had received one quote of $17,000 and
they were trying to get another quote. He stated it was complicated because the
location of the current unit did not meet OSHA standards so it would have to be
Commissioner Russell inquired if they could minimize the costs
considering some of those facilities would be part of new heating/cooling. Robert
Stokes noted most of changes to the existing building were to the Assessor’s
MAY 2 2007
basement floor but this air conditioning unit was on top of the third floor.
Commissioner Myers asked if they had a time frame. He had taken a tour of the
Clerk’s Office and the fans and the portable air conditioning units could not keep
up. Robert Stokes stated there would be cooler temperatures for the rest of the
week but the Clerk’s Office took the brunt of the heat because they were on the
third floor.
Update report by the Carlin City Manager on activities and projects currently
under way or anticipated in the near future in the City of Carlin.
William Kohbarger, Carlin City Manager, thanked them for seed money for
the Industrial Park infrastructure costs. He reported that the City had sold 278
acres. William Kohbarger stated that 232 acres went to NV Developers LLC.,
from Reno for a 300 unit, single family subdivision. He noted the project would be
done in three phases of 100 houses per phase. He reported that 40 acres went to
Denis Floge and Larry Leasure to construct the Carlin Travel Center with a 150
slot machine parlor, 60 room hotel, a 25 space RV Park, one fast food restaurant
and one sit-down restaurant. William Kohbarger commented that five acres went
to Brian Knowles and David Encinas for a 96 unit apartment complex. He stated
this apartment complex would consist of 17 fourplex units containing 2 bedroom/1
bath and 12 duplex units of 3 bedroom/2 bath townhouses. He noted one acre
went to Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Roland to relocate their Carlin Pizza Factory
business for a 2,400 square foot facility.
William Kohbarger reported that the traffic studies had been completed and
they should receive approval on the project in two weeks. He stated that May 25th
had been scheduled for the groundbreaking of the commercial area containing the
Carlin Travel Center, the apartment complex and the Carlin Pizza Factory. He
noted there was one development firm from Idaho and one individual developer
from Nevada looking at purchasing the remaining 15 acres for commercial
development. He stated infrastructure would go underground this month. He
voiced appreciation to the Commission for all their support on this project. William
Kohbarger stated they would try to report quarterly to the Commission and
thanked John Sents for his articles in the Elko Daily Free Press.
Discussion and consideration of approval of a Road Dedication of Stageline
Loop located in Sec. 23, T.36N, R.54E.
Randy Brown noted this was an offer of road dedication without County
maintenance. He reported that the Parcel Map met all state statutes and local
MAY 2, 2007
MOTION: Commissioner Myers moved to approve a road dedication of
Stageline Loop located in Sec. 23, T.36N., R.54E without
maintenance. Commissioner Nannini seconded the motion.
The motion was passed unanimously.
Commissioner Myers noted when they accept a road as a County Road
without maintenance; had the County ever relinquished a road back to a
subdivision for private easements? Kristin McQueary stated there was a legal
process for the County to abandon public rights-of-way through a public hearing.
Commissioner Myers asked that it be on the next Road Department agenda.
Randy Brown cautioned that they be extremely careful so as not to land lock any
parcels. He noted that if they want to relinquish it, then it would be better to
relinquish it to a Homeowners Association or a holding company to keep it as
private easement so it would be irrevocable for access.
Chairman Ellison called the Town Board of Jackpot to order at 10:45 a.m.
and adjourned the meeting at 11:00 a.m.
Discussion and consideration of issues related to the long term future use of
the location of the Elko County Fairground’s facility.
Commissioner Myers stated they held a meeting on Monday with
representatives from Elko County, the City of Elko, the Fair Board, and the
College. He noted representatives from the Elko School District were not in
attendance at that meeting. Commissioner Myers believed they had a good
discussion. He stated the City representative, Glen Guttry, would not sit on the
City Council after the 1st of July but offered up the possibility of extending the
fairground lease for another 10 or 12 years depending upon County funding the
capital projects. Commissioner Myers stated in between now and that time frame
all the entities would look diligently at trying to find a location and look at the
feasibility of moving the fairgrounds. He stated with regards to the college
expansion in 2017 or 2019 that would depend upon the state revenues. He stated
that there was some discussion about the possibility of the City participating in a
portion of the bond payment. He reminded them that would be a City Council
decision and it was just a recommendation from one council member.
Commissioner Myers stated their recommendation would be to look at long term
financing to upgrade the facility so it was not an eyesore to the City. He stated
that would allow the County to increase the facility size. Commissioner Nannini
noted the spirit of the meeting was to accomplish everyone’s goals and no one
tried to push their agenda. He stated the County’s goal was to keep the
MAY 2 2007
fairground somewhere and the entities were willing to accomplish that to achieve
their goal. He believed that they would keep that committee active to find some
ground whether they wish to continue to have the fairgrounds there or more room
for college expansion. Commissioner Ellison noted they would discuss the rest of
this during budget.
Commissioner Russell suggested that the County give money to the Fair
Board such as $2,000 for travel so they could look at modern fairground facilities
in areas such as the Salt Lake area. He stated that would allow the Fair Board
members to interview those fairgrounds managers, and look how their fairgrounds
were operating. Commissioner Russell stated that there may be some things that
may be applicable to the Elko’s fairgrounds. He stated his second idea was to
support the Fair Board with the use of one of their staff people. This person would
be available as a resource but would not intrude upon the decision making. He
stated that if this was a salaried person then this would not be an added expense
to the County but it may be a burden upon that salaried person. Commissioner
Ellison noted several years ago he and his wife traveled to Washington D.C., to
meet with the Director of the BLM. He stated the BLM Director assured them that
the ground west of Elko could be obtained for moving of the fairgrounds. Robert
Stokes noted in talking with Lynn Forsberg there had been a CDBG application
prepared to do the consulting work on finding a new location. He stated the
County did not apply for that. Robert Stokes had asked Lynn Forsberg to pull that
file because there were different locations throughout the County. He felt planning
money would apply to that consulting. Don Newman, of ECVA, voiced support of
Commissioner Russell’s idea for the Fair Board to look at other fairground
facilities. He believed with the nine years remaining on the lease they should
continue to operate the fairgrounds and perform the necessary repairs. He
reported that the ECVA had ad campaign with television spots and they planned
on advertising this in Reno, Tahoe and the California area to draw visitors to the
events at the fairgrounds. He believed it was key that the fairgrounds continued to
be upgraded and operational. Commissioner Ellison noted the infrastructure
investment was the major concern. Commissioner Myers noted infrastructure was
good for 15 to 20 years and they could get up to 12 to 14 years under the lease.
He noted the ECVA had a list of events that brought people in and that was the
Elko Motor Cycle Jamboree but the Fair brought in more room revenue. Don
Newman stated the ECVA had occupancy reports from the City and the County
Fair was the largest revenue generator over all the events in the area. He
volunteered to work with the Fair Board on alternatives and felt it was a great
asset sitting in the middle of the town. He stated with the track closing at
Evanston before the Elko Fair it brought a lot of horses from Boise so he felt they
MAY 2, 2007
could extend the racing for a month. He felt the fairgrounds were a great asset to
the City and to the County. He stated nine years was a long time.
Commissioner Ellison noted Elko was the only horse running track in
Nevada. Don Newman noted that there was help with the purses to bring in fair
participation so they should expand upon that. Commissioner Myers felt Eureka
would look at starting a track because of the purse money availability.
Commissioner Nannini asked that Don Newman help them out with the
numbers. He stated it was not an issue in the committee meeting but he felt the
value of the fairgrounds should be discussed with the other entities. Don Newman
would submit copies of the spread sheets for the top four events.
Robert Stokes stated Commissioner Nannini was questioned publicly about
the poly turf issue. Commissioner Nannini noted there was a Letter to the Editor
which showed an interest in the poly turf. He stated she had contacted the
California Horse Racing Board but that only pertained to the California area the
Californian Jockey Club regulated. He stated with the help of Dr. Killpatrick they
found out that did not affect the other tracks in the United States. Commissioner
Russell noted there were more issues that the Fair Board needs to address such
as the interaction of animals with people. He noted general public may not be
aware of how to keep out of the way of the horses. Commissioner Ellison noted
the people in the paddock area were supposed to have events in the barn area.
Discussion and consideration of issues and proposed legislation that may
come before the 2007 Nevada Legislature’s 74th Session including potential
impacts of proposed legislation to Elko County and its citizens and all other
matters related, thereto.
Cash Minor reported that Commissioner Russell would attend and give
testimony to the legislative hearing tomorrow on the airport subsidy regarding
flights from Elko to Reno. He stated the elected officials’ salary bill did pass the
Senate and was in the Assembly Government Affairs. Commissioner Russell
stated SRJ 2 regarding the District Court Judges being appointed rather than
being elected was promoted by Senator Raggio. He commented upon the
testimony in support of the bill draft and reviewed his comments opposing the
legislation. Commissioner Russell explained the proposed appointment procedure
to the Commission and the meeting participants. He voiced concern that the State
Bar and the Judge could nominate those appointees and the District Court Judge
did not even have to come from Elko County. He felt the Governor would only
have the power over the two votes but the State Bar would make the decisions.
Commissioner Russell believed there was a movement toward a State Court. He
was concerned that the vote for their leaders and judges would be taken away
MAY 2 2007
from the people. Commissioner Ellison noted every County Commissioner in the
State of Nevada was notified of Elko County’s views of taking this right away from
the people. Commissioner Russell stated the State Bar’s attitude was the Judges
would only be fair if they did not have to run for election.
Federal Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (PILT)--Secure Rural Schools / County
Payment Program:
Discussion and consideration of federal legislation that would provide full
funding for PILT to County governments and revise the method of funding for the
Secure Rural Schools / County Payment Program.
Commissioner Ellison noted that they have asked the legislators to stand
firm on the 100% funding for PILT and asked that they reconsider their Rural
Schools funding for one year. He stated that with regards to the disaster relief the
verbiage was changed. Commissioner Ellison reported that Mr. Mori was denied
from USDA because of the requirements. He stated the Mori Family lost 100% of
their private ground. He stated they had sent a letter to Congress asking for a
change in regulations so that the ranchers could qualify.
Discussion and consideration of meetings with various land management
and resource management agencies and organizations to discuss options to
address range and habitat rehabilitation actions to help mitigate the destruction
caused by the 2006 Wildfire Season. Discussion to include County efforts to
secure federal legislation in a joint effort with other Counties in Nevada and other
Western States and the Western Counties Alliance.
Robert Stokes noted that the NDF, BLM and FS were working on a Fire Fair
and it may be May 14th or later. He stated next week on May 8th or 9th there would
be a scoping meeting at Central Dispatch with regards to preparations for the
upcoming fire season. He believed there would be a fire assessment of where
they may be with regards to the other years. He, Cash Minor and Commissioner
Eklund-Brown had attended some of these meetings in concert with the Fire Safe
Council. He noted at the last meeting they planned on having the Fire Conference
during the third week in September. He stated that folks were saying and heard it
in the media to take care of your own property and he appreciated those media
Discussion and consideration of water resource management and water
rights issues that may impact Elko County including possible discussion related to
the Southern Nevada Water Authority pipeline project and the Central Nevada
Regional Water Authority activities and issues.
MAY 2, 2007
Commissioner Russell noted the SNWA had requested 90,000 acre feet of
water in Spring Valley but the State Engineer had only granted 41,000 acre feet.
However, after 10 years there would be a reevaluation to see if that could be
increased if there was no impact. Commissioner Russell stated Mr. Baker
estimated the number of pivots those 41,000 acre feet would represent which
were 952 pivots for agriculture.
Commissioner Eklund-Brown would attend the Humboldt River Water
Authority Board meeting on Friday.
Commissioner Nannini:
City of Wells – No report was submitted.
Heart Project - Wells Tire Recycling Plant – He commented that Senator
Ensign’s staff visited with Wells and they were asking for a $5,000 grant
application. He stated they operated the plant for five hours without a hitch and it
produced oil and by-products.
City of West Wendover – He reported upon the massive hotel project
through the Peppermill Corporation that had an Italian theme. Commissioner
Russell inquired if it would have convention facilities and Commissioner Nannini
replied yes.
Library Board of Trustees Liaison – No report was submitted.
Hospital Board – No meeting would be held tonight.
Fair Board – He noted they already discussed this.
Central Dispatch Administrative Authority – No report was submitted.
Indigent Accident Fund Board – No report was submitted.
USFS Liaison / BLM Liaison – No report was submitted.
Sheriff Department Liaison – No report was submitted.
Nevada Division of Forestry Liaison – No report was submitted.
Commissioner Russell:
Museum Board – Commissioner Russell asked that a person from financing
attend their meeting and Cash Minor attended their meeting to explain their
financing. Cash Minor stated he had sent back a spread sheet showing their 2
cents room tax break down.
Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) – No report was submitted.
Central Nevada Regional Water Authority (CNRWA) – No report was
Humboldt River Basin Water Authority (Alternate) – He stated there would
be a meeting on Friday.
Public Lands Use Advisory Commission (PLUAC) – He noted they were
moving forward with the NNSG proposal.
Nevadaworks (Alternate) – No report was submitted.
MAY 2 2007
Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) Board – No report was submitted.
Northern Nevada Regional Transit Coalition (Alternate) – No report was
Water Planning – He stated they have held some discussions.
Spring Creek Association – He reported they were in the middle of a
strategic planning effort and there were 14 individuals looking at the SCA and
outlying areas. He stated there would be an election of the SCA representatives.
Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) – No report was submitted.
Commissioner Russell commented upon his future representation for the
County on the air transportation bill at the legislature.
Commissioner Eklund-Brown:
Commissioner Eklund-Brown was not in attendance and could not submit
any reports on the following committees:
City of Carlin
Tuscarora Community
Recreation Board
Nevada State Land Use Planning Advisory Commission (SLUPAC)
Humboldt River Basin Water Authority
Northeastern Nevada Stewardship Group
Mining Sustainability
China Spring / Aurora Pines Advisory Committee
Central Nevada Regional Water Authority (CNRWA)
BLM Liaison, BLM – RAC, California Trails Center Board
BLM Jarbidge RMP Liaison
ECCWMA - Noxious Weed Liaison
USFS Liaison – Mt. City Ranger District Grazing EIS
Water Planning
ECEDA (Alternate)
Commissioner Myers:
He reported they would meet with the Union Pacific representatives
tomorrow at 11:30 a.m.
Commissioner Myers had met with Ensign’s staff members and they had a
good interaction with regards to the Veterans.
Elko County Economic Diversification Authority (ECEDA) Board – No report
was submitted.
City of Elko – No report was submitted.
Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) – No report was submitted.
Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) Liaison - He noted
Commissioners Nannini and Ellison would meet with the NDOT representatives at
noon tomorrow.
MAY 2, 2007
Northern Nevada Regional Transit Coalition – No report was submitted.
Auditorium Authority Board (ECVA) – No report was submitted.
Nevadaworks – He stated their next meeting would be held on June 8, 2007.
Wildlife Advisory Board – He stated they needed to find a replacement for
Neil McQueary.
Wildlife Arbitration Board – No report was submitted.
Nevada Division of Wildlife Liaison – No report was submitted.
Commissioner Russell noted a constituent pointed out that the signoff for tax
exemption was going to an Old Soldiers’ Home in Southern Nevada and that
individual wanted to move that to some kind of care for the Veterans in Elko
County. Commissioner Myers had spoken to Assemblyman Carpenter about that
matter. He believed that Assemblyman Carpenter or the next Assemblyman may
introduce that Assembly Bill. Commissioner Nannini stated on the national level
there was heavier movement going on. He felt they should participate on that to
get a full time situation here. Commissioner Myers asked for someone from the
VA Clinic to come back and give them an overview. He also asked that Gill
Hernandez come in and give them a National overview on what was going on.
Commissioner Ellison noted the National Conference would be held in June.
Commissioner Myers suggested they approve a Proclamation.
Nevada Division of Forestry Liaison – No report was submitted.
Sheriff Department Liaison – He stated no meeting was held. Commissioner
Nannini felt there should be meetings scheduled. Commissioner Myers suggested
a rotational schedule.
Commissioner Myers stated the ATV Jamboree would be held on May 14
through May 18, 2007.
Commissioner Ellison:
Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) Board President – He stated the
Executive Board met last week and reviewed the legislative bills. He noted they
spoke with some of the Congressional representatives.
Governor’s Transportation Blue Ribbon Task Force – No report was
Debt Management Committee – He stated they would meet on May 22nd
regarding the County bond issue.
Senior Citizens – He asked Cash Minor about funding for those repairs.
Cash Minor stated some money was budgeted for the heating/air cooling unit but
the center covered that. Cash Minor stated that funding would remain in the
Capital Projects Fund.
Humboldt River Basin Water Authority – No report was submitted.
Nevada Fire Safe Council – He stated those workshops would be held prior
to the banquet.
MAY 2 2007
Insect Abatement – Commissioner Ellison noted there was new bed of
Mormon crickets by Jiggs and recommended spraying. He reported that 30
million was sought for Nevada, Utah and Idaho treatment programs. He asked
that include the West Nile Virus.
Commissioner Myers inquired if the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force was
in force and asked that be taken off of the agenda as a committee report.
May 16, 2007 -- 1:30 p.m. – Elko – Courthouse
June 6 & 7, 2007 -- 1:30 p.m. – Elko – Courthouse
MOTION: Commissioner Myers moved to approve the Commission
Meeting Calendar for May and June. Commissioner Nannini
seconded the motion.
The motion was passed
Discussion of correspondence and notices received by the Commission
inclusive of assignment of issues to future agendas for Commission action.
Presentation and review of claims for approval
Review and approval of travel requests that may be pending.
Consideration of approval of Resolution 05-2007 entitled, A
Consideration of approval of Resolution 06-2007 entitled, A
Consideration of approval of Resolution 07-2007 entitled, A
Consideration of approval of Resolution 09-2007 entitled, A
Consideration of approval of Resolution 10-2007 entitled, A
MAY 2, 2007
Consideration of approval of a Property Share Work Plan between
BLM, Ruby Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew and the Elko County Fire
Protection District.
MOTION: Commissioner Nannini moved to approve the Consent
Agenda, A through H. Commissioner Myers seconded the
Commissioner Myers asked about shared housing for hotshot crews. Cash
Minor stated this was an annual event for the use of the housing in Spring Creek.
The motion was passed unanimously.
Commissioner Ellison called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.
Discussion and consideration of approval of a Certificate of Appreciation
to Helen Hankins on her years of dedicated service to the citizens of Elko County
as the BLM Elko Field Office Manager. After many years as the Field Office
Manager here in Elko County, Helen has accepted the Assistant State BLM
Director position in Arizona.
MOTION: Commissioner Myers moved to approve a Certificate of
Russell/Nannini seconded the motion. The motion was
passed unanimously.
Helen Hankins thanked the County Commissioners and County staff for their
past cooperation and support. George Boucher, former Elko County Manager,
was present for the presentation.
Discussion and consideration of the recent court motion filed against the US
Forest Service by the Great Old Broads for Wilderness and The Wilderness
Society, including consideration of Elko County intervention in the lawsuit.
Gary Woodbury stated they were in the appeal process on the decision of
Judge Hunt. He stated the environmental groups’ opening brief was due on May
30th and the County would have to file their response by June 30, 2007. Gary
Woodbury stated the Court could determine it without oral argument or an oral
argument could be scheduled. He stated the principle issue on appeal was
whether the environmental groups should be allowed to appear as interveners.
Gary Woodbury stated that as far as the RS 2477 roadway, the group had to show
the Court that the RS2477 had something to do with the Endangered Species Act.
Gary Woodbury stated the case law was clear that nobody without an ownership
interest could have a status in that type of lawsuit. He was aware the
MAY 2 2007
Commissioners were concerned with the non-ending litigation with the
environmental groups. He stated the US Congress provided these citizens suit
provisions and the Courts have taken over the administration of the laws. Gary
Woodbury stated the question whether the County would intervene on the second
piece of litigation would depend upon the US Attorney. He stated that Kristin
McQueary had called the U.S. Attorney and they were still framing their response
to the Appellant Brief. He asked for their permission to intervene in the Appeal
from the NEPA analysis, if they deem it necessary.
MOTION: Commissioner Nannini moved to authorize permission for
the District Attorney to intervene in the appeal from the
NEPA analysis if he deems it necessary. Commissioner
Myers seconded the motion.
Commissioner Ellison suggested a letter to their congressional delegates on
this based on Gary Woodbury’s comments. Gary Woodbury noted other
communities such as logging communities have faced worse fates than Elko
County had with these citizen civil suits.
The motion was passed unanimously.
Pursuant to N.R.S. 354.624 receive, review and approve the annual
independent audit from Kafoury Armstrong & Company for period ending June
30, 2006.
Teri Gage, of Kafoury-Armstrong & Company, stated James Glennon who
was the managing auditor on the Elko County audit was present today. She
reviewed the four page letter addressed to the Commissioners which explained
the responsibilities of the auditors. Teri Gage reviewed the audit report. She
noted the Fair Board did not receive an audit because it was a compiled financial
statement. She explained that the Fair Board was a component unit of the
County. Cash Minor stated that was because the County appointed the members
to the Fair Board and it was required to be reported in the County’s financial
statements. He stated the reason for the qualified opinion was because of the
pari-mutuel legislative bill and that drove up those resources and assets. He
stated this Board may have to make a decision if they want an audit. However,
the County would have to pay for the audit. Cash Minor felt it would cost at least
$20,000 for the audit. Teri Gage stated the Fair Board was not required to have
an audit under Nevada Revised Statutes. She believed the State monitored some
of the revenues. She believed that there would be a lot involved to do an audit
because of how the revenues were collected. Commissioner Ellison inquired if
they were required to do an audit since they received state funding. Cash Minor
explained that Elko County was receiving that money and putting it into an agency
MAY 2, 2007
fund and transferring it to the Fair Board upon their request. He noted the Fair
Board showed documentation of what that money was applied to. Commissioner
Nannini noted that the Fair Board members did not get paid for their time.
Commissioner Russell inquired if that could be included as part of the County
audit. Teri Gage stated a portion of it could explain only a portion of those funds
which come through the County. She stated her biggest concern upon that audit
would be how they collect the revenues. She believed they would have to have
auditors on board to observe them at the Fair on how those revenues were
collected. Commissioner Russell suggested an audit because it was good
business practice. He noted the County was considering capital investment in the
Teri Gage reviewed the Management Discussion and Analysis overview
prepared by Cash Minor on the activity that happened in the current year versus
the prior year. She reviewed the statement of their net assets. Teri Gage
cautioned that beginning June 30, 2007, staff would have to include infrastructure
back to 1980. She stated their infrastructure was the streets, gutters, sidewalks
etc., from 1980 forward. She believed it would take a considerable amount of time
from the Accounting Department and Road Department to compile those capital
assets. Teri Gage reviewed the footnotes which were their budget violations. Teri
Gage explained the 12 items were expenditures that exceeded what was allocated
from the budget. She noted some of these dealt with grants, fines and forfeitures.
Teri Gage stated there were small violations in the enterprise funds due to
problems with depreciation. She stated there were five funds which had deficits
because there was funding associated with grants. She suggested that they look
at rate increases to help fund their deficit in the Solid Waste Fund.
Teri Gage stated they had a clean opinion on the grants except on the
Jackpot Airport Project wherein there were two grant reports that were not filed
with the FAA. She noted the FAA did not tell management that these reports were
required. Teri Gage stated they could file late reports and there had been no
penalties applied to the other entities.
Teri Gage reviewed the schedule of expenditures of federal awards. The
County had received and spent 4.4 million dollars in grant funds which was due to
the airport projects. Commissioner Ellison inquired about the fines and forfeitures.
Cash Minor stated they took back some forfeiture in lieu of salary increases. Teri
Gage noted they had submitted specific charts.
Teri Gage thanked the County Staff, the Administration Department, for the
long hours of work and the Treasurer’s Office for allowing them to sit in their office.
Commissioner Nannini inquired if the County was in good financial condition
with very little debt. Teri Gage stated there was total debt in the amount of 7
million dollars and their total assets were 83 million dollars.
MAY 2 2007
Robert Stokes stated in speaking with Debbie Armuth and Kathy Long most
of the non profits would not be here until after 2:00 p.m. so he asked for a short
Chairman Ellison called a recess at 1:42 p.m. and reconvened the
meeting at 2:02 p.m.
In accordance with Notice 12-2007, the Board conducted a Public
Hearing regarding Medium Term financing in the maximum aggregate principal
amount of not to exceed $1,435,000 to enable the County to pay all or a portion of
the cost of acquiring sheriff’s vehicles, a fire truck and related equipment, and a
highway maintenance and repair shop.
Consideration of approval of Resolution 08-2007 authorizing mediumterm financing in the amount of up to $1,435,000.
Debbie Armuth stated this was a public hearing and public comment had to
be entered into the record. She noted most of these projects have been ongoing
for some time such as the road shop, and the vehicles were for the Sheriff’s
Department and the Fire District.
Chairman Ellison asked if there was public comment.
No public comments were submitted.
MOTION: Commissioner Myers moved to approve Resolution No. 082007 authorizing medium term financing. Commissioner
Nannini seconded the motion. The motion was passed
Presentation and review of County Highway Department Budget and
all funds association with gas tax revenues and expenditures.
Road Fund
Road Equipment Reserve Fund
Road Construction Fund
Regional Transportation Fund.
Commissioner Myers stated Debbie Armuth would review all the road funds.
He stated there were some decisions that need to be made. He noticed that
agenda items A-1 through A – 11 (Community Organizations’ Requests) totaled
$618,000 in requests but the County only had $140,000 so they would not be able
to fund everything. Commissioner Myers stated the County had not included
some general governmental issues in the budget that they would have to address
before they dole out money to the community services.
MAY 2, 2007
Debbie Armuth stated Commissioner Myers had asked them to make some
sort of presentation to the Board with regards to gas tax revenues. She noted
there were some graphs to make it easier. She commented that they received
several different gas taxes. Debbie Armuth stated Gas Tax 175 was recognized in
the General Road Fund. She noted in 1998 this fund was up to about $375,000
but it had dropped down to $275,000 in the current year. Debbie Armuth noted in
2007 these were budgeted numbers and not actual. She noted in 2001 they
started to get flat gas taxes in the 175 Fund. Cash Minor stated there was
legislative action that changed the gas tax formula to population and road miles.
He stated they had also lost some road mileage. Commissioner Ellison noted that
the 5 cent gas tax was discussed again Friday. Debbie Armuth stated that would
be RTC money. Commissioner Ellison stated if Elko County would not implement
the 5 cents gas tax then the state would probably bring that up when they were
abandoning some of their roads. He stated the population cap had been killed
twice. Cash Minor stated in 1999 the best they could do was a safe harbor.
Commissioner Ellison felt they would have to make a decision on that additional
gas tax. Debbie Armuth noted the previous Commission had declined the gas tax
several years ago. She believed they would have to increase in population to
receive an increase in fuel tax. Commissioner Myers felt that if they do not
increase the gas tax, then the Commission would have to fund the Road
Department from the General Fund. Commissioner Myers stated this had been
great year for Elko County but a lot of costs had gone up and there were more
countywide projects to be done.
Debbie Armuth stated the 125 gas tax chart was flat. She stated the County
Option which was the 1 cent tax had some fluctuation. She reviewed the graph for
the 235 Road Construction Fund. She stated the other three gas taxes were
recognized in the Road Fund but the 235 was in the Road Construction Fund. She
did not have the RTC gas tax in the graphs.
Debbie Armuth took all three road funds: the Road Fund, the Road
Equipment Reserve Fund and the Road Construction Fund and totaled those for
the last three years. She reviewed the actual amounts for 2005-06, the estimates
for 2006-07 and the tentative budget for the FY 2007-08. Debbie Armuth
commented that the revenues, excluding transfers, have gone down but the
expenditures, excluding transfers, were up. Debbie Armuth stated they would
have to adjust their projects based on the revenues they have available. She
noted there were very few projects planned because they had to use the money to
buy equipment or fund the general operating road fund. Debbie Armuth stated
when they did their tentative Road Budget there was one month of gas tax
recorded incorrectly. Debbie Armuth that made an impact on this budget as well
as the other three budgets. She stated they were seeing a deficit in the ending
MAY 2 2007
fund balance of $18,000. She noted they had the same issue in the Road
Equipment Reserve Fund. She stated there was a transfer of $200,000 into that
fund. However, even with that transfer they did not have sufficient money for the
request of $291,000 in equipment. She stated only $243,000 was available for
that equipment. Debbie Armuth had suggested some options but they would have
to go back before the salary committee. She stated in Fund 110, the Road
Construction Fund, they had $380,000 in projects but only $296,000 was
available, after transfers out. She stated decisions would have to be made upon
the projects anticipated to be done.
Debbie Armuth stated the County portion of the RTC was estimated at
$672,000 available at June 30, 2006. She stated the projects, year to date, were
listed in their packet. She stated the balance for the projects would change due to
expenditures still coming in. Commissioner Russell inquired how they would
make a change in the RTC projects. Cash Minor stated they would have to
update the three year Road Improvement Plan whether the funding was coming
from the 235 Fund or RTC. Commissioner Russell stated they would have to go
through RTC to make the change. Cash Minor stated they would have to work
through the Road Committee, present it to the County Commission for approval to
have the funds reallocated. Commissioner Russell inquired if it had to be done in
conjunction with their Road Budget Process. Cash Minor stated for the last three
years it had been done in conjunction with the budget process. Commissioner
Ellison noted Commissioner Russell wished to set aside some money to do the
stop light or a roundabout in Spring Creek at the Licht Parkway intersection.
Commissioner Myers stated they would have to reduce other projects to set aside
that funding. Commissioner Russell inquired if they could have a pre-July road
budget meeting to review that road plan and received an affirmative response
from Commissioner Myers. Commissioner Ellison inquired about RTC emergency
funds. Debbie Armuth stated the Supplemental Interest was not included in the
County’s allocation of $672,000. Debbie Armuth stated these were the County
projects that had been approved by the RTC. She noted that Otis Tipton had left
the meeting room but she had the Road Improvement Plan that Otis Tipton had
prepared in the past which represented most of these projects. She stated the
Road Plan was based on funding. Debbie Armuth noted Otis Tipton had long
range plans and there was lot to do but there was not sufficient money to do them
all. Commissioner Ellison inquired what budget impact there would be if the
County ended up with the road going to the Ruby Marshes. Commissioner Myers
noted that the Harrison Pass Road was not of a construction type that the County
could take it over because of all the problems with it. He noted Federal Highways
would have to bring the road up to a condition conducive for the County to
consider it. Commissioner Myers noted it was a paved project and the County
MAY 2, 2007
Road Department did not do asphalt projects internally. He stated that project
would be contracted out and with the mobilization it would be a huge, expensive
project. Commissioner Myers referred to the cost on the Jiggs Highway with the
time delays, the penalties against the contractor, and the asphalt expensive
increase. He did not feel the County would take that road any time too soon. He
stated if the County did not accept the Harrison Pass Road then the Forest
Service would have to accept the maintenance. He noted the Forest Service had
one road crew for the entire state. He believed there were more immediate
projects that the Commission has identified as road projects.
Commissioner Myers inquired what one penny on the gas tax would equate
to now.
Debbie Armuth believed 1 cent was approximately $100,000.
Commissioner Nannini stated 87% of the people in Elko County voted against the
gas tax. He suggested that they go to the sales tax revenues. He was not in
favor of raising the gas tax. Commissioner Ellison cautioned that the state could
take enough money from the County through the state funding or away from the
formula to have a disastrous effect on Elko County. Commissioner Russell noted
in conversations with people in the State of Nevada they felt there would be a
reduction in the maintenance level on highways in Elko County rather than
drawing funding for any projects in Elko County. Commissioner Russell did not
expect to see any new state projects in Elko County or rural Nevada.
Commissioner Russell felt NDOT’s maintenance on the Lamoille Highway or the
Mountain City Highway would be reduced. Commissioner Nannini suggested that
they ask the legislature to mandate the County Commissions to raise the gas tax.
Debbie Armuth noted Otis Tipton had returned to the meeting room.
Commissioner Myers inquired if Otis would like to discuss the Road Department
Budget. He noted they were looking at reducing some of those projects. Otis
Tipton stated that there was no money for new projects or to redo the asphalt. He
stated they had $40,000 budgeted for gravel on 1,100 miles of road in this budget.
Otis Tipton cautioned them that every time it rains the phone calls would start
coming. He stated they would lose their investments on what they already have.
Commissioner Ellison informed Otis that they previously discussed the state
trying to change the fuel tax formula to population rather than population and road
miles. He inquired what that impact would be. Otis Tipton stated they would have
to shut down the Road Department. He noted they would have to revert back to
blading the road in the spring and in the fall. They would not use the water trucks
anymore and could only blade after a rain. He stated the people would have to
live with it to the point that it got so bad they wanted a change and were willing to
pay for it.
Commissioner Myers noted dust abatement would be an issue for Elko
County. Otis Tipton reminded them what happened in Humboldt County and felt
MAY 2 2007
they would have to do the roads they already did. He noted Humboldt County lost
the lawsuit so the County was stuck with the miles. He noted in 1993 they started
those programs. Otis Tipton commented that Humboldt County only stopped dust
abatement on one road and the NDEP gave them a fine. Commissioner Myers
stated he, Commissioner Russell, Cash Minor, Debbie Armuth and Otis Tipton
would come back with a revised Road Budget with reduced projects.
Commissioner Russell inquired what it would cost for the asphalt on the
Jiggs Highway per mile, per year. Otis Tipton explained when they first planned
the Jiggs Project it was for a recycle and overlay. He stated the County could not
afford it because to overlay it would have cost 2 million dollars more.
Commissioner Russell inquired how long the part was that needed overlaid. Otis
Tipton replied 6.5 miles. He stated the County had to protect their investment in
the highway so they performed a recycle in place with plans for a double chip seal.
Otis Tipton stated with the increase in prices it ended up being one chip seal. He
stated they would need $500,000 by next year for the other chip seal or that job
would only last for five years. Commissioner Russell noted a constituent had
looked at the cost of the upcoming capital replacement for the road department.
He questioned why they should keep the Road Department at the present location
and suggested the $700,000 building be deferred until it could be placed on the
transloading property. He noted Otis had been put off on replacing that building
for many years. However, they could sell the facility in the City and develop a new
Road Department in one of the industrial lots near the proposed fire station. Otis
Tipton stated if it was the County’s intent to sell that property then they would only
be making capital improvements which would make the property worth more. He
stated they really had to do something with the tire shop because it was becoming
unsafe for people to work in that building. He believed they could go forward with
the new building which would improve the property value. Commissioner Russell
asked Cash Minor about investing $700,000 in the building and what their return
would be on that building. Otis Tipton stated this $700,000 building may be worth
one million dollars five years from now because it would be made out of steel.
Commissioner Ellison would like to meet with Las Vegas and the state to
bring back the information submitted by Las Vegas to NDOT on their subsidizing
the seven counties. Commissioner Nannini suggested that they ask for that
information tomorrow when NDOT representatives were present in the meeting.
Commissioner Myers stated that would only be for the NDOT projects. He stated
that did not include the funding for 235, 175 or the other funds that the Road
Department had which would be a legislative issue.
BISHOP CREEK DAM – Request for contribution of $75,000
toward the Bishop Creek Dam Recreation project. An additional appropriation
would need to be addressed in Fiscal Year 2009 in the amount of $75,000.
MAY 2, 2007
Commissioner Nannini stated they had already given $20,000 so this
amount should be reduced to $55,000. Commissioner Myers noted they had
previously committed to this and inquired where this funding would come from.
Cash Minor stated last year it was taken out of the Commissioner’s budget.
Commissioner Nannini inquired if that could be moved to capital projects. Debbie
Armuth stated they would look at the capital project funding today. Commissioner
Myers agreed that they could discuss it in capital funding.
MOTION: Commissioner Myers moved to approve the expenditure
request for $55,000 for the Bishop Creek appropriation line
item with funding to be determined through the budget
process. Commissioner Nannini seconded the motion. The
motion was passed unanimously.
ELKO SUMMIT DAM – Review of fencing options and costs
associated with the Elko Summit Estates Retention Dam & Recreation Patent
Boundary Fencing. The Board has approved $16,000 in the Tentative Budget.
Commissioner Myers noted they had already voted on this so they would not
have to vote again.
Presentation and review of requests from various Community
Organizations for budget consideration from the 2007/2008 fiscal year budget:
1. Northeastern Nevada Rifle & Pistol Association Inc.– A request for
funding assistance for improvements to the road accessing the Elko
County Gun Range. Identified cost estimate $23,000.
John Culver, President, asked if they had any questions. Commissioner
Myers noted when the Budget Committee reviewed these items, items 1, 3, 4 and
5 were not recommended for funding. He noted item 5 was recommended at a
$5,000 level. He stated all of these were very good projects but the problem was
that the County would not be able to fund them all. He noted that they had not
made a decision on all the items for the general governmental budget.
Commissioner Russell felt that the Board may have to look at alternate year
contributions to some of these entities. He noted that they have 22 items but only
$146,000 in funding was available.
John Culver commented that the road was getting bad and they needed
some improvements. Commissioner Nannini voiced concern that they already
had projects started. He noted one of those was the Johnny Appleseed Project
which was only given $10,000. Commissioner Russell felt they should speak with
Otis and find out what the cost would be for those culverts and what the cost
would be to put in those culverts. John Culver felt they could reduce their request.
Commissioner Ellison noted they sent the Road Department out there to do some
grading last year which was not a budgeted item. Commissioner Russell noted
that the Road Committee would have to review that. Commissioner Myers noted
MAY 2 2007
they just went through the Road Department Budget and when they started adding
more to the Road Department they would have to take off some other project
because there was not enough money to do it all. He suggested that they talk to
Otis about procuring those three culverts through the government procurement
process to reduce the costs to the gun club. John Culver noted Otis Tipton had
worked with them as much as he could. They would speak with Otis.
Debbie Armuth noted in their worksheet they have list of requests. She
stated after the $55,000 they appropriated out of the Recreation Fund there
remained an amount of $17,500 available for recreational type of activities.
Commissioner Nannini felt they could cut the Metropolis Road funding in half and
give it to the gun club. He stated that would give $10,000 to the gun club.
MOTION: Commissioner Nannini moved to allocate $10,000 from the
Metropolis Road to the Northeastern Nevada Rifle and Pistol
Association, Inc. Commissioner Russell seconded the
motion. The motion was passed unanimously.
CASA-Court Appointed Special Advocates - requesting $35,000 to be
used for general operating expenses to provide Guardian Ad Litem
services in child abuse cases. CASA is appointed by the Judge in
Child Protection cases.
Alana Sharp-McKinney, Michelle Black, and Abby Burkhart were present on
behalf of the CASA Program. Alana McKinney, CASA Executive Director,
reported that the program began February 1, 2007 with six juvenile cases. She
stated they have 12 volunteers recruited and trained. Alana McKinney noted their
volunteers were working 10 to 50 hours per month on any given case and they
have applied for many grants. She stated they were going for a 501C-3 and the
money they received from the County would be used to fund two full-time
employees, one part-time employee and for training materials. She stated they
had a lot of service donations, their office space was free, and their copy machine
was free. Alana McKinney stated the County had previously spent $125,000 on a
guardian together with attorney services. She noted there was a contract with
Michele Rodriguez for her services to the children in the amount of $6,000. She
stated they would be asking for a set amount and still saving the County $30,000
per year. Alana McKinney stated they would go to the City and ask for funding.
She noted they were not covering Jackpot, Wells or Wendover at this time.
Commissioner Ellison had spoken to Judge Puccinelli and they were spending
$80,000 per year. Commissioner Myers stated this system was almost at one-half
of a million dollars. He asked which fund they would pay the $70,000 to $100,000
for the attorney fees/Court costs. Debbie Armuth replied from the General Fund,
the trial expenses account. Judge Puccinelli stated for the last three years they
MAY 2, 2007
spent about $90,000 based upon the number of hours due to federal requirements
and state law. He noted the American Safe Families Act required that when a
state takes the children from a family and puts them into foster care; they have
one year to reunite them with the parents, place them with a family member or
terminate parental rights and put them up for adoption. Judge Puccinelli reported
that there were cases open over two years ago. His intent was to contract with
Michele Rodriquez for legal services because of her knowledge of the 434B
cases. Judge Puccinelli stated that when the Division of Child and Family
Services intercede and take the kids they don’t have anyone looking over what the
state was doing. He stated that CASA has overseen the placement of the kids
within the one year time frame required by the federal government. He noted that
every state flunked the federal review. Judge Puccinelli noted there would be
another federal review in 2008 and if they don’t show a significant improvement
then they may lose that federal funding. He stated they wanted to establish a
budget for the Court Appointed Special Advocates for the children. He noted once
CASA received their 501C3 status then they would be eligible for more grant
funding. Judge Puccinelli stated that they had qualified for one grant but would
not receive funding until June. He believed they would apply for an expansion
grant in order to expand their services into Jackpot, Wells and West Wendover.
Alana McKinney was asking for $50,000 to $70,000 from both the City and the
County for a combined budget of $100,000 to $140,000 to help sustain the CASA
program. Alana McKinney stated they were paying salary, not an hourly rate, so
they would have a set cost. Commissioner Nannini inquired about the additional
grant funding. Alana McKinney stated that there were grants available but there
was also a lot of competition for that funding. Commissioner Ellison inquired if this
was a duplication of another family service. Alana McKinney stated CASA did not
duplicate any services, they were replacing what the attorneys and the Juvenile
Probation Officers had been doing. Commissioner Russell understood that the
County would have to come up with $35,000 to make sure the state did their job
so our Judge would not get into trouble with the feds. He inquired why the County
had to be a watchdog for the State of Nevada. Alana McKinney stated some of
the DCFS case workers have 15 to 20 children. She noted that CASA volunteers
only had one or two cases at a time so that they could assure that services were
being provided in a more efficient manner. Commissioner Myers believed the
state was not funding the program at the level they should and now it would fall
upon the Elko County taxpayers. Judge Puccinelli stated they were replacing the
attorneys and the Juvenile Probation Officers with CASA which was mandated by
the state. Alana McKinney noted they had been funding these services previously
at a larger amount. Commissioner Nannini inquired if the funding for the attorneys
previously hired for these services would cover this request. Debbie Armuth
MAY 2 2007
stated the attorney contract had already been offset through the trail expenses but
CASA had not been addressed through that. Judge Puccinelli stated over the first
5 months they have 3 months data and they believed that Michelle Rodriguez was
spending about 50 hours per month. He stated they previously spent about
$85,000 to $90,000 per year. Judge Puccinelli stated they had Michelle on a
contract basis and then would pay CASA a set amount so there would be a stable
budget. Judge Puccinelli noted there would be no more funding over $85,000.00.
Commissioner Nannini felt they need to look at these numbers. He noted in the
past they had bad years of funding and felt the CASA program would be the first
to be cut if their funding decreased. Commissioner Ellison asked for clarification
on the transfer of responsibilities. Judge Puccinelli stated the Juvenile Probation
Officers were being appointed guardians of these kids but they were attending to
their primary duties. He stated they wanted to move these cases faster so that
these kids would be settled somewhere permanently earlier. Commissioner
Nannini inquired if the $85,000 was hanging out there. Debbie Armuth noted they
were currently paying the attorneys from the trial expenses budget. She
understood from comments made today that they would pay more than what they
had paid in the past for attorneys. She stated the trial expense budget had been
over extended for the last three years. She commented that the County would
have to fund those attorney costs irregardless. Commissioner Myers stated
Michelle Rodriguez would probably not cost them $36,000. Commissioner
Nannini felt that cost would be more. Alana McKinney stated they would be
paying less for Michelle and less for the other attorneys because CASA would do
the legwork. Commissioner Myers noted $35,000 was not sufficient to fund the
CASA program and the Elko City Council was ¾ through their budget process.
Alan McKinney noted they started developing the CASA program last June but
because of the good support system in Elko they were up faster than the timeline
of a year. Judge Puccinelli stated they had some State funding to start the
program but that was almost gone. Alana McKinney stated they had received
money from the Nevada Women’s Fund and from Newmont Mining.
Commissioner Ellison felt they should be eligible for the grant process. Judge
Puccinelli stated they must have a 501C3 status to get grant funding.
Commissioner Russell inquired how many cases that CASA would address
over the next year. Alana McKinney stated that would depend upon their funding.
She stated they could accept all the cases that come into the Court system if they
received sufficient funding. However, if there was no funding then they could not
accept all the cases. Commissioner Russell inquired how many cases they would
be supervising in a year. Alana McKinney stated they had 13 new cases in three
months. Commissioner Russell believed the cost benefit was $70,000 to deal with
5 cases per month. He asked if they could employ someone to take care of this at
MAY 2, 2007
a lesser amount. He inquired if there were special requirements needed for this
position. Alana McKinney stated she had a decree in psychology and political
science with four years of experience of running the CASA Program in Idaho. She
stated Michelle Black was the Program Coordinator and Abby Burkhart was their
part-time grant writer. Commissioner Russell noted that meant there would be
three people dealing with five cases per month. Alana McKinney clarified that
they received 5 new cases per month. Judge Puccinelli noted that the amount of
cases varied from month to month. Kristin McQueary stated they were trying to
pull up the number of DCFS cases this year. Commissioner Ellison requested
clarification upon the expenditure of the $80,000 from the trial expense fund.
Cash Minor clarified that they were spending $90,000 per year for hourly contracts
with attorneys. He stated they would probably spend the same $90,000 per year
with the two contracts, one with Michelle Rodriguez and the other with CASA.
Commissioner Ellison inquired if they could establish a set budget. Commissioner
Myers noted that this was mandated by the state.
Commissioner Ellison called for a recess at 3:15 p.m. and reconvened the
meeting at 3:25 p.m.
Commissioner Myers noted he and Commissioner Russell had a
conversation during recess with Judge Puccinelli and Mrs. McKinney.
MOTION: Commissioner Myers moved that they fund the Court
Appointed Special Advocates at $25,000 for the FY 2007-08
with the ability to come back at half of the year and talk to
the Budget Committee to analyze their standing with the
budget in retrospect to the initial request of $35,000 out of
trial expenses.
Commissioner Nannini seconded the
motion. The motion was passed unanimously.
The IGLOO – Request support for their roof repair project estimated to
be approximately $250,000. The City Council has pledged $17,500
towards the project with the condition that a challenge to match the
City’s contribution be submitted to the Elko County Board of
Gary Klug, of the Igloo Recreation Center, stated they were not challenging
the County. Gary Klug stated they now own the building and their user fees
exceed their operating costs but they still do fund raising for the building.
However, the roof leaks which affects the people who use it as a recreation
center. Gary Klug stated they have commitments in cash in the amount of
$77,500 and other things to bring them up to $112,000. He asked the County to
match the City commitment of $17,500. Commissioner Myers noted this was not
recommended for funding by the Budget Review Committee. Glen Guttry stated
that the City had made a commitment and his business supported this project from
MAY 2 2007
its initiation. He noted the City had also funded CADV, SnoBowl and FISH this
year. He reported that the City had received $42,000 in requests and ended up
funding $36,000 in requests. Glen Guttry stated they gave the SnoBowl $10,000
for their insurance. He stated the Igloo was a match if the County bought in
$17,500 and permits. Glen Guttry commented that the facility was not viable
without the roof repair. He stated the City was going through the exact same thing
with their budget. He noted the Mormon Crickets were seen at the Dinner Station
and they may want to put some funding for insect abatement. He commented that
the fairgrounds caretaker’s residence and the track railing were in the budget at
$265,000. He suggested that they remove it from budget and put it in capital
projects that they could bond for. Commissioner Myers noted that the $265,000
was not recommended for funding by the budget committee. Glen Guttry noted
the City funded $36,000. Debbie Armuth reported the County funded $132,600
presently. Commissioner Myers noted they did put in the budget $10,000 for
community projects not to exceed $1,000 per request. Glen Guttry felt all of these
projects and causes were very worthwhile. He noted the SnoBowl needed funding
also. Commissioner Russell understood that the City put in $36,000 toward
community service programs. He noted that 30% of the County’s population lived
in the City of Elko but the County’s projects cover the entire County and the other
municipalities. Commissioner Ellison suggested they go on with the agenda and
come back to this item.
Johnny Appleseed Playground – A request of $30,000 of which
$10,000 was funded through a contingency appropriation in Fiscal
Year 06/07. The Board directed the Project Coordinator to approach
the Board during the 2008 Budget process for the balance of the
Commissioner Ellison noted the previous comments on the funding. He
suggested they take $10,000 from the Recreation Fund and apply it toward the
Johnny Appleseed Project, and put the remaining funding toward the Igloo.
MOTION: Commissioner Nannini moved to put $10,000 to the Johnny
Appleseed Playground from the Recreation Fund.
Commissioner Myers seconded the motion.
Commissioner Myers cautioned them that because they told someone to
come back during a budget season does not mean that they had approved the
The motion was passed unanimously.
Jody Copenhaver thanked them for the funding.
Elko County SnoBowl- A request in the amount of $10,000 as a result
of no income for the 2006/2007 season. This funding is expected to
MAY 2, 2007
be used for insurance and improvements to be made during the
summer months. The Board has already committed $5,000 in the
Tentative Budget.
Commissioner Myers noted that SnoBowl requested $10,000 but the Budget
Committee recommended $5,000 from the budget. Commissioner Russell
inquired if they were talking about $5,000 in cash. He felt maybe the county could
take care of the road. Cash Minor stated this was a cash caveat. Commissioner
Myers noted they had spoken about that in the tentative budget. He did not know
the value of the road maintenance. Charlie Chester stated that they had
requested $10,000 because of the insurance. He stated if the County gave them
$5,000 for improvements then they could hold some for the insurance too. He
stated that if they could take care of the road that was a big item. Commissioner
Myers stated they would not put a caveat on the $5,000.
MOTION: Commissioner Nannini moved to give the Elko County
SnoBowl $5,000 plus take care of the road. Commissioner
Myers seconded the motion.
Commissioner Russell noted that there would be limits on the maintenance.
They were only talking about blading the ruts and not creating a super highway.
Commissioner Nannini amended his motion to limited road
Commissioner Myers seconded the
amendment. The motion was passed unanimously.
The IGLOO – Continued:
MOTION: Commissioner Nannini moved to approve $7,500 for the
Igloo out of the Recreation Fund. Commissioner Russell
seconded the motion.
The motion was passed
Elko County Cooperative Weed Management Area- This organization
is requesting assistance in funding a grant administrator and/or a
contribution to the Weed Summit. In Fiscal Year 2006/2007 the Board
contributed $2,500 to the Weed Management organization.
Cash Minor noted the Board previously took action on this funding request at
the last meeting.
Nevada Rural Counties RSVP Program, Inc.- A request in the amount
of $3,500 to assist in providing services for senior independent living.
Helen Firkins furnished a handout to the commissioners regarding the RSVP
programs. She stated the Lifeline program was a necessity to keep these people
in their homes. Commissioner Myers noted the Budget Committee had not
MAY 2 2007
recommended funding but they could take some of the Other Community Events
MOTION: Commissioner Russell moved to give $1,000 from the Other
Community Events Fund. Commissioner Myers seconded
the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.
Friends in Service Helping (F.I.S.H.)- A request in the amount of
$25,000 to support the operation of the Samaritan House which is
Elko’s new and only emergency shelter facility.
Susan Martsolf stated for the last ten years she had been the Executive
Director of Fish and commented upon the client services expansion. She noted
that they have never requested any funds before. She had paid $275,000 for the
facility and secured another $100,000 for the rehab but she was short $60,000 for
the payroll for the oversight. She stated homeless was not just the transits, they
had families who were homeless because they were unemployed. Commissioner
Nannini inquired if they could work. Susan Martsolf stated they do everything they
could to put them to work. She stated that if they need clothes they get them so
the people can work and become self sufficient. She stated in cases of
emergency they had put people up in the local motels and there was $37,000 in
the budget originally but that was now at $3,700. Susan Martsolf stated this
house could house 16 people per night. She stated their personal policy through
FISH was no work, no eat. She stated if they refuse to work then they do not eat.
She stated this lodging facility was for people who were trying to help themselves.
Commissioner Myers noted there was only $9,000 left in the Other
Community Events. He asked where the location of this facility was and Susan
Martsolf replied at 487 South Fifth by Joe’s Market. She stated this was a FISH
facility where they would be in at 5:00 p.m., spend the night at the shelter and out
by 8:00 a.m. looking for work. Commissioner Myers voiced concern that this was
on the walkway to a school. Susan Martsolf stated lots of the people who stay
there would have children that go to school. She stated they could put in two
families per night. Susan Martsolf noted that school was only a couple of blocks
within the transit camps on the river. She stated Elko was not a destination and
they make them work.
She noted that if they don’t work, they leave.
Commissioner Ellison noted they were paying for motel rooms but they had to quit
because of damage to the rooms. She stated they had no supervision rights in a
hotel room but in the shelter she could. Susan Martsolf asked if they could take
money from Welfare. Commissioner Myers noted that budget was already hard
hit; the most would be $1,000 from the Other Community Events Fund. Debbie
Armuth noted the people had to qualify for the welfare and the County did 1.5
million dollars a year to welfare. Commissioner Ellison inquired if CADV was a
MAY 2, 2007
homeless shelter. Susan Martsolf stated CADV addressed the abused women.
Commissioner Russell recommended that they run this program for a year and
come back to give them statistics for funding next year in advance of the County’s
budget process, possibly in January. Commissioner Russell believed some of
their concerns and issues would be addressed through those statistics.
MOTION: Commissioner Ellison moved to take $1,000 from the Other
Community Events Fund. Commissioner Nannini seconded
the motion.
Commissioner Myers voiced concerned about the location and what it would
draw. He would vote in favor this time but he wanted everyone to understand that
if she came back in January next year she may not see $25,000. However, there
may be some funding level. He commented the County already paid 1.5 million to
the welfare. Commissioner Russell stated his vote was similar with the same type
of reservations.
The motion was passed unanimously.
Great Basin College Foundation – A request for a commitment to the
“Campaign for Rural Nevada” Electrical & Industrial Technology
Building in the amount of $25,000. This will be $15.1 million dollar
project for a 38,000 square foot facility. The project will be funded
primarily by $14.6 million dollars appropriated by the Nevada State
Legislature. Fundraising efforts will comprise the $500,000 balance.
John Rice understood what they were up against with their budget. He
stated they had raised $455,000 in cash and pledges for the facility. He stated
they had received a match for their grant. He requested a pledge from the Other
Community Events Fund.
11. Elko 4th of July Fireworks Celebration- Discussion and possible
appropriation by County of Elko toward this event.
MOTION: Commissioner Myers moved to approve a $1,000 pledge
from the Other Community Events Fund for the Great Basin
College, and $1,000 for the Elko 4th of July celebration.
Commissioner Russell seconded the motion. The motion
was passed unanimously.
Committee Against Domestic Violence (CADV) – A request for $5000
for general operating expenses that is used towards match for grant
funding. The Board approved $5,000 in the Tentative Budget.
Cash Minor noted they had previously approved this $5,000 request.
Yvette Waters thanked them for their contribution.
Chairman Ellison called a recess at 4:05 p.m. and reconvened the
meeting at 4:12 p.m.
MAY 2 2007
ELKO COUNTY FAIR BOARD – Review of requests from Fair Board
for consideration in the Fiscal year 2008 Budget
Increase in annual Ad Valorem Tax revenue by 20% for both the
Improvement Fund and the Operating Fund. Estimated additional
appropriation $14,600.
Debbie Armuth noted the County appropriated advalorem to the Fair Board
which gave them $50,000 for improvements and $23,000 for their operating.
Commissioner Ellison suggested a bond for their improvements. She noted this
was a separate request. Debbie Armuth explained that this request would reduce
the advalorem tax revenue to the County’s General Fund. Commissioner Myers
noted the Budget Review Committee did not recommend approval of this request.
He stated the Fair Board received $110,000 in room tax and that continued to go
up. Debbie Armuth stated the Fair Board had received the same amount of
money and appropriation from advalorem since she had been the comptroller.
She believed their operating costs were increasing. Debbie Armuth stated a
previous Commission had considered leveling a particular rate for the Fair Board
so when the advalorem increased then their revenue would increase.
Commissioner Myers inquired who established the room tax rate for Jackpot.
Debbie Armuth explained the Town Board and it was at 6%. Commissioner Myers
noted Elko’s was at 11% and Wendover was at 16%. Commissioner Nannini
noted that Casinos tax themselves so they charge $3.00 per machine per casino
which went into their Recreation Fund to supply recreational money for the
Jackpot community. Commissioner Ellison was not in favor of the increase for the
advalorem for the Fair Board.
Request for funding for replacement of caretakers residence.
Estimated cost is $160,000.
Request for funding of replacement of track railing. Estimated cost is
Discussion update of other capital replacement items for consideration
for the Elko County Fairgrounds Facility.
Commissioner Myers noted the Fair Board would be going before the City
Council in conjunction with the County, Great Basin College and the School
Board. He stated there was some appetite to go to a 10 to 12 year lease. He
suggested for items 2, 3, and 4 they look at a bond of wherein the payment would
be around $140,000 versus the initial outlay of $265,000 which would cover the
rail, residence and possibly the Home Arts Building. He noted the Home Arts
Building would be contingent upon the extension of the lease for about 10 years.
Commissioner Nannini asked that they wait until there was an additional ten year
extension granted. Commissioner Myers stated that Commissioner Eklund-Brown
was not in favor of a permanent foundation for the caretaker’s residence.
MAY 2, 2007
Commissioner Russell asked that they keep items 2 and 3 separate from the
remaining agenda items. Commissioner Myers noted that would only cover the
residence and $105,000 was for the track rail. He stated they want to extend the
lease and do all the improvements under the bond. Debbie Armuth inquired if
they would do that under a 10 year bond. Commissioner Myers asked that it be
rescheduled to discuss it more thoroughly later. Commissioner Russell asked that
they add an agenda item number 5 wherein $2,500 would be made available to
the Fair Board Members to tour other similar fairgrounds. Commissioner Nannini
asked that they put the bonding on the next agenda also.
USGS – Financial participation in USGS plan to study eight
hydrographic areas in Elko County and Northeastern Nevada. The Board
approved a 50% matching contribution in the amount of $87,500 in Fiscal Year
2007. This year’s contribution would be $71,300 which would be a 50% match for
Fiscal Year 2008. No appropriation had been addressed at this time and last
years funding was made from Contingency.
Commissioner Ellison inquired if they monitored wells. Cash Minor replied
that they used $87,500 but they had not received a report back. Debbie Armuth
suggested that they wait for the report and they may fund this request from
contingency. She noted the Budget Committee would make recommendations at
their next meeting.
Review of Clerk’s Election Fund and overview of potential costs in
future election years.
Debbie Armuth submitted a spreadsheet from the last election wherein they
transferred in $95,000 to offset the costs. She stated in 2008 they did not
anticipate any costs because there would be no election. She stated there would
be reimbursement from the state but their estimates were low. Debbie Armuth
estimated $6,000 in the year of 2009. Commissioner Ellison commented upon the
replacement of the air conditioner. Win Smith noted it was 90 degrees in her
office yesterday. Win Smith stated they do have some expenses because they
have ongoing voter expenses such as postage, etc. Debbie Armuth noted the
postage and building rental was mentioned. Win Smith stated any questions on
their ballot which were state questions; the County would be reimbursed by the
state. She noted that the Elko Daily Free Press had raised their printing costs
$16,000 this year. Win Smith cautioned that the costs would go up each year.
She noted there were federal mandates involved and they were presently
considering changing it to a permanent paper trail. Win Smith stated that currently
the County was using NCR paper which was heat generated. She stated if that
change was made then they would have to replace those machines. Win Smith
noted the supplies on these machines would be more expensive. She stated
theoretically the state would pay the $200 per each precinct that had to be
MAY 2 2007
programmed and the licensing fee so that was not included in her estimate.
Debbie Armuth felt there would be a $95,000 or $100,000 transfer-in rather than
the normal $75,000 in 2009. Commissioner Myers suggested they increase the
budget $10,000 in 2008 budget and then increase it again an additional $10,000 in
2009. Debbie Armuth stated that would come out of the General Fund. Win
Smith stated several of the other counties in the State were taking the money from
their contingency funds to pay for their elections.
MOTION: Commissioner Myers moved to approve an additional
$10,000 for the Clerk’s Election Fund in this year’s budget
and an additional $10,000 next year. Commissioner Nannini
seconded the motion.
The motion was passed
Debbie Armuth stated that would reduce the General Fund by $10,000.
Commissioner Ellison suggested it come out of contingency. Cash Minor asked
that they not spend the contingency before July 1, 2007.
Review of Child Support Budget.
Debbie Armuth noted she had sent them an e-mail on this and informed
them the transfer-in would increase $3,000. She had estimated $107,403 but the
state’s reimbursement of the 66% was $3,000 less which would affect the General
MOTION: Commissioner Nannini moved to approve the additional
transfer-in of $3,000 to the Child Support Budget from the
General Fund. Commissioner Myers seconded the motion.
The motion was passed unanimously.
Review and consideration of adjustments to the salaries as set by the
Board of County Commissioners to the Elko, Carlin, Jackpot, Eastline
and Wells Justice Court Justice of the Peace Salaries.
Commissioner Ellison disclosed his sister-in-law was the Judge in Wells and
he excused himself from discussion and voting on this agenda item.
Commissioner Ellison departed from the meeting room at 4:37 p.m.
Cash Minor noted Judge Calton had reminded him the Commission had the
responsibility to review the Judge’s salary before each election. He stated Judge
Calton had also requested an increase in her salary due to the additional work
load. Cash Minor explained in 2003 the Board negotiated a salary packet with all
the judges and it was determined that no other increases would occur unless there
was an elected salary bill passed. Cash Minor noted there was an elected salary
bill through the Senate and was in the Assembly. He noted that salary increase
would have an impact to the budget of $37,724 for the five Justices of the Peace.
He noted there would be a slight increase of up to 20% on longevity and that
MAY 2, 2007
raised 2% every year after they went passed year four. Cash Minor noted they
had also placed in the budget the other elected officials at their last meeting.
Commissioner Myers asked where the funding would come from and Cash Minor
replied it would have to come from the General Fund. Judge Patricia Calton,
Wells Justice of the Peace, stated in 2003 they reviewed the salary for the
Judges. The Judges agreed that they would turn over 100% of their civil fees and
they would only raise their salaries by 65% of what the average was for the five
years. Patricia Calton stated that the Judges agreed but that did not include merit
increases for any of the Judges coming forward individually. She noted the
Judges stated that collectively they would not request raises unless there was an
Elected Officials’ Salary Bill that was approved. She commented that SB 517
was an Elected Officials’ Salary Bill. Judge Calton asked that before any action
could be taken that it be tabled so that the other Justices of the Peace could be
here. She asked for time to gather more data. Judge Calton stated she had not
seen the spreadsheet. Commissioner Myers inquired what the percentage would
be. Cash Minor stated same as the other elected officials at 16.4%. Judge
Patricia Calton inquired about the merit increase. She noted that the Commission
had included another township into the Wells Township and she felt that should be
taken into consideration. She reported there was a workload increase in Wells
Township because of the increased citations from I-80. She asked for copies of
the spreadsheet being displayed.
Commissioner Nannini suggested that
Commissioners Myers and Russell, Debbie Armuth and Cash Minor meet with the
Judges and bring it back at their next meeting. Commissioner Myers felt it should
be the same as the Elected Officials’ Bill. He questioned where they would get the
funding for this. Commissioner Nannini commented that the workload in Wells
had increased. Judge Patricia Calton stated that theses salaries in the past were
based on a part-time basis. However, most of the outlying courts were no longer
part-time. Debbie Armuth would e-mail the spread sheet to the Justices.
Commissioner Nannini stated they might have to vote upon this contingent upon
approval of that legislative bill. This was tabled to the May 16th agenda.
Presentation and review of County Capital Projects Fund and Ad
Valorem Capital Project Fund with possible considerations for budget
Debbie Armuth stated they e-mailed this to the Board Members.
Commissioner Ellison returned to the meeting room at 4:51 p.m.
Debbie Armuth noted in the past they had combined the advalorem capital
projects fund and their capitol projects fund. She noted that they try to maintain a
$500,000 balance in the two funds combined. She separated these two funds out
this year because the advalorem capital projects fund was rejuvenated by the 5
cents capital projects tax revenue. She stated they were using all of that money to
MAY 2 2007
fund debt service payments.
Debbie Armuth stated in 2007 they had
approximately $381,000 in debt service payments and in 2008 they have
proposed $377,000 for debt service payments. Debbie Armuth stated when they
get into the capital projects fund this fund was funded by transfers-in from other
funds. She stated in the past they had tried to transfer in an amount equal to the
mine net proceeds tax so they were not using that money for operations. Debbie
Armuth stated they were transferring in the three million to start the Courthouse
Annex Facility.
They proposed to recognize an additional $500,000 in
Consolidated Tax Revenue and transfer that $500,000 into the Capital Projects
Funds to fund projects. She stated that was an amount equal to the Net Proceeds
of tax money. Commissioner Myers inquired if she anticipated that the net
proceeds would come in higher. Debbie Armuth believed that it would come in
higher. She reported in 2008 they have about $450,000 in the Capital Projects
Fund. Debbie Armuth stated as of June 30, 2008 with no more projects there
would be about $550,000 remaining. She had added two items: the $115,000 for
the Clerk’s document scanning project and $30,000 for an exchange server in the
Data Processing Department to address the e-mail issues. Commissioner Myers
asked about the $55,000 for the Bishop Creek Dam. Debbie Armuth stated that
would come from this fund.
MOTION: Commissioner Myers moved to approve the Capital Project
Fund and the Advalorem Capital Project Fund.
Commissioner Russell seconded the motion. The motion
was passed unanimously.
Review of analysis of economic benefits of potential PERS buyouts
and approval and/or denial of specific requests.
Cash Minor asked that they table this agenda item because they have had
two additional requests. Commissioner Myers inquired if they had to do this by
Resolution. Cash Minor stated the labor attorney suggested there be a policy in
place wherein the Board may consider PERS buyouts. Commissioner Myers
stated there should be a policy established first. Cash Minor stated they had to
look at each request individually to make sure it was economically beneficial to the
County. Cash Minor stated some of these requests range from 24 to 29 years.
Update of Elko County operating funds to include updated department
requests, updated audit information impact and potential available funds for
Debbie Armuth stated after including their new audit information they
updated their fund balances actual revenues, expenditures, etc., there was an
increase in the Ending Fund Balance. However, last time they were about
$300,000 under the 8.3% ending fund balance that they try to maintain. Debbie
Armuth stated they had a surplus of $147,800. Cash Minor stated that was down
MAY 2, 2007
to $134,000. Debbie Armuth stated there were several changes for the Juvenile
Department, the Child Support Department, the Data Processing software, some
ADS enhancements, and the election fund. She had budgeted $200,000 for
Public Health but based upon the contract she felt that would be reduced to
$125,000. She noted they did not do any Juvenile requests and those were
$145,000. Debbie Armuth reminded them that they would have to address the
Judge’s salaries of $50,000 with longevity, and the NDF 5% salary increase
request. Cash Minor stated NDF had originally proposed the 5% salary increase
which would be $90,000. Debbie Armuth noted there was a Public Defender
request for a case worker because they added a staff attorney. She noted there
were some changes in the Juvenile Department. Commissioner Myers felt they
may have to meet at an earlier Budget Committee meeting. Debbie Armuth stated
there were some outstanding requests.
Commissioner Myers thanked the county staff on their great job on the
Commissioner Russell stated he was on his way to Carson City to testify
and would not be present at tomorrow’s meeting.
Robert Stokes reminded the Commission that they would meet at 2:00 p.m.
tomorrow. Commissioners Ellison and Nannini would have lunch with the Nevada
Department of Transportation at the Nevada House. Commissioners Myers and
Eklund-Brown, and Cash Minor would have lunch with representatives from the
Union Pacific on the railport at The Star.
Commissioner Ellison inquired if they had heard anything from Triad. Robert
Stokes noted Triad had sent a letter asking for more information.
Commissioner Ellison inquired if the hangar issue at Jackpot was resolved.
Kristin McQueary stated that was not resolved.
MOTION: Commissioner Nannini moved to adjourn the meeting.
Commissioner Myers seconded the motion. The motion
was passed unanimously.
There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was
MAY 2 2007
MAY 2, 2007